Friday, December 27, 2013


To all you Chuckmeister fans out there, you may have noticed that there's been a dearth of postings of late.  That's because I've been moving into Fortress Chuckmeister over the past few months and it's been taking my time away from causing trouble.  But I'm back!  So, sit back, grab a glass of good Cab and ingest my most recent rant.  I hope I've hit your sweet spot...

I don't know about you, but I'm growing weary of hearing the increasingly ugly bleatings from the perpetually aggrieved  minorities among us. 

I don't mean minorities, per se.  I'm not talking about run-of-the-mill, everyday Blacks, Jews, Greeks, Casino-Owning (Woo Woo) Indians or Ice Road-trucking Eskimos.  No children, I'm talking about single-issue minorities who make it their mission in life to ruin ours. 

What I'm talking about is the ever-more-screechingly-vocal minorities like PETA, Gun-Controllers, Climate-Changers, Income-Redistributors and Waaaaay-Out-Of-The-Closet Gays.

There's probably not more than a few thousand hard-core animal-rights PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) folks wandering around out there.  But wear a coat made out of the skin of some poor beast that PETA loves (which would include any beast except an ex-husband) and they'll cover you with red paint.  Apparently, they identify more with sheep and lizards then they do with humans.  I guess that tells you all you need to know about this group. 

And there's probably not more than a few hundred thousand misguided souls (mostly located near either of the two oceans...funny how salt air seems to negatively influence the liberal weenies among us) who think that if we'd just outlaw guns there wouldn't be any guns, and hence, no gun crimes.  Take a look at the gun crime statistics in countries where guns have been effectively outlawed (The U.K., Russia, Venezuela, Australia, etc., etc.) and you'll discover the folly of that argument.  Gun control isn't about guns.  It's about control. 

And, don't lose sight of the fact that 100,000,000 Americans own more than 300,000,000 guns.  And that every year somewhere between 1.5 and 2.0 million times a legal gun-owner thwarts a felony by whipping out his heater.  why doesn't the Mainstream Media report that fact?  Hmmm.    

Just for kicks and giggles, take note of the fact that the number of guns in Americans' private hands has nearly doubled in the past twenty years.  And the number of gun-related crimes has dropped by nearly half during that period.  Double hmmmm.

And take note also of the fact that the number of concealed carry permits (CCW) in Florida has now exceeded one million, or just about 5% of the Sunshine State's population.  In fact, the number of permits has increased 30% in just the past year.  And the number of gun crimes in Florida has decreased...ready for it? fully 30% in that same period.  Triple hmmmmm. 

One might actually think that, as guns increase, gun crimes go down.  Quadruple hmmmmmmm.

By the by, the largest advocacy group in the country, claiming more than 5,000,000 members, is the National Rifle Association.  Talk about a minority! 

But the gun-haters, fueled by micromanaging nannies like billionaire, ex-NYC Mayor little Mikey Bloomberg, never, ever give up.  They keep whining and moaning and screaming, hoping against hope, that America will decide to one day  simply erase the 2nd Amendment and go straight from the 1st to the 3rd.  Dumb, yes.  But that's their plan. 

Remember, an armed society is a polite society.  That's why Mikey Bloomberg is protected constantly by armed guards.

And even though the temperature of the Earth has actually decreased during the past couple of decades, and the ice caps at both poles have increased in size, and that China and India keep on polluting 24/7, opening numerous coal-fired power plants weekly, as they do, the Climate Isn't Changing! 

But, led by useful idiots like Al Gore, and his sycophantic moron followers like Leo DiCaprio, who keep on buying electric cars, this dead-end issue isn't going away any time soon.  Take it from me, this little minority won't be dissuaded.  Too bad.

And we could tell the Arabs who hate us and want us dead to get Ducked if we would just pull out all the stops and drill and frack morning until night.  And, do so in every place where there might be even a drop of crude.  And that includes in Nancy Pelosi's back yard. 

It's now a well known fact that the U.S. has more identified, but as yet untapped shale oil resources then does the entire Middle East.  And along with Canada and Mexico, we could together be capable of providing for our own oil and gas needs for the Rest of Time.  Oh, and export a whole bunch to our friends as well. 

We could, that is, but the vocal tiny minority who hate oil will not be silenced.  The Sierra Club and the Oceans Foundation and Robert Redford and his ilk will not be dissuaded.  And they screw the rest of us who so far haven't beaten the crap out of them and sent them to bed without din-din.  Too bad, again.

And then there's the "Income Redistributors," or those who wish to have income equality regardless of whether they actually earned it or deserve it.  I had a conversation just last evening with a professor and PhD candidate in Geography and Climate Justice (whaaaat?). He stated unequivocally that Climate Change is real (!), that all the environmental scientists agree (!!), and that Polar Bears were drowning as we spoke (!!!).  I told him that Polar Bears could swim 60 miles looking for a stray seal, but he wasn't dissuaded. 

And, he said, that health care was a "right," despite the fact that it isn't, and that the "1%" should be raped, pillaged and plundered so as to take from them what they worked for and have garnered and give it to the legions who sit around all day long sucking down Pabst Blue Ribbon, paid for with SNAP cards, watching Jerry Springer reruns. 

Barry "The Insurance Salesman-in-Chief" Oblamo preaches incessantly about the fact we have income inequality.  HELLO!  We have had income inequality since well before Jesus.  Before Moses.  Before Noah, for God's sake!  We're going to have income inequality probably long  after Jesus returns. 

They had income equality in the Soviet Union, by the way.  Then, truck drivers made the same as physicians.  Truck drivers weren't happy.  Physicians weren't happy.  Everybody as equal.  Some were just a bit more equal than others.  How did that work out?   

But the group that most ruffles my duck feathers as of this writing are the militant, fascistic, flaming, effete, narcissistic gays.  Having successfully exited the "closet," wherever that is, they now want anyone who has anything even remotely negative to say about this widely accepted but once deviant, and according the Bible, sinful, lifestyle to be excoriated, pilloried and skinned alive.  To be shamed!  To be fired, or WORSE!  And that was on display writ large a few days ago when Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson's GQ interview hit the newsstands. 

Good Ol' Phil had some rather unkind things to say about gays.  And like a Fast Reaction Military Force, that reacts fast except in situations like Benghazi, the folks from GLAAD pounced!  They demanded, demanded, that AandE, the network that carries this, the Most Popular, Highest-Rated Show in the History of Television, immediately fire Phil.  And they did, by indefinitely suspending him.  Whatever that means. 

So the DD family immediately responded by informing AandE, and the world, that they just couldn't get their arms around the thought of continuing without daddy.  What we have here, children, is a good old Mexican Standoff.  The question is, just who are the Mexicans?

Gays could have simply issued a statement that they disagreed vehemently with Phil's position on their lifestyle, but that he had every right to embrace it.  Because that's the way we do things in America, and we're all Americans.  They could have done that, but didn't.  A big, big mistake, if you ask me.

They chose rather to yell, and scream, and kick, and fume!  And to make a Federal Case out of this!  And AandE bent over and grabbed their ankles (so to speak).  They are a bunch of pink-pantied weenies, without question. 

So, my friends, I believe it's finally time to eschew the gulp, swallow, and take it crowd, and turn our backs on political correctness.  I suggest that, if the gays want to lead every argument with their sexuality, rather than just living their private lives in private, we majority, God-fearing, gun-loving, chest-thumping, flag waving patriots do exactly the same.  I suggest we gather together, grab the pitchforks and torches, and storm the battlements!

