Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fort Hood's Ground Hog Day.

It's almost unbelievable, but you'd better believe it. 

Army Major Nadal Hassan shoots up Fort Hood in November of 2009.  He did so because, although he was an Army major, and a psychiatrist, he also described himself as a "Soldier of Allah" first.  His business card said so.  And he shouted "Aluhu Akhbar" (God is great!) as he methodically mowed down 13 unarmed soldiers and wounded another 30.  He was clearly an Islamic terrorist, except our Insurance-Salesman-in-Chief decided what he did was "workplace violence."  What a load of crap!  He was able to accomplish this massacre because Fort Hood, America's largest military installation, bigger in fact than Rhode Island, is a "gun-free" zone.  

What?  A "gun-free zone?"  How could it possibly be that trained, professional, career war-fighters are armed to the teeth in Iraq and Afghanistan, and everywhere else in the world, but disarmed and unable to protect themselves - or anyone else - while on an American military base?    

The answer is simple:  President of the United States William Jefferson "Bubba" Clinton decided it would be so in an Executive Order back in 1993. And everyone knows that Clinton was among the most gun-hating chief executives our country has ever suffered through.  Except for the one we have now, of course.

The one we have now is on videotape as saying that he'd confiscate all of our firearms if he thought he could get away with it.  And, in spite of his repeated assurances while running for POTUS, and then for reelection, that he would never, ever, attempt to disarm America, or gut the 2nd Amendment, he's done everything in his power since attaining office to do exactly that.  

And due to Bubba's E.O., all our soldiers, sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and border patrolmen are unable to "bear" arms while on post.  How can it be that the "bear" part is not possible, when all Americans are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights the right to keep and "bear" arms?  How can it be that our military are robbed of their Constitutional rights while serving our Country so valiantly? 

So Hassan shot up the place.  He was stopped only because an off-duty local civilian policewoman, who was shopping at the post PX at the time, whipped out her concealed weapon and shot back.  He shot her four times.  She shot him three times, and one of those shots rendered him a paraplegic.  Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

One would think that an event such as this would cause the guy who runs things back in D.C. you know, the Tele-PrompTer-in-Chief, to reconsider that completely insane executive order from Billy Jeff ("blue dress") Clinton, and wad it up and throw it in the trash where it belongs. 

But no.  Nothing.  Nada.  No changes.  No purple hearts.  No special treatment or consideration for the wounded soldiers. No change in operational procedures.  No reconsideration for rendering our military installations safer for our cherished soldiers and sailors.  Nothing.  Just "hope" that it wouldn't happen again, I guess.  And as I counsel everyone, "hope" is not a strategy.  Hope is a wish.  "Hope" is what got Obama elected.  And we're all paying for that today.  Through the nose.

So here we go again.  Oblamo's Groundhog Day.  Another coo-coo soldier gets in an argument, goes all postal, buys a gun, brings it into this "gun free" zone past not-so-stringent security, and begins shooting people.  The very same story as four and one-half years ago.  And nothing, nothing was done to prevent it!  For taking steps to prevent it would be completely alien to the socialist liberal Progressive weenies who are running things.  

A little history here.  All but two of the mass shootings in America since 1950 occurred in a "gun free zone."  All but two.  Think of just the past few years.  Columbine and Aurora, CO.  Newtown, CN.  Virginia Tech, VA.  Fort Hood, TX.  The Washington Navy Yard, D.C.  And now Fort Hood again.  All "gun free zones."  

Think of these several events as ponds just filled with sitting ducks.   Ducks just waiting for nutso hunters to be drawn to these "target-rich" environments like moths to a flame.  With very few exceptions, the crazed shooters in these mass killings were looking to go out in a blaze of glory; to die while making a macabre statement.  They wanted to take a bunch of innocents with them.  And where are bunches of innocents located?  In "gun free zones."  Have you noticed they don't shoot up police stations?  Think about it. 

Wouldn't it make more sense to "harden" these targets?  To staff schools, and forts, and theaters, and shopping malls with armed, professional guards?  Guards ready, willing and able to take out cowardly, would-be murderers before they get a chance to act out their evil schemes? 

Back to Fort Hood:  Our TelePrompTer-in-Chief could have allowed our soldiers to exercise their Constitutional rights and "bear" arms.  He, and his commanders, could even have come up with a negotiated middle ground, where those on duty from each military company, such as the two or three top officers and ranking sergeants in each company, would be issued weapons and ordered to carry them during their tour.  With a hundred companies at Fort Hood, that's three or four hundred additional armed men spread around the base who are ready and waiting to handle any problem that might surface.  But that wouldn't fit in Oblamo's playbook.  He'd rather sacrifice our brilliant heroes on the alter of political correctness than turn his back on his cronies, donors, sycophants and commie, Marxist beliefs. 

I ask you: if the second such massacre could be permitted to occur at Fort Hood, and it just did, what's to prevent the third? Or the fourth? I think you know the answer.  

If you voted for this empty suit, you're partially responsible for this horrible atrocity.  Remember that little factoid the next time you have a chance to pull that figurative handle in the voting booth and choose who to put in charge of America's future.  And those of you who have Liberal proclivities which just won't allow you to vote for the qualified, experienced, capable adult, please, for God's sake, stay home.  

In the name of all that's Holy, I thank you in advance for (finally) doing the right thing...

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