Monday, April 21, 2014

Brighton Beach, Russia

We've heard that Mr. Vladamir (I hate Obama!) Putin invaded the Crimea because it has loads of Russians who are in fear for their lives.  Apparently, Ukraine is taking advantage of them somehow and Putin isn't going to stand for it.  What he did, as a result, is all over the news.

Ukraine, as some of you know, was for decades the property of the Soviet Union.  In fact, Ukraine has been owned and operated by lots of different countries during the past 1,000 years.  And they were, and are, not happy about that.  Once they achieved their independence from the Soviets some 20 years ago, they, the Ukrainians, began to rebuild their economy and their country.  But the Russkies were, and are, not happy about having their enormous imperial fiefdom dismantled.  And they hold America responsible. Remember "...Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!?"  I thought you might.

And so the Ukrainians, mostly eastern European-leaning in the left two-thirds of the country, and Russian-speaking and -leaning - in the right one-third, the Crimeans, have been in a tug-of-war with Moscow ever since.  Putin, really pissed about the whole deal, has said his dream is to rebuild the Soviet Empire.  And to start he's conjured up the notion that the Crimeans (read Russians) were being mistreated and needed to be reunited with their historical brethren.  He invaded.  The west did nothing.  Nothing!  

Even though the west, led by Washington, nominally, has promised to support and defend the Ukrainians in several treaties over the years, Oblamo's response to their request for weapons was to offer them some MREs...Meals Ready to Eat, don't you know.  Got that?  They wanted some guns and we offered them some meat loaf and mashed potatoes.  Oh, and it gets better.  The next round of care packages turned out to be socks. Socks!  So they'll have plenty of crappy food to eat and lots of nice, warm socks.  Unbelievable.

Now everyone knows that the only reason Putin wanted the Crimea was because of his desire for continued unfettered access to his submarine pens on the warm-water Black Sea port.  And Kiev's recent posturing toward enacting closer ties to NATO and the west got Putin all antsy about losing the Crimea.  Add to that our village idiot, Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, stating that we really, really, needed to reduce the size of our military to much, much smaller.  Smaller, even, than just prior to World War the Second.  We just couldn't afford to keep paying for our military when we needed to expand food stamps and welfare payments and Obamaphones.  I mean, we have standards, right?

And so Putin struck.  He saw weakness in Oblamo and the west, most of which he keeps warm in the winter with his natural gas exports, leading him to make his move.  And although resoundingly deplored, no one has done a thing.  As some wag said, Putin is playing chess, Oblamo is playing checkers.  Ummm, yes.

End this chapter with 60 - 80,000 Russian soldiers amassed on the eastern Ukrainian border, with more than 1,000 tanks, ready to pounce, and you have a Mexican standoff, with Putin as the Mexican.  We should be ashamed of ourselves. Not Oblamo and Hagel, mind you, they're complete idiots; we Americans should be ashamed for voting for this empty suit.

Throughout history, those who exhibit weakness invite a bloody nose.  And we're getting our noses bloodied.

So as I understand it, under the new rules of invasion, all Putin needs to believe is that there's a preponderance of Russians somewhere who say they're being mistreated, and he has the green light to invade.  Well, if that's true, I seem to recall that Brighton Beach, New York, is just absolutely crammed full of Russians!  In fact, I think the Russian mafia hangs out there.  It's like their headquarters.  So if a bunch of Russians somehow being mistreated  (the cops hassle them all the time!) is all that's needed to invade, I'm wondering when Putin will invade Brighton Beach?  I can assure you this; under Putin's leadership they'd be a whole lot better off than they are under New York's current management.  I mean, De Blasio?  Come on!  That communist twerp couldn't find his ass with both hands and a flashlight!

Oh wow!  I hope I didn't give Putin any ideas... 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Assault Knives! Shelter in Place!

BREAKING NEWS:  Teenager assaults up to 22 fellow students at Murrysville, Pennsylvania high school.

With a knife.  Two knives, actually.

Okay, friends, got it now?  You can attack anyone with anything.  A gun, a knife, a Louisville Slugger, a chair, a garden tractor, even an empty soda bottle.  How about a #2 Ticonderoga wooden pencil?  Sharpened, of course.  The Screeching Progressive Weenies want to ban guns, because guns can be used in assaults.  They call them "assault weapons."  