GLAAD, the militant minority gays' acronym, stands for "Gays and Lesbians Against Defamation."  Okay.  We, the majority of Americans, need to come up with an acronym of our own and stop putting up with minorities imposing their beliefs upon us at every turn.  I suggest:  "MAFUWSIW," for, "Mainstream Americans Fed Up With Single-Issue Weenies."   

Then, whenever any of the whiny, tantrum-throwing minorities decide to open their pie holes and make some comment disparaging to normal faith and family values, we can cloud up and rain all over them. 

Imagine if millions, millions, of outraged Americans swarmed CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS or any cable channel that chose to air something we, the vaaaast majority, find objectionable, just like GLAAD did to AandE, and voiced our collective outrage.  Let's find out...

*  Oh, I should add to the foregoing list of minorities shameless Race-Hustling Poverty Pimps like the Reverends-Without-Churches Jessuh Jackson and Al Sharpton.  They are beneath contempt and should be shunned by all self-respecting Black people everywhere.  They are a minority of two.  I suggest we go all "MAFUWSIW" on their asses.  What do you think?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Remember When?

Remember back, oh say, five or six years ago, when the only, only topic of discussion at work, around the water cooler, at the gym, in church, at the roller rink, or the bowling alley, at family gatherings or cocktail parties, was healthcare?  You know, who's got it, how to get it, when will it happen, and how about all those poor, poor people who don't have it?

And when folks weren't talking about healthcare, they were talking about getting illegal aliens legalized, or passing the farm bill and making sure that 47,000,000 people got free food stamps, and how to defund the military, and how to raise taxes on the evil, filthy rich, and how to close down all the coal mines, and when the will the world come to a fiery end due to global warming, and why profits are the invention of the devil, and how stupid is Chimpy McBushhitler? 

No?  Well hang on kiddies, while we dissect this really interesting situation to the edification of all.

Six or seven years ago, folks were talking about almost anything else beside healthcare.  They were talking about jobs, and retirement, and the stock market, and why their kid was the very best athlete, and where they were going on their next vacation.  NOT healthcare!  That's because America's healthcare system was the very best in the history of the Free World.  The VERY BEST!  Doubt me?  Ask yourself why the potentates of Arabia got on their Airbus A380s and trundled halfway around the world to come here for their healthcare needs?  And why the Canadians routinely skip across the border to obtain health care which isn't available to them up north because of their wonderful socialized medicine.  Medicine which we Americans are bound to enjoy in the very, very near future.

Yet, here comes Barack Hussein Obama, recent law school grad, he says, however none of his Haaaaved classmates can recall ever seeing him there, and recent addition to Chicago's population, and newly-hired community organizer (signer-up of people to register as Democrats so they could vote two or three or more times), and recent inventor of the "hope and change" mantra.  Oh, and in one of his multitudinous stump speeches, the need to bring about nationalized, single-payer healthcare to America. 

Now, it's known that socialists' deepest desire for generations has been to take control of America's healthcare.  They know that if they've got control over your health, they've got control over your finances and your life.  And it's also known that Dems have had plans to do just that in the lower right-hand drawer of their D.C. desks for decades.  So, when Barry gets elected on the basis of his load-of-crap "hope and change" thing, and the Dems take control of both houses of Congress, out comes the liberal wet dream plans, they are cobbled together into a 2,700 page behemoth, and so begins the speeches about how The One is going to "transform America." 

And a very big part of that transformation was nationalized healthcare.

"If you like your doctor, you can keep you doctor...period," he said.  "If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance...period," he said.  And he made those flat and clear statements several times a day, month after month, during his tedious and tiring campaign.  Somewhere between 23 and 39 times it was captured on tape.  Imagine how many more times it was said during speeches and private gatherings and not memorialized on recordings for posterity.  And, he said, he would also lower your health insurance premiums by no less than $2,500 a year.  These promises tended not to sway many of the 85% of Americans who had health insurance through their employers.  Except for the liberal weenies, that is. 

But the 15% that had no insurance were intrigued.  Even though they were told by experienced folks like me, folks who had spent their entire working lives in the healthcare field, that this plan was not founded in fact, couldn't work, was a complete and total crock of shitake and would likely ruin forever the greatest and most effective health care delivery system the world has ever known, they were hiippmoootized by this smooth-talking charlatan in a shiny, empty suit.  And they voted for him.  And the plague of Obamacare was thus visited upon America. 

And we're just now beginning  to learn how screwed we all are.  Totally screwed.

The Democrats accuse the Republicans of shutting down the Gummint for 17 days.  That's because the Republicans wanted to defund, delay and defuse Obamacare.  Just one year's delay, they said.  Pretty reasonable, I would judge.  Barry and his brain-dead Congress-types wouldn't budge.  And now, as of October 1st, when the Obamacare exchanges opened for business, America is learning, to its profound dismay, exactly why the Republicans made such a monumental stink over this gigonda law. 

It's now more than a month later.  Somewhere between six and.......who knows?...... have signed up via this $600 million dollar website, put together by no less than 55 companies, all of which are managed by nice folks who gave millions to Barry and his reelection campaign.  55 companies.  Can you imagine the flustercluck when 55 different companies, working independently, try to spend boucoup bucks putting together more than 500,000 million lines of code to develop the very biggest website in the history of the universe!?  That's about 10 times more lines of code than Google, by the way.  500,000 million lines.  And while a handful have found new insurance via this portal, millions, millions more have been dropped by their carriers because their coverage pre-Obamacare didn't meet the new minimum standards. 

But not to worry!   They promise they will have this nifty new website up to speed not later than the end of November.  And then all the nice young folks who have no need for this putrid piece of crap insurance plan will be able to sign up and pay too much to get something they don't want (maternity coverage for sixty year old men?). 

But hey, the good news is that, if you have trouble navigating the tortuously slow website, you can always call in a Navigator.  That's one of them there folks who got as much as 20 hours of training in Oblamocare (that much?), and are laboring away for only $60k per year (that little?).  And, didn't have to pass a background check.  And could very well be a felon.  Sounds good to me.  Give all of your most personal information, including your Social Security Number, which we're all told never to give to anybody, to a registered, law-breaking, just out of the Gray Bar Hotel, certified, convicted criminal felon, so he or she can help you get some of that hot new inshorance.  Yeah...

Stay tuned.  This is going to get good...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We are told by the White House spin machine, and by the Dinosaur, Sycophantic, Dead-Tree Media, that the myriad Titanic problems being experienced with the roll out of the new Obamacare website is due to "glitches."

Now I don't know about you, but I'm guessing one of the hundreds of trolls who inhabit the bowels of the WH got a free two-for-one coupon to Burger King for coming up with that adjective.  Glitches.  And doesn't it make you wonder how many other adjectives they tried and rejected before landing upon glitches?  How about, oh, say, "issues?"  Or maybe "roadblocks?"  Or "speed bumps?"  Or "red flags? " Or how about "warning signs?"  Or even good old "problems?"  You get the idea.  

Think about it; three and one-half years to put it together, over $600,000,000 to develop it, more than 5,000,000 lines of code, in excess of 55 firms on the Government payroll to make it happen, all associated with those who've donated millions to Oblamo and his goons, by the way, and it crashes and burns when a few people actually try to use it to sign up.  Hello!  Wasn't it the good ol' Republicans who lobbied hard, as in shutting down the Gummint, to put this sucker on hold because it wasn't ready for the Center Ring?  Ummm, yes I do believe it was. 

