Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Their Own Personal "Gun Free Zones"

It used to be that the shortest measure of time was the period between a traffic light changing from red to green in Mid-town Manhattan and the cab driver behind you honking his horn.

Now?  It's the period of time between a mass shooting by some crazed jerk with a gun and Obama and his Sycophants (great name for a rock band, huh?) banging the gun control drum.  

Example?  A couple of weeks back a really pissed off racist gay insane black man named Vester Lee Flanagan, aka "Bryce Williams," murdered a couple of straight white innocent young reporters on live TV in Moneta, Virginia.  He was disgruntled at having been fired from WDBJTV in Roanoke, VA.  One in a succession of jobs this bozo failed at, it turns out.  He blamed not only his employer, but several of the other employees, including the two he decided to execute. Apparently he was so twisted that he took ordinary office banter between fellow employees as racist slurs.  I guess that's how it is if you're a really pissed off racist gay insane black guy.  Seems like that's happening quite a bit lately, yes?

Oh, by the way, he was admonished by his employer on a previous occasion for wearing an "Obama for President" button during an on-camera interview.  That's a no-no if you're a real reporter.  It's also a no-no if you've got any sense at all.  I guess this guy wasn't a real reporter. And I guess he was fresh out of sense.  That's why he was fired, no doubt.  It seems like there's quite a few "not real reporters" hanging around these days.  Tune to MSNBC if you want a number of examples.

So, to continue, he buys an ordinary 9mm Glock handgun, legally as it turns out, full background check and all.  In fact, he purchased this gun more than two months prior to his murderous rampage.  So let's see:  Racist gay really pissed off insane disgruntled black guy shoots two young innocent straight whites. Hate crime?  Sure. Everybody knows that. But according to Oblamo's Justice Department, no it isn't.  Or at least not yet. Being white, they were the wrong color, I guess.

I mention this because within seconds after the echo from the gun shots died out (sorry about that "died" part), Terry McCauliffe, Governor of Virginia, a job for which his only qualification was that he was the primary fund raiser for Billy Jeff "Blue Dress" Clinton, stuck his pasty face in front of a camera and called for increased gun control. "We need background checks!" he railed.  "I tried to get background checks approved but the legislature vetoed it!" he said. And our Golfer-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, similarly raced to the camera and spouted another in a series of calls for increased gun control. Getting tiresome to hear for me.  You too?  

It seems to me that one of the most dangerous places in America to be is between our TelePrompTer-in-Chief and a camera.  Have you noticed that also?

Now, everyone in America who pays attention knows that we've had nationwide Federal background checks for gun purchases since 1998.  It's called the "NICS" System, for National Instant Criminal System."  You saunter on down to the local gun store, you plunks down your money for your chosen weapon, the gun store owner runs your background check and, if you pass, you're permitted to walk out with your gun. Right then and there.  Oh, unless you live in a state like Taxifornia where you can't get your gun for 10 days.  I guess the "leaders" in this state, and I use the term very loosely, assumes you're intending to take your shiny new gun and run on home to execute your wife or boy/girl/otherfriend or employer.  Of course, if you really want to "off" your significant other, you could do so with any of hundreds of lethal weapons besides a Glock 19, which this gay really pissed off disgruntled insane black killer chose to use.

The NICS check occurs for all gun purchases made in stores or gun shows or via the Internet.  And it is supposed to happen for transfers between private citizens, if they choose to follow the law. However, commie pinko weenies lie to you, the American public, by telling you there are no background checks in place. And that's why they want Congress to pass their version of new and intrusive background checks. They call them "Universal Background Checks."  Obama wants this. Hil(liar)y Clinton wants this. "Sheriff" Joe Biden want this. Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emmanuel wants this.  Tiny Mike Bloomberg, ex-Mayor of NYC and the 17th richest dude in America, wants this. He's already spent $50 million of his own money in an effort to pass ever more intrusive gun laws. Fun little hobby, right? And guys like Bloomberg tell you that 90% of our citizens want increased background checks and that everyone in the NRA wants it too. The facts: They are lying to you!

So wait.  We have background checks but they want background checks.  Hmmm. Anyone with an I.Q. above room temperature has to ask why there's a disconnect here? Well, children, here it is:  Our current system of background checks is conducted by the Feds, and is then erased, by law, within 30 days, so it would no longer be available to anyone who might want to later reference it for ownership data. That's Federal law.  The Obama Clan version would run that same check and then keep the data forever!  Why?  Good question. The only possible answer has to be that this data is necessary for the day when the Feds come knocking on your door to confiscate your guns.