Yeah, okay, so they're "assault weapons," because they were used in an assault.  But let's be consistent here, Larry.  If guns used in assaults are "assault weapons," then knives used in assaults are "assault weapons."  And if we should ban "assault weapon" guns, then let's also ban "assault weapon" knives.  And chairs.  And garden tractors.  Got it?

Oh, I know that recommending this won't go far with the commie pinko socialist dumbass liberal weenies.  They are fixated on taking our guns so we can't defend ourselves...from them. They don't care about knives.  They're scared only by guns.  Evil guns!  Big, black, scary, military-looking AR-15-type guns!  And they want those guns banned!  And semi-automatic weapons of all kinds!  Because you can "spray bullets all over the place," as Senator Dianne Feinstein once said.  

Ummm, no, Lady Di.  You can't actually do that.  You see, the "spray everywhere" automatic guns were banned back in the 1930's because Alfonse Capone used them so successfully to thin the ranks of the Chicago police.  They were the fully-automatic weapons that you seem to think everyone has loads of, displaying your abject and total, elite, big-city, limo-liberal ignorance to anyone who might care.  

By the way, Lady Di, these so-called "assault weapons" are Modern American Firearms.  They are the default choice for hunting, target shooting and self-defense.  There are literally millions of them in use in America today and they are not going away.

But I don't want to confuse you with the facts.  Facts won't work here.  Feelings are what's important to Progressives, right?  And they "feel" that guns have no place in the hands of ordinary, stupid people, like you and me. People who can't be trusted to know what to eat, what to drive, what to wear, what kind of health insurance to acquire, or not acquire, etc., etc. They need the help of the Government to live a fruitful, productive life.  And only the Government can do that.

So this deranged kid goes from classroom to classroom, slashing kids left and right, for a thirty minute period.  I guess knives don't make as much noise as guns.  Otherwise, somebody would have noticed that kids were bleeding like water fountains.  But one thing is patently obvious, even to commie liberal weenies:  

Had there been a teacher with a concealed weapon, or an off-duty-but-armed cop, this kid would have been dropped like a bad habit long before his body count reached anywhere near 22.

But, thanks to arcane, onerous, unnecessary, punitive, rediculous gun laws, no armed teacher was available.  And so this deranged kid tried to kill his classmates.  And the so-called Mainstream Media reported 24-7 that knives need to be outlawed, right?

Ummm, no, they didn't.

The Dinosaur Media ignored the elephant-in-the-room fact; knives were responsible for this senseless act of violence. You see, there's no anti-knife, knife-control lobby in operation. There's no Little Mikey Bloomberg giving millions in an effort to outlaw knives.  There's no Brady Campaign to take knives off the streets and out of the hands of citizens.  There's no Barry Obama in his Major Policy Speech of the Morning blathering non-stop like a two-stroke boat motor that knives should be removed from the hands of the proletariat.   Or an orchestrated effort to institute a National Background Check system to insure that only the "right" people can buy "assault knives." 


In summation, my friends, you might think I'm waaaay off base by suggesting that there will be an effort to outlaw knives. You should know that famous shouty chef Gordon Ramsey was called to testify in the House of Commons in Merry Old England a few weeks ago.  He was imploring his fellow Brits to abandon their effort to outlaw all knives over 4" in length in the United Kingdom!  

You see, there had been a mass-knifing in the U.K. that left several loyal Brits completely and totally dead.  And, after having outlawed all guns many years ago, there was really nothing left for them to do but outlaw knives.  I wonder what's next?  Louisville Sluggers?  Chairs?  Empty soda bottles? Number 2 Ticonderogas (sharpened, of course) ?

When Political Correctness takes charge, there's no telling where it will wind up.  And friends, it has taken charge...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fort Hood's Ground Hog Day.

It's almost unbelievable, but you'd better believe it. 

Army Major Nadal Hassan shoots up Fort Hood in November of 2009.  He did so because, although he was an Army major, and a psychiatrist, he also described himself as a "Soldier of Allah" first.  His business card said so.  And he shouted "Aluhu Akhbar" (God is great!) as he methodically mowed down 13 unarmed soldiers and wounded another 30.  He was clearly an Islamic terrorist, except our Insurance-Salesman-in-Chief decided what he did was "workplace violence."  What a load of crap!  He was able to accomplish this massacre because Fort Hood, America's largest military installation, bigger in fact than Rhode Island, is a "gun-free" zone.  

What?  A "gun-free zone?"  How could it possibly be that trained, professional, career war-fighters are armed to the teeth in Iraq and Afghanistan, and everywhere else in the world, but disarmed and unable to protect themselves - or anyone else - while on an American military base?    

