Friday, April 20, 2018

Tweeting...and why you shouldn't.

Have you noticed that the entire journalism landscape here in America has changed dramatically over the past few years?

Time was when journalists were held in high regard.  There were only three TV stations, CBS (2), NBC (4) and ABC (7).  Yes, there were a couple of others, 9 and 11, and maybe 13, but they were predominately local in nature, and thus didn't carry national news.

Each of the above behemoth networks had their own featured news anchor, such as Cronkite, Brokaw and Jennings, who sat in the main chair when 5:00 p.m. came around.  Five O'clock was when the national news out of New York City went on the air.  It lasted one-half hour, and everything of national import was discussed, in depth, during that period.  That was all there was.  Nothing more, nor less.  One-half hour.  

I'm experiencing waves of nostalgia - and regret - wash over me about now...

And now?  There are more than 500 cable channels.  And at least 25 cable news channels which hold themselves out as supplying you, the CUSTOMER, with what they say is the "news."  And you know their names:  In addition to the three listed above, there's Yahoo News, Breitbart, Daily Caller, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, the Weekly Standard, Google, OAN, Hot Air, the Wall Street Journal, MSN, and, of course, the cable news leader, in all respects, Fox News.  And many, many more.

Oh wait, lest I forget, there's and  Life was breathed into these last two during the Billy Jeff "Blue Dress" Clinton impeachment trials by Uber-Left-Wing billionaire George Soros.  Like Tom Steyer, Bloomberg and Zuckerberg, these lefty deep pockets are all about buying elections for their redistributionist, Progressive  buddies.  We're talking more than $300 million in donations among them during the last General Election. 

But what you may not have noticed, nor thought about during that same period, is that journalism is no longer for journalists.  Now, EVERYBODY is a journalist!  Everybody with a phone or a computer can create a blog and weigh in with their opinion on anything and everything by offering up thoughts on Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, and, of course, Twitter.  On a right-now basis.  And I personally believe they can be a corrosive influence on our relationships, our careers, our reputations and our lives... 

Just think:  Twitter gives you the opportunity to tweet real-time a picture of the burrito you just got at "Jose's."  Or is that "JoseB's?" Anyway, it seems you must believe that your friends, and just about everybody on Earth, for that matter,  cares about what you are having to eat.  But that's not the worst part.  Celebrities, politicians, educators, activists, terrorists and ordinary citizens like you and me are able to let the world know what we are thinking.  As if they care.  But it appears there's some basic, innate need for us to communicate with others, even when there's nothing of import to pass along.  It seems we just HAVE to do it!

And the trouble we get ourselves into by so doing can be monumental!  This past week a gigando female Muslim LGBTQMTBWPTSDZWX activist professor at Fresno State University here in Commiefornia let loose with several choice tweets about our recently passed former First Lady Barbara Bush.  Her tweet accused Mrs. Bush of being an "amazing racist" among other things. She offered up several other insults, none of which were appropriate.  She then opined that, because she was tenured, nobody, NOBODY could do anything about her terribly offensive tweets.  

Looks like the President of her school, who has seen his alum donations dry up, has a different opinion on her job security, as they are looking into separating her from her paycheck ASAP.  

Other celebritards, like Cher (and share alike?), DeNiro, Baldwin, Schumer and dozens of others are famous tweeters.  And they garner their fair share of enemies thereby.  Charise Theron tweeted last week that she might have to leave and go back home to South Africa because America has become so racist.  She seems to not know that South Africa is endeavoring to grab the property from the Whites who own it and redistribute it to Blacks who don't as a form of reparations.  Or something.  And that's not racist?  

She's kind of like the uninvited (but uber-welcome!) visitors from down south who come here, work, and then take their money and go home...

Let's look at our POTUS, one Mr. Donald J. Trump.  I would guess that fully 2 out of 3 tweets he pumps out gets him in some sort of trouble.  Trouble of such consequence that his press secretary and other staff and Cabinet members must spend the entire day cleaning it up.  I would offer that foregoing two out of three of those tweets might improve his favorability polls, deprive his enemies of something to bash him with, and maybe even cause a few on the fence to want to vote for him.  

The good news, however, is that his doing so pisses the LameStreamMedia off amazingly!  He's figured out how to bypass them and their biases, which drives them batty.  But yes, his foregoing some tweets might be the very best thing he could do.  For himself, and for the Country.  

You see, nobody knew what Babbsie Streisand's politics were until she told them.  And when she did, she automatically pissed off half of America.  And that half listens to music and buys records, too.  But no longer do they buy hers.  And when DeNiro shoots off his mouth, telling the world that he'd like to punch Trump in the face, he automatically forgoes the future revenue and fan support of the half of America that thinks his form of politics is abhorrent, ignorant, stupid, foolish and wasteful.   

Ummmm, like me. 

I don't care much for Tom Cruise.  But he's smart enough that, when asked once about his politics, answered:  "I'm an actor.  I don't have an opinion about politics."  Smart guy.  

One great thing about the spontaneous growth and acceptance of Citizen Journalism of late is that the Professional Journalist has been found out.  They in the main DO NOT hide their politics, as we've become so painfully aware over the past couple of years or so.  And they are not always that terribly talented, either.  I can name a dozen or more CJ's who have stepped up out of the shadows to make a name for themselves without the benefit (burden?) of a Journo degree.  Talent, as they say, will out...