Paranoid?  Perhaps.  But you're not paranoid if they're really after you.  And I think they're really after us.  

Recall just about ten exact years ago a hurricane named Katrina struck New Orleans. The police chief there chose to confiscate all firearms in the city.  Every single one! He instructed his Boys in Blue to go door to door and physically take every gun they could find.  Why?  For some reason this bozo decided he didn't want any competition or resistance from would-be muggers or robbers or looters.  What he got, in fact, was Open Season by bad guys on the poor citizens of this community who hadn't been able to vacate when the storm approached.  That would be all those who were so poor they couldn't afford a bus ticket, because their welfare checks hadn't yet arrived that month. Murders, robberies, rapes, muggings, thievery and assorted other major crimes went rampant.  And no honest citizen could mount a defense, because the Authorities had disarmed them.  Now, my fellow citizens, you have an example of what could happen if we allow the Authorities to disarm us.  And I'm not going to let that happen to me.  

So I have a solution to this seemingly unfathomable problem. And here it is: 

I've done some research on this situation and I've discovered that, with exception of the Oklahoma City bombing, almost every single mass murder since back then was committed by card-carrying, liberal, left-wing, "progressive" Democrat murderers. Examples? Sure:

  -  The Ford Hood killer, Major Nidal Hassan, was a registered Democrat and jihadist "Army of Allah" Muslim.

  -  The Virginia Tech shooter was a registered Democrat. Sent hate mail to President G. W. Bush.

  -  The Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooter, James Holmes, was a registered Democrat, Occupy supporter and volunteer for left-wing causes.

  -  The Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooter was a registered Democrat.  Hated Christians.

 -  The Columbine High School killers were not old enough to vote, but both of their families were dedicated Democrats and liberals and involved themselves in left-wing activities.

  -  Dylann Roof, the Charleston, SC shooter, was a liberal sympathizer.

  -  The black D.C. Navy Yard shooter was an Obama supporter and volunteer.  Hated conservatives and Christians.  

There are many, many other examples.  How about John Wilkes Booth?  Yes, he was a Democrat and absolutely hated our Mr. Lincoln.  Simply Google "mass shooters" and learn for yourselves if you want more.

Of late, the gun-grabbing lefties have attempted to stop mass shootings by simply putting up big signs on the entrance to public places.  They read:  "Gun Free Zones." Now that, my friends, is the very height of stupidity.  The definition of criminality is that criminals don't obey laws.  Yet, these lefties seem to think that passing a law, or putting up a sign, will cause those predisposed to law-breaking to not break laws. Let me put it a different way.  We now have more than 20,000 anti-gun laws on the books right here in Good Ol' America.  Criminals routinely break these anti-gun laws. Yet, we're incited to believe that if we put up cardboard signs instructing criminals bent on law-breaking to cease and desist, that they will cease and desist.  Isn't that the very dumbest thing you've ever heard of?  Want proof?  Okay, my brethren.  Here 'tis.  Nearly every single mass shooting to occur in the past 20 years has occurred in a "Gun Free Zone (GFZ)." Columbine was a GFZ.  Fort Hood was a GFZ.  The Navy Yard was a GFZ.  The Church in Charleston was a GFZ.  The Aurora movie theater was a GFZ.  And on, and on, and on...

So, my friends, what does this information tell us?  It tells us that lefty Democrat socialist "progressives" should be given exactly what they want:  their own personal, individual "gun free zones."  I suggest that we simply outlaw the sale of guns and ammunition to any individual who is of the commie pinko lefty dumbass weenie liberal persuasion.  Short definition? Democrats.  The result?  There will be No More Mass Murders!  The rest of us God-fearing, gun-owning 'Muricans would be left owning and keeping and bearing arms.  Thus, we would be available to assist you and our friends in the event any Bad Guys were around and about. We would even available to assist commie pinko dumbass liberal weenies (Democrats) if they're in need of assistance from real men and women like us.  Of course, they may be too damn proud to ask.  But hey, that's okay.  We'll help them anyway.  

In the meantime, let them sip their sauvignon blanc and drive their teenie little Priussesesses-sus and wait for us to come and help.  

You're welcome...