Sunday, March 30, 2014

The "Melowese" Effect.

If you're a news junkie, you know that a woman in Ohio proudly proclaimed back in 2012 that she had voted for Barack Hussein Obama seven times!

Yes, friends, this inner-city resident poll worker said she wanted to make sure that her vote counted, and the only way she knew how to do that for sure was to vote multiple times.  I guess she didn't trust the system.  Her actions proved she had every reason not to.

Oh, and she is Black. 

The reporter, rather stunned at the admission, failed to ask her in follow-up whether she knew that voting more than once was a felony.  A felony, by the way, punishable by spending ten years in the Graybar Hotel.  Hard labor.  But whether she knew that or not, it didn't appear that she cared; she was voting for her guy.  Mr. Hopey-Changey.  And she did so several times.  Happily.

Flash forward to the D.A.'s filing charges against her and the conviction of Ms. Melowese Richardson on the charge of voter fraud.  She was sentenced to five, not ten years in prison, presumably because the judge felt sorry for her because of her abject stupidity.  You'd have to be stupid to brag about committing a felony on national TV, right?  And off to the Big House she went.

An update.  Ms. Melowese was just sprung by none other than Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Eric, held in contempt by the House of Representatives, Holder.  He decided that eight months of incarceration for Ms. Melowese was entirely enough.  He decided that no Federal crime had been committed (!) and expunged her sentence.  I mean, after all, this Administration is rather selective on which laws it decides to enforce.  Some yes, some no.  And this was definitely a "no." 

Ms. Melowese then headed off to a political rally where she was enthusiastically feted by a highly partisan Lefty crowd and hugged by none other than Race-Hustler-in-Chief and MSPMS talk show embarrassment Mr. Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharpton.   You really couldn't make this stuff up.  Nor would you want to.

Now, we know that there were several major cities where more than 100% of those registered to vote actually voted.  In Philadelphia, for example, 134% of those eligible to vote, voted.  That's rather amazing, don't you think?  And what's perhaps more amazing is that nothing was done about it.  There was no report in the Dinosaur Media of how many voted more than once, but any reasonable person could conclude it was a bunch.  We know that Mr. Obama won the election by 52 - 48%.  Imagine, would you, what the actual vote tally would have been if people in Philly, and a number of other deep-blue Eastern cities, only voted once. 

Another little statistic.  Philly again.  In 57 precincts, not one single vote for Romney was recorded!  Now we know that this is statistically impossible.  There has to be some drunken, homeless, high-on-crack, Sweet-Rosie-O'grady-Sucking wastrel bum in the City of Brotherly Love who really meant to vote for Mr. Oblamo and accidentally voted for "that Mormon" instead.  But no.  Not one single vote.

As I like to point out when this subject comes up, Kings County, Texas, is the most Republican county in America.  The very most.  And also one of the largest.  And even Kings County recorded 3.4% of all votes cast there for Mr. Community-Organizer-in-Chief.  But not a one in Philly.  This, my friends, is beginning to look a bit like systematic voter fraud, don't you think?  And, it looks like we're never going to have another fair election, ever.  And I believe we're going to have to have a plan for dealing with this New Reality.  We're going to have to figure out how to turn the tables.  Our way.

And so here's my plan:

Ms. Melowese can vote six or seven times and Mr. Holder finds nothing wrong with her so doing.  Now we know that Mr. Holder would never, ever do anything that was racist.  After all, he's the Attorney General.  So voting multiple times is now the Way Things are Done, right?  Right.

There are five million members of the National Rifle Association.  Five million.  The same group which Holder and his boss want to disarm, post haste.  The thinking is, I believe, if they could just take away all those scary weapons, these NRA people would be sooooo much easier to control, right?  I mean, take away the guns from the ignorant Rednecks and everything would be just fine. 

What if all five million voted for the Republican in the next Presidential Election oh, say six or seven times?  We know Mr. Holder would be quite okay with that, just as he was with Melowese, right?  For, if he wasn't, then he'd be a racist, thug, criminal, partisan, commie, socialist, dumbass, liberal, boil-on-the-butt-of-humanity hack.  Right again? 

And we know there's not enough jail cells to incarcerate all those who elect to vote here, thither and yon if he isn't accepting of this outcome, so what's to stop us?  Oh, Al and Jesse will bitch and moan, and San Fran Nan will get all flustered and pissed, and Harry Reid will fume and bluster, and Little Mikey Bloomberg, that tiny gun-hating billionaire, will be displeased to the max, but Melowese wouldn't be at all upset, would she?  After all, she's out and about and rubbing shoulders with those who think voting more than once is the preferred way of doing things. 

So that's about 35 million votes where the total cast will be less than 100 million.  Me thinks that this should be enough to push the Republican over the top.  That's true even if the number enjoying food stamps and Obamaphones and welfare and free rent on our tax dollar really would prefer the Democrat be elected and the gravy train continue unabated, and therefore vote for the next weenie the Lefties put up, whoever she may be. 

And then we can have another administration that makes things up as it goes along, writes laws on the fly, "weaponizes" various Government agencies so they can punish Democrats, issues executive orders to justify actions that couldn't possibly be passed through the normal legislative process, makes recess appointments to various and sundry agencies without consideration for the Constitution, undoes all the laws that Oblamo single-handedly created, takes vacations to who-knows-where at the drop of a hat, paid for by you and me, ignores pleadings from opponents for fair dealing, runs guns to those in very blue states with draconian gun laws instead of Meheeeko, and lies about anything and everything when the truth would sound far, far better.

I mean, after all, we've had that same sort of administration for the past five years, so who would complain?

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