That price, by the way, was more than all the money spent to develop Apple, Google, EBay, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon and Bing, together (and probably McDonalds, Budweiser, Cheerios and Preparation H).  And yet, any one of them can process more than a billion hits a day without crashing!

And the result?  We don't know.  The White House won't tell us.  Oh, they say that "hundreds of thousands have visited it," and "thousands have signed up."  But they won't tell us exactly how many.  Could that be because they're embarrassed at how few, or because they simply don't know, because the system may not be capable of telling them?  And I don't know about you, but, even though they're both bad, I'm thinking the latter is worse, by far.

So, you've got to buy insurance from this program by early next year, or you'll be fined.  Fined by one of the 16,000 new agents hired by the IRS to enforce this behemoth, no less.  This is the very first time in the history of America when you're told - forced - to buy something from a third-party or pay a fine.  And yet, it's plagued with "glitches."  Glitches!  If the core problems with this turkey is due to glitches, then I have a few other examples from history that could be the result of glitches as well...

-  Other than that glitch in Pearl Harbor, Mr. Roosevelt, how was your Christmas?

-  With exception of your husband's trip to the Little Big Horn, Mrs. Custer, would you describe that glitch in your relationship with Native Americans to be serious?

- Except for that storm glitch thing, Mr. Lagassi, how do you like living in New Orleans?

-  Other than that iceberg fender-bender glitch, Ms. Molly Brown, how did you enjoy your cruise across the ocean?

-  With exception of that 1906 glitch while you were in high school, Ms. Pelosi, how do you like living in San Francisco?

And finally,

-  Other than that little glitch, Mrs. Lincoln, how  did you like the play?

If Obamacare is a glitch, then the foregoing natural - and man-made - disasters are glitches also.  They weren't fixed with time.  I'm guessing this one won't be either...

Monday, October 21, 2013

A well-regulated militia...

The Chuckmeister was taken to task by a small number of sycophantic weenies in response to my September 14th essay, "Background checks, and why not." 

Yes, my friends, these fine, misguided citizens attempted to take me to the figurative woodshed over the fact I didn't start my quote of the 2nd Amendment with, "A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state," before starting with, "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Apparently these otherwise intelligent folks seem to think I left this "signing statement" out because it disembowels my argument that every American has the right to buy, own, polish, admire, carry, keep, display, and when necessary, use, a gun.

What's a "signing statement," you  may ask?  Well my Constitutionally-ignorant acquaintances, let me take you back in time to the late 1700s.  Back then, there was no TV, no Internet, no radio, no telegraph, no Facebook, no Instagram and no major region wide or nationwide newspapers.  So, it could take weeks, even months, to get news from the centers of power (NYC and Philly) to the people in the hinterlands.  So, once the Framers conjured up the Bill of Rights, they prefaced each of the ten with a so-called "signing statement."  This was to be, in essence, the "reason for" the Right.  They wanted you to know why they considered each of the original Rights to be a necessity.  So they told you why in the comment just prior to the comma, in each.   Thus, in the case of the 2nd, it went, blah, blah, blah, "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

If you have doubts, read the entire Bill of Rights.  You'll discover a "signing statement" prior to each Right.  So there.

I hear you saying, yes Mr. Chuckmeister, but they were still saying that only members of an organized militia had that Right. Wrongo, you misinformed leftist gun-haters, you!  I hereby offer up a few direct and exact quotes from some of the more important folks from that exalted and revered era.  Read, and learn...

"I ask sir, what is the militia?  It is the whole people.  To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave the population."  George Mason, speech, Virginia Ratification Convention, 1788 (and founder of George Mason University). 

"A well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained in arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country."  James Madison.

"A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves...and include all men capable of bearing arms.  Richard Henry Lee, initiator of the Declaration of Independence.

"Every citizen must be a soldier.  This was the case of the Greeks and the Romans, and must be that of every free state."  Thomas Jefferson

"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms, as a last resort, is to protect themselves against tyranny in Government."  Thomas Jefferson

And lastly, one of my all-time favorites:

"A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie (middle class)."  Vladimir Ilyavich Lenin (you may recall him as the dictator who disarmed Russians and killed millions of them).

By the way, I have only provided a bare few of the hundreds of quotes from our Founding Fathers defining a militia as free, armed citizens, ready and willing to take up arms in defense of themselves, their neighbors and their country (Google it if you doubt me).  It was that way when George Washington decided it was a good idea to form an army and throw off the chains imposed on our country by King George.  He called upon our citizenry to bring with them their own arms and answer the call to form a militia

They did it then.  We could do it now.  And the fact we can, is why the gun-grabbers want to disarm us.  Imagine, if you dare, what leftist governance would look like if they didn't fear, deep-down, what we Americans would do if they unleashed an unbridled assault on our core freedoms, in an effort to complete the task Oblamo took upon himself when he decided to "fundamentally transform America."  And then recall what's happened in North Korea, China, Cuba, Venezuela and a bunch more countries after successfully legislating the elimination of guns.  

Like a Congressman we all know well told me recently, "It's a good idea to stock up on canned goods and ammunition."  

I am...   

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Inflicting Maximum Pain

I'm sure by now that everyone, with the possible exception of those who get their news from the corrupt, dinosaur Alphabet Media, know that the Government is shut down.  Or, rather 17% of the Government is shut down.  The other 83% is clicking along as always, overstaffed, under qualified, overpaid and predictably Liberal. 

And in their zeal to prove to the American public that closing even 17% of Government activity is wrong, hurtful, unnecessary and just plain mean spirited, Obamazombies have been instructed by their Lord and Master to inflict maximum pain on us, the taxpaying public, to force us to contact our elected representatives and implore them to immediately restore funding so that the 800,000 of the 2,100,000 Federal employees who have been sent home can go back to doing whatever they were doing before. 

Probably nothing.

But so those who have no idea just how fanatical and spiteful the Obamabots are in their zealous attempt to punish us, I've laboriously scoured the news to gather a semi-complete listing of the places and activities the Feds have decided to shut down to cause us maximum pain.  Prepare yourselves for justifiable outrage:

Treatments for children suffering from cancer:  Although Republicans have agreed to compromise by passing legislation to fund the National Institutes of Health, which offers last-chance experimental treatment for kids with cancer, Obama has threatened to veto the funding.

The World War Two Memorial:  This memorial to our Greatest Generation is an unstaffed outdoor, open 24/7 mall approachable via sidewalks from every perspective.  90 year-old vets on long ago-booked Honor Flights coming to visit their memorial have been locked out.  Park Rangers found enough funding from somewhere to barricade the place.  And our aging vets have pushed aside the "barrycades" in defiance of this ridiculous effort to cause pain.  Republicans have offered to pass legislation to provide necessary funding to open this shrine.  Obama has threatened to veto the bill.

Furloughed military chaplains not permitted to work for free:  Obama's storm troopers have ordered chaplains not to perform marriages or baptisms or conduct masses or church services while on furlough, even if on their own time and for free.  They've been told they will be arrested and court martialed if they violate this order.  Spiteful?  Pitiful?  Shameful?  Yes. 