The answer is simple:  President of the United States William Jefferson "Bubba" Clinton decided it would be so in an Executive Order back in 1993. And everyone knows that Clinton was among the most gun-hating chief executives our country has ever suffered through.  Except for the one we have now, of course.

The one we have now is on videotape as saying that he'd confiscate all of our firearms if he thought he could get away with it.  And, in spite of his repeated assurances while running for POTUS, and then for reelection, that he would never, ever, attempt to disarm America, or gut the 2nd Amendment, he's done everything in his power since attaining office to do exactly that.  

And due to Bubba's E.O., all our soldiers, sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and border patrolmen are unable to "bear" arms while on post.  How can it be that the "bear" part is not possible, when all Americans are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights the right to keep and "bear" arms?  How can it be that our military are robbed of their Constitutional rights while serving our Country so valiantly? 

So Hassan shot up the place.  He was stopped only because an off-duty local civilian policewoman, who was shopping at the post PX at the time, whipped out her concealed weapon and shot back.  He shot her four times.  She shot him three times, and one of those shots rendered him a paraplegic.  Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

One would think that an event such as this would cause the guy who runs things back in D.C. you know, the Tele-PrompTer-in-Chief, to reconsider that completely insane executive order from Billy Jeff ("blue dress") Clinton, and wad it up and throw it in the trash where it belongs. 

But no.  Nothing.  Nada.  No changes.  No purple hearts.  No special treatment or consideration for the wounded soldiers. No change in operational procedures.  No reconsideration for rendering our military installations safer for our cherished soldiers and sailors.  Nothing.  Just "hope" that it wouldn't happen again, I guess.  And as I counsel everyone, "hope" is not a strategy.  Hope is a wish.  "Hope" is what got Obama elected.  And we're all paying for that today.  Through the nose.

So here we go again.  Oblamo's Groundhog Day.  Another coo-coo soldier gets in an argument, goes all postal, buys a gun, brings it into this "gun free" zone past not-so-stringent security, and begins shooting people.  The very same story as four and one-half years ago.  And nothing, nothing was done to prevent it!  For taking steps to prevent it would be completely alien to the socialist liberal Progressive weenies who are running things.  

A little history here.  All but two of the mass shootings in America since 1950 occurred in a "gun free zone."  All but two.  Think of just the past few years.  Columbine and Aurora, CO.  Newtown, CN.  Virginia Tech, VA.  Fort Hood, TX.  The Washington Navy Yard, D.C.  And now Fort Hood again.  All "gun free zones."  

Think of these several events as ponds just filled with sitting ducks.   Ducks just waiting for nutso hunters to be drawn to these "target-rich" environments like moths to a flame.  With very few exceptions, the crazed shooters in these mass killings were looking to go out in a blaze of glory; to die while making a macabre statement.  They wanted to take a bunch of innocents with them.  And where are bunches of innocents located?  In "gun free zones."  Have you noticed they don't shoot up police stations?  Think about it. 

Wouldn't it make more sense to "harden" these targets?  To staff schools, and forts, and theaters, and shopping malls with armed, professional guards?  Guards ready, willing and able to take out cowardly, would-be murderers before they get a chance to act out their evil schemes? 

Back to Fort Hood:  Our TelePrompTer-in-Chief could have allowed our soldiers to exercise their Constitutional rights and "bear" arms.  He, and his commanders, could even have come up with a negotiated middle ground, where those on duty from each military company, such as the two or three top officers and ranking sergeants in each company, would be issued weapons and ordered to carry them during their tour.  With a hundred companies at Fort Hood, that's three or four hundred additional armed men spread around the base who are ready and waiting to handle any problem that might surface.  But that wouldn't fit in Oblamo's playbook.  He'd rather sacrifice our brilliant heroes on the alter of political correctness than turn his back on his cronies, donors, sycophants and commie, Marxist beliefs. 

I ask you: if the second such massacre could be permitted to occur at Fort Hood, and it just did, what's to prevent the third? Or the fourth? I think you know the answer.  

If you voted for this empty suit, you're partially responsible for this horrible atrocity.  Remember that little factoid the next time you have a chance to pull that figurative handle in the voting booth and choose who to put in charge of America's future.  And those of you who have Liberal proclivities which just won't allow you to vote for the qualified, experienced, capable adult, please, for God's sake, stay home.  

In the name of all that's Holy, I thank you in advance for (finally) doing the right thing...