Friday, April 22, 2016

More Guns, More (or Less) Crime?

So, it appears far too many Liberals believe that the primary source of "gun violence" in America is the fact that we have too many guns.

That group would include our present POTUS (Obama is on video (check YouTube) proclaiming that he doesn't believe that we Americans should have the right to own firearms!), our V.P. ("Sheriff" Joe has opined that the way to chase off home invaders is to go to the nearest window and shoot off a shotgun into the air...illegal in most states of course, and dangerous!), the crusty old female presumptive Democrat candidate for POTUS (as of the day this is written she is in Conneccctticutttt conducting a seminar on how to reduce "gun violence" by reducing the number of our guns!), and a whole bunch of dumbass weenies who wouldn't know how to load a gun, much less use it. Long sentence I know, but hey, it's my blog.  

Apparently they are not aware that the Bill of Rights comes as a Boxed-Set of Ten, not of nine or six or some fewer number in need of immediate revision.

And "gun violence" is their catch-all phrase for any accident or injury or hangnail or death resulting from a firearm, no matter what the cause.

So they believe that we could reduce "gun violence" by simply reducing the number of guns.  And they offer up other countries' experiences as proof-positive that their solution has merit.  Those countries would include England and Australia, both of which have outlawed and forcibly confiscated their citizens' weapons.  (However, both have experienced a rapid uptick in serious crime since doing so...they conveniently forget to mention that). So when they suggest we adopt those countries' solutions to this "epidemic," that's what they're suggesting.  Nice.

But these gun-grabbers are kind of loose with the statistics they offer to prop up their proposal.  They state that our homicides per 100,000 of population are the very highest in the world, and that's what leads us to our sick, twisted, maniacal, fanatical Wild West obsession with guns.  That would be a scary statistic, if it were true.  It isn't.  They include all deaths from guns, regardless of the cause. Suicides, accidents, terrorism, homicides, gang warfare, no matter.  All are included.  Yes, we have the very most guns per our population in the entire world.  And I'm about to prove to you that this is why we became free more than two centuries ago, and why we shall always remain free!

Americans own, proudly I might add, 90 guns per 100 people at present.  That's the very largest percentage in the entire world. And that number has increased by no less than 100,000,000 (that's One Hundred Million!) during the tenure of one B. Hussein Obama, the absolute Best Gun Salesman Of All Time.  

Let me state that again.  America's guns have increased in number by more than one-third since Obama assumed the Presidency!  

He spews something about guns being so awfully bad, and people flock to their nearest gun store. They fear that he will try and grab our guns, a reasonable fear, I might add, so they buy them by the millions to beat the legislation. More than 20 Million background checks were performed just last year, an all-time record. And stats indicate that gun sales will likely beat that record in 2016.  So that 90 guns per 100 people is sure to quickly become 100 per 100.

Next country in terms of gun ownership is waaaay down there at 58.2 to 100 in Serbia. And then 54.8 in Yemen.  And 45.7 in Switzerland.  And 36.1 in Cyprus. And 35.0 in Sweden.  And 34.2 in Iraq.  And so on, and so on. 

Only 34 guns per 100 population in Iraq?  Saddam Hussein made sure of that!

Yes, we own the most.  And thank God for that!

Does that automatically translate to the world's highest murder rate? Nooooooooooooo!  Are we second?  No! Fifth? No, again!  Twentieth?  Fiftieth?  One hundredth?  No, no, and no!  We come in at 111th!  

Surprised?  You should be.  Amazed that your elected leaders have been blowing smoke up your collective ass? You shouldn't be.  They do it alllllllllllll the time!

So, my friends, and you are my friends, The Chuckmeister will now pass along to you some truth for a change.  Some truth that you can take to the bank in addition to that pretty shocking number up above.  Some truth that you can use to counteract all that crap that's shoveled your way at the dinner table when crazy Aunt Doris, the commie pinko weenie gun-hating Liberal, when she decides to stop by and ruin your appetite.  