Business stops in the Florida Keys:  Although Republicans have agreed to fund a compromise on legislation and provide funding to open the parks, Obama has threatened to veto that legislation.  As a result, Obamabots have closed Federal parks on both sides of the Keys highways.  Travelers gain access to restaurants, businesses and fishing venues via these parks.  They are now virtually out of business due to this pettiness.

Obama blocks out sports and entertainment programing to overseas troops:  The Armed Forces Network, which broadcasts news and entertainment to our forces overseas, and the way I stayed informed while serving in that capacity, has been ordered to send along only news.  All the sports and fun entertainment stuff has been blocked at absolutely no savings whatsoever.  For what reason?  I think you know.

Obama closes D-Day Memorial:  Although Republicans have offered to restore funding to the 24 military cemeteries world-wide, Obama has responded by closing off access to the Normandy graveyard where 9,300 of our bravest soldiers are interred.  Our vets who traveled from far away responded by walking to the beach they once stormed, and then up to the graveyard they somehow avoided.  Take that, Oblamo.

Obama tries to close privately-funded Mount Vernon:  Despite the fact that Mount Vernon is privately-owned and -operated, the Obama Administration has tried to block access to those attempting to visit.  Apparently, the Feds maintain the parking lot.  And God knows we can't allow anybody to park in George Washington's front yard now that Obama has shut down a piece of the Gummint.  The outrage from the New Media caused such a firestorm that the Park Service was forced to back down on this one.

Obama closes over 100 privately-funded parks that cost no money to operate:  Despite the fact that we make money from the entry fees paid by visitors to these parks, and despite the fact that thousands of our citizens are employed - at no cost to the Government - at these parks, the Obamanazis have closed them down tight.  There are stories of visitors held hostage by armed Park Rangers in some of these venues.  And, once again, Obama has threatened to veto any legislation that attempts to open them.

Obama closes self-sustaining farm we haven't funded since 1980:  The Claude Moore Living History Farm in McLean, Virginia has been closed down by the NPS, despite the fact that we don't own it, or control it, or provide funding for it.  How, you might ask?  And why?  Welcome to the New America.

Obama tries to close state-run parks in Wisconsin:  Governor Walker tells the Feds to stuff it in response to their efforts.  More of our governors should do the very same thing.

Obama closes privately-owned hotel, police block parking lot:  The operator of a privately-owned 51-room inn located on Government-owned land in North Carolina has been ordered closed.  October is this hotel's prime visitor season.  The GOP has offered legislation to correct this problem.  Obama has threatened to veto such legislation.

Park Service Ranger:  "We've been told to make life as difficult for people as we can,"  "It's a cheap way to deal with the situation," an angry Park Service ranger in Washington said of the harassment.  We've been told to make life as difficult as we can.  It's disgusting."

Obama forces residents out of private homes:  The Government shutdown has been causing problems close to home for some Americans.  They say they've been forced out of private homes in the Lake Mead-area because they sit on Federal land.  An 80-year old couple who own a small business a few miles away from their Lake Mead home are now camping out in their store, as they can no longer go home.  Thank you, Park Service and Obama.

Historic restaurant open during last shutdown closed during this one:  A fully-booked, iconic Philadelphia restaurant which stayed open 17 years ago during that shutdown has been ordered closed.  It sits on Federal land in the Park system, which the Republicans have agreed to fund.  Obama says no.  Its employees are now sitting home, unpaid...and pissed.

Obama shuts down a road that goes through a Colorado park:  This is the height of the colorful leaf-changing season.  And inns and businesses on the Pitkin County road are now sending their employees home, since the Park Service has blockaded access to visitors.  How much will this cost tax-paying businesses and their workers?  Ask Obama.  He must know.

Residents plan peaceful protest of Cape Hatteras closing:  Businesses and residents on the Outer Banks are complaining loudly because beaches on the Cape during the last opportunity for end-of-season business are now closed tight.  Yes, the Government owns the beaches.  Unfortunately.

Obama blocks people from LOOKING at Mount Rushmore:  Blocking access to trails and programs at South Dakota's most popular visitor site was one thing.  Blocking access to  highway lookouts on roads surrounding the monument so that travelers can't stop and take pictures is another thing entirely.  Petulance?  You bet.

Crucial USDA websites taken down during shutdown:  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has taken down its website in response to the Government shutdown, leaving farmers, reporters and others with no way to gain access to any of the Agency's information on line.  It has been suggested that it cost more to remove it than it would have to leave it up.  Of course.

St. Louis Arch closed to the public:   The House of Representatives has offered to fund this and other Federal sites.  Obama has threatened a veto.

Park shutdown bounces rowers from Potomac:  Multiple high schools rent space at the Thompson Boat Center in Georgetown.  But like other places in the Park Service, it closed last Tuesday morning.  The GOP has offered compromise funding.  Obama has refused.

Obama closes military commissary:  Military members and their families which shop at tax-free commissaries (grocery stores) in the D.C.-area awakened to find that their store had been shuttered.  The commissary had never closed during previous shutdowns.  Of course, discount stores in the Capitol remained open for the members of Congress and their staffs.  Of course.  

Arizona offers to fund the Grand Canyon;  Obama says no way:  Citizens of Arizona have raised more than $400,000 in an effort to keep the Grand Canyon open during Obama's shutdown.  Obama has said no.  That means this isn't about saving money.  It's about causing businesses, their employees and the traveling public the most pain and torment possible.

Amber Alert taken down:  Michelle Obama's "keep moving and drink some more water" website remained up, while the Amber Alert website was taken offline.  The media actually responded to this one, causing the Feds to go "oops."  It came back up quickly.  Wouldn't it be nice if the media were to actually do their jobs like this more often?

Miramar Airshow cancelled with only one-day notice:  The proceeds from this famed airshow go to help charities throughout the San Diego area.  Not this year.  The petulant Obamabots ordered this year's show cancelled after nearly a year's worth of planning and investment.  The economic impact of this action will negatively effect the businesses around San Diego in the millions of dollars.

Although privately-funded, historic Ford's Theater closed:  This iconic part of American history is a 501c(3), privately-funded and -operated facility.  Nonetheless, it's been shuttered, costing an untold amount to its employees and disappointed theater-goers.  I wonder how Mr. Lincoln would view this action?

King Crab season threatened by shutdown:  The Alaskan King Crab season is set to start very soon.  But the NPS must sign off on it before it can commence.  Every day lost to crabbers will negatively-effect the economy of this area of Alaska in the tens of millions of  dollars.  Of course, the GOP  has offered funding, and Obama has said no.  I'm guessing the price of crab cakes will go way, way up.

Eleven hundred miles of Florida ocean closed:  Charter boat captains are no longer permitted to take their guests fishing in a vast swath of the ocean off Tampa.  Apparently, Government resources patrol it.  Closing the ocean.  Unprecedented. 

Columbia Island and Washington Sailing Marina closed:  Sailors have been notified that boat owners have been notified they may only visit their boats to remove personal items.  If they take their boats away from the slips they pay money to rent, they may not return to those slips until or unless the shutdown ends.  How about that?

Shutdown denies benefits to fallen soldiers:  Soldiers and sailors who die in the service of their country will not receive death benefits, nor will their families be provided with transportation to attend the return of their caskets to Dover, Delaware.  The $100,000 "death gratuity" is usually provided to survivors within 36 hours of the hero's demise.  No longer.  Has it come to this?

