Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Congress!

A couple of days back President B. Hussein Obama issued a memorandum to his pants-suited Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano stating that we, the United States of America, will no longer arrest, incarcerate or deport young illegal immigrants who meet the so-called "Dream Act-Lite" demographics.  Those are, as loosely defined, little foreign people dragged kicking and screaming across our Swiss Cheese borders by their mommies and daddies prior to the age of 16, but who are now no older than 30, who have broken no laws, kept their noses relatively clean and are in school or the military, or have previously graduated/served in either or both.

Got it?  If you made it here after you were 16, or are older than 30, no luck for you, Jose.  Or if you pilfered some tortillas from the corner Rancheria, it's straight to the border for you, Javier.  No passing "Go," no collecting 200 pesos.  Boy, our TelePrompTer-in-Chief is one compassionate guy, right?  Well, maybe not.

What could cause the Campaigner-in-Chief to bypass Congress, where such a change in American law must first be debated and voted on, and where this very same proposed law was soundly defeated a couple of years back, when the Preezy of the United Steezy was in complete charge of all aspects of Government, to take such a breathtaking and audacious action?  And, by the way, why didn't the Toker-in-Chief issue an actual Executive Order proclaiming this new change of codified immigration policy, instead of a simple little memo to his simple little Secretary? 

I don't want to sound all conspiratorial, but I actually think it might have something to do with the presidential election coming up in the fall (Noooooo!).  Call me cynical but there's a seriously large bunch of Latinos here in the land of the not-quite-so-free anymore and the home of the still mostly brave.  And every Latino either came here illegally, or knows a few dozen or hundred who did.  I mean, there are MILLIONS of them!  And many of them want AMNESTY!  They're saying, "We know, we broke the law, but it's a dumb law, and others broke it too, so forgive us RIGHT NOW and give us real papers so we can stay and work and play and collect Social Security and food stamps.  So there's 800,000 or so, or maybe twice that many, who could be affected directly by this action, and another 20 or 30 MILLION more whose vote could be influenced by the Golfer-in-Chief's decision to take this blatant, naked, unprecedented power grab.  And a few million votes one way or the other would dramatically affect the outcome of the election on November 7th. 

That's why I believe there may be many, many, many other egregious actions yet to come this year from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  And I think I know which one's next.

Did you know that convicted felons lose their right to vote in this here constitutional republic?  Jack a car, burgle a 7-11 or embezzle a bunch of money from little blue-haired old ladies and you'll get convicted and sent to the Graybar Hotel.  And when you get kicked at the end of your sentence you can no longer vote.  Except, of course, if you live in Illinois or are dead.  So, I Googled the matter and came up with a number.  Somewhere between 10% and 20% of our entire population are convicted felons!  That's like 30 - 60 million people!  Talk about votes!  That's a Mother Lode of votes!  So, I'm making the prediction right now that sometime between now and November 7th, the Vacationer-in-Chief will issue a proclamation (that's what emperors do!), or maybe just a memo, unilaterally expunging the records of all of them, and thus excising their felonious actions.  Poof!  No more record, no more felons.  And then they'll be able to vote.  For Him (emperors get a capital "H," just like God).

Think He wouldn't dare?  Just look at what He's already done that is unconstitutional, immoral or unconscionable and then ask yourself, who's gonna' stop Him?  He's refused to drill on public lands or in the Arctic.  He's ordered the National Labor Relations Board to tilt the balance in favor of unionization of every business everywhere.  He's passed and signed unconstitutional legislation that subsumes one-sixth of our entire economy with Obamacare.  He's begun redistributing our wealth from those who create it to those who vote for Him.  He's nearly doubled the population of those collecting food stamps.  He dropped an already-won case against the Black Panthers who offered to beat the crap out of those redneck crackers who tried to actually vote in Pennsylvania during the 2008 election.  He sued (successfully) Arizona for trying to actually defend its own borders against an onslaught of illegals streaming across their border.  And He's just declared Executive Privilege at literally the 11th hour to seal tens of thousands of documents subpoenaed by the House Oversight and Reform Committee, managed by Rep. Chairman Darrell Issa, from the Justice Department just prior to Eric Holder's Contempt of Congress vote.  The fact that these documents pertain to the unlawful walking of guns by this Administration from border gun shops to Mexican drug gangs, and that they were subpoenaed more than 8 months ago, should tell the reader all he or she needs to know about the breathtaking corruption running rampant within this Administration. 

And there's more that the Fundraiser-in-Chief can do to further guarantee His reelection.  How about a memo to the Secretary of the Treasury ordering him to stop collecting FICA payroll contributions from the pay checks of those earning less than say, $60,000 a year?  How about a memo to the IRS telling them to increase the income, capital gains and death taxes of those making more than $250k a year?  How about a memo to the Secretary of Transportation instructing him to instruct the CEO of Government Motors to issue a brand new Chevy Volt to every Black and Jewish and Asian person in America? 

Those are just a few things He could do to further divide our divided populace that would increase His changes of reelection.  I'm betting you could come up with a few others on your own.  After all, who's gonna' stop Him?

The only one who could is the serial liar and Chicago crook who runs the Department of Justice.  I rest my case...