So we have three times the number of guns than the Iraqis do, and our Liberal weenies want us to believe we're more dangerous than downtown Baghdad? Pullleeeezzz!

Would you like to know how we'd rank internationally if we didn't have to include the death rates from gunfire in all the towns owned and operated for decades by those same loony Liberals who are so quick to blame us, 'Murica's honest, red-blooded, flag-waving, God-fearing gun-owners for all that "gun violence?"  Read on.

There are a whole bunch of American towns that have chosen to elect Liberal Democrats for generations.  And not surprisingly, most are all-out shooting galleries. Here's a list, along with their most recent murder rates per 100,000 of population:

     -  Detroit:  54.6
     -  New Orleans:  53.2
     -  St. Louis:  35.5
     -  Baltimore:  34.9
     -  Newark:  34.4
     -  Oakland:  31.8
     -  Stockton:  23.7
     -  Kansas City:  22.6
     -  Philadelphia:  21.5
     -  Cleveland:  21.3
     -  Memphis:  20.2
     -  Atlanta:  19.0
     -  Chicago:  18.5

Note that Chicago hasn't had a City-wide elected Republican since Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House.  Hmmmm. And Chicago's gun-control laws are soooo stringent that buying and owning a gun there is virtually impossible.  Yet, they average, average, more than fifty shootings per weekend!

Want to know which is America's safest big city?  Ready? Here it is:  Plano, Texas: Murder rate per 100,000 of population:  0.4!  

Why?  Because virtually everybody in Plano, Texas is armed and considered dangerous.  And nobody who wants to walk away after an armed confrontation, be they bank robber, thug, home invader, gangster, burglar or Islamic jihadist murdering terrorist, would pick Plano, Texas to ply their nefarious trade.  

Remember the would-be mass jihadist shooting outside a draw-the-Muhammed contest in Garland, Texas last year? Yeah, it ended with the Bad Guys being shot dead by a security guard before they could pull the trigger a single time.  There's an example of some of that Wild West justice for you!  

Ready for another statistic you can use to figuratively slap Aunt Doris across the face when she starts to spew her anti-gun bile?  Were we to somehow just erase all of the above Democrat-(mis)managed cities from the American map, America's death rate from "gun violence" per 100,000 of population would magically drop from 111th on the list of nations to...ready for it?...211th!  Maybe Vatican City would be a bit safer than America were that the case, but only just barely.

So, in closing, let me throw in this little palate cleanser.  Ms. Hil(liar)y will make eliminating "gun violence" a centerpiece of her upcoming campaign for President of the United States. That's assuming she isn't trying to run America from behind those cold stone walls of Leavenworth Federal Prison.  And she will advocate harsh new gun control measures that will center upon duplicating Australia's confiscation measures. What I don't think she realizes, and please don't tell her, is that more than 5,000,000 ordinary average $40-per-year dues-paying Americans are members of the National Rifle Association. And they have fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, co-workers, bowling team members and buddies who will be influenced by them, as well as the millions who are simpatico with the NRA and its goals and objectives who aren't yet members.  And there are tens of millions of other gun owners and shooters and those who count on their firearms for safety and self-defense.  

And they vote!

Put another way, the Democrats won the Presidency in 2012 with a total of 65,915,796 votes, including all those who voted three or four times (remember the inner-city woman in Philly who proudly proclaimed she'd voted seven times?). Republicans garnered only 60,993,501 votes.  That's a winning percentage of 51.1% to 47.2%  Now just imagine that "gun control" was elevated to a top-tier issue in the upcoming 2016 Presidential election.  Then add in the 5 Million NRA members and the millions more they will most assuredly influence.  Get it?

Once again, please don't tell Hil(liar)y.  

So, do more gun equate to more crime?  Or do more guns equal less crime?  You now have the accurate, carefully-researched information to decide for yourself.

Don't thank me, your friend, The Chuckmeister.  That's why God put me here...