Visitors to the Capitol Mall, No; Pro-Illegal Immigrant Rally, Yes:  If you watched CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC or NPR, you likely didn't learn that tens of thousands clogged the Capitol Mall recently in their march for illegal immigrant amnesty.  They were treated to a rousing speech from San Fran Nan Pelosi and others of her Democrat illegal-loving congressweenies.  In fact, 8 of them were later arrested for failure to disperse. Park Services rangers were everywhere, on foot, horseback and in jeeps.  Funny.  The Capitol Mall is shut down and off limits to visitors.  How did this rally gain a permit to occur? 

I'm sure there's many, many more instances of Governmental-overreach during this artificial "crisis."  This is by no means a complete listing.  Please remember that none of this, NONE OF THIS, is necessary, nor even prudent.  If you learn of any additional outrages, write to me with them and I'll provide periodic updates.  In the meantime, consider what you've read here, and what you hear from the media, both the Old and the New, before you go to the polls next time.  It might cause you to change your vote...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cars are Evil

Cars.  Cars are evil.  They kill people.  Wantonly.  Did you know that cars weigh, like, 4,000 pounds?  Even 5,000 pounds?  That's like three Clydesdales.  And cars have as much as 400, even 500 horsepower.  That's like a whole bunch of Clydesdales.  And only one Clydesdale is needed to pull a buggy.  And, like Robert Redford and Leo DiCaprio and Al (Lurch) Gore and the Sierra Club tell us, that's all we really need.  A horse and buggy. 

Did you know that horses run on hay?  They don't need no stinkin' oil and gas to run.  Just some of that stuff you grow on a farm.  Yes, they produce some (nasty) residue, but hey, you can use that to moisturize and energize the soil, and that makes things grow even better, right?  And they don't burn gas, these horses.  And that's great, because they don't cause Global Warming, or Climate Change, or whatever-the-Hell-they're-calling-this-thing-that-isn't-happening-and-hasn't-happened-for-quite-awhile-and-likely-won't-be-happening-ever-again these days.

Back to cars.  Cars take people where they don't want to go.  Just a few days ago, a poor, unsuspecting woman of a race that cannot be discussed in polite company any more and her baby were taken on a hair-raising ride through Washington, D.C. by a car.  A black car, no less.  And as the Obama Administration and the Brady Campaign and Nanny Bloomberg, NYC's mayor, unfortunately, tell us, black is an evil color.  Those so-called "assault weapons" are black.  Evil!   Anything black, I would offer, is evil, except for people in general, of course, and our Insurance Salesman-in-Chief, in particular.  Black is okay in that case.  In fact, I'm sure they would tell you it's better than that other color, don't you know.

But cars, black cars, are evil.  They kill people.  Did you know that the car that took the poor, unsuspecting older gent on a ride through the open-air market near the pier in Santa Monica a couple of years back was black?  It killed 8 people and wounded a couple of dozen more.  Poor guy.  He was not at fault, people.  That car was! 

And how about the guy that shot up the Navy Yard in D.C. awhile back.  Not only was he also a member of that race that shall not be discussed, so was the rented Prius that he was driving. 

And how about the crazy loon that avoided three movie theaters that weren't "gun free zones" in an effort to find one that was so he could blast away and kill dozens and wound dozens more.  How did he get there?  A car, that's how.  If it wasn't for the car, he wouldn't have been able to hoof it across Denver with several guns and lots of ammo and a Seal Team camo getup, could he?   No, he couldn't.  It was the car.

Those cars are "weapons of mass destruction," I tell you.  They kill more than six times as many people every year as guns do.  Even black guns.  Tragic.  And when will the squishy, feel-good, do-something-even-if-it's-wrong, left-wing weirdos finally come to their senses and decide to focus their scorched-earth denigration campaign away from peace-loving guns and toward where it belongs; cars.

I say cars should be outlawed.  And anybody who drives one should be demonized.  Just like the lefties are trying to do to those who own, use and enjoy guns.  When, I ask you, rhetorically, will the latte-sipping, limo-riding lefties finally choose to point their finely-manicured fingers where the problem really exists?   Cars.

By the way, the poor woman who was taken on the ride through D.C. was delivered to her maker, and the danger to the citizens of that God-forsaken outpost of incivility finally resolved, by a cop with a gun.  Maybe that's why they call them The Great Equalizers...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's October 1st...Time for Obamacare!

Thank the Lord!  It's October 1st and the long-awaited - and much-feared - Affordable Care Act kicks in today!

Yes, my friends, after waiting a long, long three years, we finally, finally, get to sign up for what's charitably come to be known as Obamacare. 

Today the exchanges crank up and we can simply go to the appropriate websites, answer a few questions, and VOILA!...we have health care!

Well, not exactly.  Actually, we can't go to the appropriate websites because they aren't up yet, or they've crashed and are unavailable.  But they'll likely be up by January 1st, we're told, when you absolutely, positively have to sign up or the Internal Revenue Service will send a posse out to round you up and fine you into the Stone Age.  But hey, that's then and this is now, and we can rejoice in the fact that we all now have health care!

Well, not exactly.  Actually, the ACA is not, NOT, I repeat, a health care program.  It is an insurance program.  And what you're signing up for is health insurance.  And far from being free, it charges you a premium, just like the one you pay for car insurance, unless, of course, you're an illegal alien, in which case you don't need no stinkin' car insurance.

And so, boys and girls, you signs up and you buys your health insurance.  And then what?  Likely what you'll discover is what the good residents of California discovered a few years ago when MediCal (our version of Medicaid) was expanded to cover just about every carbon-based life form in our once-Golden, but now severely-tarnished State. 

And under MediCal, doctors and hospitals receive a reimbursement of about 30% of what MediCare pays, which is just about 60% of what health insurance companies pay.  And, as Californians have unfortunately discovered, a growing number of doctors and hospitals politely refuse to serve those covered by MediCal.  When it costs more to deliver the service than the amount of reimbursement, the service is not delivered.  Except in Cuba, don't you know, where you don't have a choice (do you see a parallel here?).   

So you have health insurance, but you don't have health coverage.  And Obamacare is nothing but a vastly expanded form of Medicaid.  And that's not good news to anyone who, after being forced to buy this turkey, will likely discover they get nothing but partisan blather in return.

It's kind of like being forced to buy a ticket to a concert you don't want to attend, and then, upon arrival at the venue, find that the door is locked and you can't get in.  And they're not offering a refund, either.

Not good.

A recent survey among practicing physicians produced some amazing results.  An alarming 83% of these doctors stated they were planning to retire early.  And  that they were advising their friends and family to avoid medicine as a career.  And who will these doctors be replaced with?  Good question.

So this half-backed, liberal wet dream of a gargantuan entitlement results in almost everybody having health insurance and almost nobody getting health services.

Ready, fire, aim.  Courtesy of the Democratic Party...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Background Checks, and Why Not...

Those unfortunate enough not to have grown up hunting, or serving in the military, or collecting/shooting/enjoying guns, or even just playing cowboys and Indians, are likely wondering what all the fuss is about regarding background checks for gun purchases.

They must be confused about why the NRA, the Shooting Sports Foundation, the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and millions of gun owners are so vehemently refusing to endorse such a seemingly benign method of trying to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't, in the opinion of some, own or use them. 

Of course, the 2nd Amendment clearly states that "...the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed," and that imposing restrictive, expensive, time-consuming and oppressive hurdles to gun ownership, such as unnecessarily intrusive background checks, clearly violates this tenet.  Just remember that background checks are required right now in each and every state before anyone can buy a weapon.  So if background checks are currently required, what are the gun-grabbers whining about?   

Still, the commie pinko lefty dumbass weenies are quick to opine that we gun enthusiasts are kicking and screaming and gnashing our teeth over this issue when we should simply roll over and play dead, permitting the DOJ, ATF&E and an untold number of Federal agencies to do whatever they wish to keep us from exercising our Constitutional rights.  I've been asked many times by big-city libs why I'm/we're so adamant on this issue.  Give a little, they say.  Be reasonable, they say.  It's only a little background check, they say, not knowing - or caring - what that truly entails.  Well children, I'm going to tell you why not.  Right here.  Right now.

Let me start by paraphrasing Good ol' Ben Franklin when he so famously opined, "Those willing to give up a little liberty for a little security, deserve neither."  What he said.

Now on to the subject matter for today.

Have you heard about one of Barry Obama's famous "phony scandals" swirling around D.C. these days?  You know, the one where the IRS is targeting conservative 501c(3) and (4) groups for extra scrutiny in their applications for non-profit foundation approvals?  If you haven't, you no doubt have been watching CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN/PBS, Jon Stewart or MSNBC, where they don't actually report the news that's unfavorable to the Obama Administration.  Well, here's the straight skinny:  The IRS sidelined nearly 500 conservative organizations that wanted to participate in the political process.  This targeting goes all the way back to before the 2010 elections.  Any application with the terms "Tea Party" or "Conservative" or "Constitution" in their names were put into the bottom right hand drawer of some commie weenies desk and allowed to languish there for more than three years!

When these applicants began to question the delays, they were often hit with dozens of pages of questions which had to be answered...under penalty of perjury...before their applications would receive further consideration.  Those questions included:  List all of your contributors (illegal); List all of their political affiliations (illegal); Provide copies of all emails, letters, blog postings, tweets and speeches they've given (illegal); List all books you've read over the past ten years and provide a book report on each (illegal and unprecedented); and my personal favorite, List to whom you have prayed during the past three years and the content of those prayers.  Let me add an ! right here... 

If the responses didn't meet the expectations of the IRS agents charged with keeping these folks out of the political process, and they almost always didn't, their applications were once again shelved.  Or another round of interrogatories ensued.  This whole thing stinks, is clearly illegal and unethical, and so far, no one has been sanctioned or punished in any way.  In fact, only one guy was asked to resign from his temporary position two weeks before his contract was due to expire, and the other three were put on paid leave.  They were recently reinstated.  With promotions.  Surprised?

Let me summarize.  Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Americans were barred from political speech guaranteed by our Constitution for two complete campaign cycles.  It's obvious the Obama zombies were scared witless by the Tea Party Revolution that occurred in 2010, resulting in the loss of the House of Representatives by the Dumbocrats.  They were dedicated to making sure that would never happen again.  And they were willing to do anything - anything - to make sure it didn't.  If violating the Constitution, and breaking the law, and lying, cheating and stealing was required to keep another political tsunami from occurring, they did it, and they did it happily.  This fact should frighten every American, regardless of their political leanings.  After all, if they can screw us today, they can screw you tomorrow.  And they will.  Frightening. 

Now let's move forward to the subject of this blog posting: background checks for gun purchases.  The socialists in charge back in Foggy Bottom do not want us to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.  They don't want us to buy guns, or use them.  They want us disarmed, as only by so doing are we rendered defenseless, and unable to rise up and throw off the shackles of the tyranny they're dedicated to foisting upon us (see Karl Marx, Pol Pot, Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Castro, Kim Jung Il, etc., etc., etc.).   Remember, the right to keep and bear arms isn't in the Constitution so we can go deer hunting.  It's in the Bill of Rights because we need protection against folks like Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Reid, Durbin and the other D.C. gun-grabbers.  They know that.  And that's why they're on a never-ending quest to take our guns away.  As just-recalled from the Colorado Senate Andrea Giron so famously stated, " don't really have a right to protect yourselves.  That's what the police are for."

So flash forward to the paperwork they might have us fill out before we could qualify to buy a weapon.  Can you imagine, in light of the above, what the questions in that paperwork might be?  How about, "List every enemy you ever had, and what you'd like to do to them if you could to obtain revenge."  Or, "Would your ex-wife have any reason to prevent you from buying a weapon?"  "How about a neighbor?"  Or, do you believe in God?  If so why, and if not, why not?"  Or, "Have you ever had periods of depression, or listlessness, or boredom?"  "Have you ever consulted with a psychologist or psychiatrist?"  Or, "Do you have children, and do your children have friends who visit your home occasionally?"  Or, "Do you consume alcohol to excess, or at all?"  Or, "Where would you store your weapon if we permit you to obtain one, and who else would have access to that weapon?"  Or, "Do you, like everyone else, believe that all guns should  be outlawed, and, if they were, would you willingly turn over your weapons if asked?" 

Imagine what could be done with the answers to those "When did you stop beating your wife?" questions.  A background check questionnaire could easily be conjured up to make qualifying "to keep and bear arms" almost impossible.  And, trust me, it would be.

States, like California, and Illinois, and Washington, and Maryland, and New York, are doing everything they can to gut the 2nd Amendment by making ammunition inaccessible, or guns with features they don't like, like the color black, unavailable.  They'll go over, or under, or around the Constitution to get their way.  That's who they are.  They're Liberals.  They'll never change.  And we shouldn't either.

Just remember, Liberals just want to be left alone to live your life.

So, my friends, that's why we're against any effort, ANY EFFORT, to erode the 2nd Amendment.  Remember, if you let a camel get his nose under the tent, pretty soon you'll have a camel in the tent... 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Solving a Problem Which Does Not Exist

Running the risk that Chuckmeisterunleashed might somehow be viewed as an "all guns, all the time" blog, which it most definitely isn't, I just had to write about the newest atrocity imposed on the 200 million of us who believe in the 2nd Amendment.  So sit back, kiddies, and read about what else the dimbulbs in Foggy Bottom have decided to do to you...

Did you notice that POTUS announced the day before yesterday another two "executive actions" to further erode our 2nd Amendment rights?

First, he unilaterally decided that corporations cannot buy weapons without first undergoing background checks on all their officers.  I guess he's worried that the CEO or CFO or CIO will take the cannon sitting out on the front lawn and use it to lob a shell into the palatial offices of a rival business leader.  Can't have that happen, now can we?  Of course, there's no evidence that something like this has ever happened, but it might, you know, so let's put a law in place that prevents it.  A new law to prevent a problem which doesn't exist.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

And second, but far worse, the Golfer-in-Chief unilaterally decided that we Americans can no longer reimport old military rifles originally manufactured in the U.S.  These would be the old M-1 Garands used in the Second World War and Korea, 1903 bolt action Springfields, handy little M-1 Carbines and .22 competition target rifles that were made here and shipped to allies overseas as much as 110 years ago.  They've been languishing in storage in Manila, and Grenada, and Panama, and Spain, and dozens of other countries which supported us in our military efforts over the years.  I guess he's worried that somebody, somewhere will use one of these outmoded rifles, heretofore purchased primarily by collectors, to kill somebody.  But, you might want to know, there's no evidence that anyone, anywhere has ever been killed using one of these reimported gunsNone! 

In fact, less than 3% of all murders involving guns are committed using rifles.  People dead set on making somebody dead tend to use small, light pistols instead of heavy, unwieldy old military rifles. 

But worse yet, the Vacationer-in-Chief's dumb ass order will effectively kill the Civilian Marksmanship Program.  The CMP was created by Congressional Order back in 1903 so that our youth could buy guns on the cheap and use them to learn marksmanship, so that they would be ready to defend our nation in case of national emergency.  The CMP is a completely self-supporting, quasi-governmental agency that seeks out and reimports old U.S. military weaponry for resale to otherwise qualified Americans who can pass the requisite background checks. 

Let me emphasize again.  In order to buy guns through the CMP, one must meet every single requirement imposed on anyone purchasing a gun through conventional sources. 

The CMP requires no funding at all from the American people.  None.  It has helped hundreds of thousands of sportsmen to acquire high-quality guns over the decades, including me, for reasonable prices.  Now, with this illegal E.O. in place (the President cannot overturn an act of Congress with an Executive Order...but once again he has, and who's going to stop him?), the CMP will have nowhere to acquire their inventory, and will thus be forced out of business.

This E.O. brings to 25 the number that POTUS has issued in circumvention of Congress in an effort to erase the 2nd Amendment.  He should know above all others that ill-conceived gun control laws do nothing to reduce crime, and can, in fact, have quite the opposite effect.  Take a look at Chicago, the murder capital of America, if you doubt me.  The good people of Chicago have been disarmed, so only the bad guys have guns.  And I'm betting they're pretty happy about that.

So, in an effort to appear to be doing something, anything, the TelePrompTer-in-Chief, blissfully unaware of the Law of Unintended Consequences, but intent on satisfying another of his Liberal wet dreams, issued an order that solves a problem which does not exist, while destroying a time-honored and highly beneficial tradition, which heightens our self defense, while costing the American people not one damn dime.

Lord help us.  Only three more years left...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Put Down Those Guns And Come Out With Your Hands Up...

The commie dweebs in Sacrascrewyou are at it again!

Not content with savaging our incomes with ever-higher levels of taxation, while wasting our tax dollars indiscriminately, the dimbulbs up there are now doing everything in their inflated power to gut the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and disarm all Californians.

Several new pieces of legislation are now working their way through various committees and on to Governor Jerry Brown's desk like crap through a Christmas goose.  Here's a sampling of what we citizens face:

S.B. 108:  This little jewel strips your right to self defense by mandating that guns be locked up tight in your home, at all times, regardless of whether anyone is present.  So when that window glass breaks at 3:00 a.m., just ask the burglars to kindly wait while you unlock your safe and politely load your weapon.  In the spirit of fairness and cooperation, I'm sure the bad guys will play along, right?

S.B. 374:  This classic example of government run amok expands failed and flawed California laws to cover millions more guns, including all semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines.  Every single one.  This means my little Ruger .22 target rifle may soon be classified as an "assault weapon" and will no longer be legal to own or use here in the land of fruits and nuts.  And what am I to do with it?  Deliver it to the Sheriff's office, I guess, where it will be melted down and turned into electric cars.
A.B. 711:  The commie who thought this one up will no doubt be Mayor of San Francisco soon.  If Brown signs this, all lead bullets will soon be outlawed.  The theory goes among the tree huggers that lead ammo is killing condors, which, of course, it isn't.  They have no proof to offer, just a supposition based upon liberal wet dreams.  Just so you know, the lead used in bullets is inert, and cannot harm any living organism.  But logic doesn't seem to work on these socialists.  So outlawing lead ammo means we'll only be able to use bullets in the once-Golden State made from some other metal, which isn't widely available, and costs many times more.  And anybody who thinks ammo manufacturers will conjure up special ammo made from unicorn hooves for sale here in California by its lonesome is smoking some of those anti-God cigarettes.  This is called forced economic disarmament.  If people can't afford to buy ammo, voila!  You don't have to outlaw guns.  You've just reduced them from self-defense mechanisms to nothing more than expensive boat anchors.      

S.B. 53:  If this passes and is signed, you'll no longer be able to buy ammo over the Internet, which I do all the time, and you'll be required to buy an annual permit, at a significant fee, just to buy ammo from any conventional source.  And every time you stop by the gun store to pick up a few boxes of bullets, you'll be fingerprinted and get to pay for a background check.  Background checks cost at least $25.00.  So you buy a box of 9mm bullets for $20.00,which will now cost you $45.00.  And if you aren't near a store to buy ammo, or can't afford it, you've been effectively disarmed and the 2nd Amendment has been erased from the Bill of Rights.

S.B. 293:  If some manufacturer somewhere ever says they have figured out a way to insure that a gun can only be operated by the lawful owner, also known as "owner authorized," regardless of how much it costs to make or whether manufacturers will choose to make them, knowing that they will only be bought in California, then this bill gives the politicians the authority to ban all other guns not meeting that requirement without advance notice or reimbursement.  Hmmm.  That oughta' work.

S.B. 396:  If Brown signs this one, all ammunition magazines for rifles, pistols and shotguns that hold more than 10 rounds, including those presently legally owned, would be declared illegal, would be completely banned, and would need to be turned in for destruction.  Failure to turn them in would render the owner a felon and subject him or her or it to arrest and prosecution.  Do you see a pattern here?  This is how to turn law-abiding citizens into felons if they don't bend over and grab their ankles when the big dogs bark.  Don't you just know that the gang-bangers will laugh themselves silly at the futility of this gimcrackery. 

Aren't you proud you're a Californian?  Don't you think all gun owners in our state will be happy to comply with this grab-bag of socialist edicts?  

Just remember:  where guns are plentiful and legal and owned by responsible citizens (think Texas and Florida) crime virtually stops.  Where guns are outlawed (think Chicago and D.C.) crime goes through the roof and honest citizens pay the price.   Gun control isn't about guns.  It's about control.  And if the politicians can disarm you and me, they will no longer be concerned about what we can do to them in return for what they want to do to us. 

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be legislators... 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Makes me want to puke...

The President of the United States obviously seems to believe he's the President of Black America.

This past week Mr. Obama cut in front of his puppet Jay Carney at one of those uber-boring pressers and interjected himself once again into the Zimmerman/Martin situation. 

During his 10 or 15 extemporaneous minutes of pontificating, Obama mentioned the term "African-American," or "African-Americans," or the "African-American Community" some 20 separate times.  And if you're wondering how may times he mentioned "Irish-Americans," or "Italian-Americans," or "Greek-Americans," or "Chinese-Americans," or "Native Americans," or "Krygestanian-Americans," the number would be, oh, ummm, let's, even though all he really knows is "Being Tan as a Community Organizer in Chicago."  He makes me a bit queasy, if I do say so myself.  Tossing my cookies remains an option.

So, ladies and gentlemen, for those who always wondered what it would be like to have a "person of color" as President, you now know.  It means that you're going to be subjected to a never-ending stream of crap about things you don't want to know, or need to know, or hoped you'd never find out, while the economy of America goes straight down the dumper.  In a survey just completed your fellow Americans now openly admit that they believe race relations are much, much worse than they were the day Barry was immaculated.  Wasn't his ascension supposed to make race relations better?  Could it be that events have worked out exactly as planned?  Does he really hate America that much?  And does anyone believe that another black president is in our future?  Me thinks not. 

November, 2016 is...just...around...the...corner.  Thankfully.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Have you wondered whether the just-ended trial in Sanford, Florida would have occurred at all if the racial makeup of the protagonists were somehow different?

What if Jorge Zimmerman was black and Trayvon  Obama Martin was white?  Ummm, no, not a word would have been uttered by the MainStreamMedia (MSM).  Every day here in America black folks murder white folks by the dozens and the MSM is strangely (and predictably...and sadly) silent. 

What if Zimmerman and Martin were both black?  Once again, nary a peep would have been heard.  Black people are killing black people with abandon all across the Fruited Plain.  Look at Chicago, for instance.  Over the Fourth of July looonnnngg weekend, 72 were shot and 12 died.  Including two little toddlers.  All black.  On both sides of the guns.  Not a single comment to be heard outside the Chicago area.  It seems black on black crime is A-Okay with the MSM. 

And by the way, guns have been completely outlawed in the Windy City for more than 40 years.  How's that gun control thing working out?

What if Zimmerman and Martin were both white?  Sorry, but the MSM's meme would not have been fed by reporting on such a story.  White people kill each other all the time.  Not as often as black people kill each other, but often.  So, nothing to see here.  Move along...

But Zimmerman being Hispanic ("White Hispanic," according to the New York Times...maybe the very first time in history such a racial designation has been used, but only to further the story that white people are the only ones who can be, you know, like "racist"), and Martin being a "little black teenager," whoa!  Do we have a story here! 

Little black teenager?  6' tall and 175 lllll bbsss, against a doughy white Hispanic.  Unfair fight, unless you happened to have a Glock 17, of course.

This has been a 24/7 story for more than a year.  And that's why poverty pimps like Jessuh (baby daddy) Jackson and Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharpton, and even the Golfer-in-Chief, arguably a wannabe black, have felt compelled to opine on this situation.  Blacks were forced to work in the fields 400 years ago so we should do anything, anything, to make it up to them, even to the extent of tilting our reportage to include blatantly racial bias. 

So a white Hispanic neighborhood watch-type in a gated Hispanic/Black neighborhood with a Glock, disregards orders from a 911 operator (are they even permitted to issue orders...and are we compelled to comply?) and follows a dope-smoking, kicked-out-of-school, burglary-tool-carrying, heavily tattooed, somebody-elses'-jewelry-in-his-pocket, Facebook-abusing, curseword-spewing tagger, gets sandbagged, cold cocked and MSM-style pummeled, pulls out his heater and lets the air out of this kid.  Only due to the influence of the White House, the MSM, black "leaders" and liberal apologists was this guy charged, and now he's been found not guilty by five white and one "black Hispanic" (again?). 

And by the way, where's this "Black Community" they keep talking about?  Is it in Compton?  Southside Chicago?  Washington, D.C.?  Or Atlanta, maybe?  I don't know, but I'd like to, or else maybe they should stop talking about it.

But the story's not yet over.  The DOJ has reopened an investigation of Zimmerman, in all likelihood preparatory to filing a civil rights violation.  One thing about this racist Administration; it never changes. 

They're rioting in Oakland.  Ummm, yeah, but that's what they always do there.  Rioting in Oakland is like their main pastime.  Since there's no jobs, what else to they have to do but riot?  Nothing much to report.  In fact, nothing much to report anywhere, except for the fact that the MSM has an an agenda! 

NBC, you socialist, bottom-feeding video-doctoring cretins should be ashamed of yourselves.  You should be, but you aren't.  MSNBC, as the public relations arm for the Democrat National Committee, your bias was expected, and once again you did not disappoint.  ABC, your ilk is growing ever more tiresome.  Does anybody but me remember that ABC anchor George Stephanopolis was Billy Jeff Clinton's Chief of Staff?  CNN, the Clinton News Network, it's time to turn out the lights and go get a real job for a change.  New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and all other tree-killing, dinosaur media, bottom-of-the-birdcage lefty rags, curl up and die.  To the MSM in general, you all suck! 

There, my spleen duly vented, I feel much, much better...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Global Something or Other

Good news boys and girls!  Obama gave another of his MAJOR POLICY ADDRESSES OF THE DAY recently, and in it he declared an all-out war on Global Warming, or Climate Change, or whatever they're calling it today.

Obama stated that 97% of all climate scientists agree:  Climate Change is here, it's real and it won't be too long at all before we all burn up in a fiery, Hellish cataclysm.  He said that 12 of the hottest days in history occurred during the past 15 years, or something (they didn't!).  He said that carbon emissions are really, really bad, and that they cause all kinds of bad things (like soot on your newly-washed Mustang GT).  He also said that coal is dirty, and messy, and black, kind of like assault weapons, and it should be outlawed before it kills us all.  Not that there's anything wrong with the color black, mind you, especially if it's on a person, especially if he or she (or it) votes Democrat. 

He went on to say that the XL Keystone Pipeline should not be approved unless it can be proven, PROVEN, do you here me?, that it will not exacerbate (I love that word!) the global climate situation (it should be noted that the State Department has issued two, TWO separate studies stating that the Pipeline will have no deleterious (I love that word also!) effects on our environment).  But two is definitely not enough.  We have to keep conducting these studies until we get the results we're looking for. 

And so, in the midst of numerous scandals, rendering His second term a complete failure so far, Obama has done his best to change the subject by trying to further ruin the U.S. economy by sending us off on a tangent to halt Global Something or Other.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm really happy about this.  Obama's unilateral efforts will serve to kill the U.S. coal industry, surely tanking his favorables in ten coal-producing states.  It's predicted that his executive actions (bypassing Congress completely, don't you know) will put at least 85,000 people out of work.  He's killed 10,000 coal jobs so far via onerous EPA regulations he'd mandated.  Another 75,000 await pink slips resulting from his new focus.  November, 2014 is coming, and quickly. 

And let's not forget another byproduct of his edicts.  Every single homeowner in America will see a dramatic increase in their electric bills because half, HALF the electricity in the country is produced by coal.  And us Californians will see another huge increase because PG&E is mothballing the San Onofre nuclear reactor, which has heretofore produced 8% of all the energy consumed in the once-Golden State.  Californians, look for a 17% increase in your light bill in the very near future.  And look for Robert Redford and the Sierra Club to rejoice at their decision.  At least a couple of commie pinkos are happy about this.

And to those who were coerced into buying one of those electric plug-in cars, where do you think the electricity comes from?  It comes from coal, you eco-weenies.  And eliminating coal will cause your bill from charging up your wussie little overpriced clown car to skyrocket.  Serves you right, you ignoramuses.  Or is that ignoramusi?

It's a good thing there's a plastic bubble over America, protecting us from the air in China, indisputably the dirtiest on the planet, from floating across the Pacific and soiling our air in week.  Of course you know that China's opening two new coal-fired electricity plants every week, and India's 1.3 Billion cow-worshipping, snake-charming people are producing pollution at a record rate, but change-the-subject, feel-good efforts to "do something" about the climate, even though those efforts are patent horsepucky, will surely cause latte-loving, sauvignon blanc-sipping socialists to open up their wallets and fork over the cash to the Democrats, which is all that  really counts.

So yes, I'm happy.  I'll have my solar photovoltaic generating array installed by then, reducing my electric bill to just about fifteen bucks a month.  And everybody else, especially all those dodos who voted for this unqualified dufus in the White House, will go nearly bankrupt paying for his flights of fancy. 

Just remember, if you lie down with dogs, you'll get up with fleas...