So, even though I, The Chuckmeister, have a little unassuming blog, and opine frequently on all matters large and small, and even occasionally on those subjects about which I have some knowledge, I have chosen not to fire up a Twitter account.  Because I know that because of my mercurial nature, fast-draw lip and a tendency to do some of that "ready, fire, aim" stuff, I'm smart enough to limit myself to a more reasoned, thoughtful and comprehensive commentary.  Others should consider doing the same.  

How about this:  You keep your burrito, I'll keep my sanity?

Monday, April 16, 2018

"Two Americas"

Remember when John Edwards, failed POTUS candidate, dishonored and disbarred philandering lawyer and all-around disgusting, smarmy leper of a guy, ran his campaign spouting about "Two Americas?"  

Don't remember John?  Good.  He wasn't called the "Breck Girl" for nothing.  Look it up...

Edwards' Two Americas had to do with income inequality between the "haves" and the "have-nots."  Of course, he was among the "haves," trying his best to appeal to the "have-nots."  While all this was going on he was secretly raiding his campaign coffers to pay for the inflagrante dilecto he enjoyed with his gal pal,  So much so, it seems, that she had his "love child" while his wife was battling breast cancer.  Real cad, that one.  

Did I mention he's a Democrat?  Must have gone to school on Billy Jeff "Blue Dress" Clinton...

Anyway, it turns out that Edwards was correct in his assertion.  There ARE two Americas, but not the ones he meant.  The two Americas now refer to the ones nestling up against either Ocean, and the America between the Sierra Nevada and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Explanation?  Sure...

If you look at the map of who voted for whom this past General Election, you'll note that New England down to the Middle Atlantic States, plus the strip of States from Oregon down through the south end of California, plus the obvious "deep blue" cities like Chicago and Philly and Baltimore, voted for Hillary Clinton.  The majority of the rest of the Nation, known unaffectionately by the swells as "Flyover Country," consists of those who voted in the main for Donald J. Trump.

These are the folks who get up early and stay up late.  They make the stuff we need to live.  They milk the cows, till the fields, grow our food, make our cars and trucks, turn forests into lumber for our homes, fill our prescriptions and dig in the ground for coal and oil and precious metals.  They are mainly "blue collar" workers who just want to be left alone to earn a living and raise their families.  They have little or no political power.  They own and control almost no media influence and have little political "pull," except for their tidal wave of votes this past election  demanding "change."  Nobody asks their opinion on anything, because those who are responsible for the media reporting don't give a damn about them. 

And "change" is what they got with Trump.  Boy, did they ever get some of that change thing...

But the "Coastal Elites," as they are known, own and control the Mainstream Media, the major corporations, the unions, Silicon Valley, and the halls of academy.  And they are almost entirely located in New York City, Washington, D.C., Lost Angeles, San Frantwisto and Chicago.  Big cities all, and chock full of those who never bent their backs in farming, manufacturing or hard labor of any kind.  

"And therein lay the rub," as Shakespeare used to say.

Having lived in the once-Golden State for nigh on to 42 years, but having been born and raised in the Midwest, I thus have a foot in both camps, so to speak.  And I can therefore comment with some degree of authority on this issue.  Here, they believe that they, the "enlightened ones," are waaaaay too cool for the Federal Government.  Especially now that an orange philandering billionaire is POTUS.  

They are fond of saying that CA is the "sixth (or even fifth) largest economy on Earth!"  Larger even than France," they say. Yes, it's true, it is.  Kind of expected, though, when you consider CA is the USA's largest state, is nearly a thousand miles long and 250 miles wide, is jam packed with some 45 million people, some of them even here legally, and has been steeping in uber-liberal, highly corrosive, redistributionist  left-wing politics for the past thirty years. 

Other lefty states are much the same.  Coastal states lead the nation in high taxes, onerous, often punitive rules and regulations on business, and the rapid elimination of their citizens' individual rights.  

Oh yeah, and a rapid out-migration of their citizenry...

The "Between the mountains" states are much less burdensome to individual freedoms.  Lower, sometimes non-existent income and sales taxes, simple, unobtrusive rules and regulations on bizz, and freedom-friendly governments under which they live.  

The Coastal folks, having usually been born and raised in their little enclaves, tend to believe that the "flyovers" are toothless, inbred, pickup truck-driving, gun owning rubes, who don't count.  For anything.  So why even bother to...bother?  And the flyovers tend to think that the Coastals are stuffy, snooty, and filled to the brim with self-importance.  Undeserved self-importance, by the way.    

So, what's the future hold for America?  It seems to me we're on a collision course, which can only result in a bitter divorce.  I foresee for America what some are trying to do to California; break it up in smaller, more manageable and much fairer pieces.  

There's a signature-gathering effort here to place a referendum on the ballot this November to carve up CA into three: Northern California, Southern California, and just plain California.  In short, the "Coastal Elite" State of California would consist of the 7 counties south from San Fran down to Lost Angeles.  The other two up north and down south would house the regular, hard-working folks who don't want to give citizenship, a nice car, a place to live, and food, shelter and clothing to Every Single Illegal Alien in the Entire World.  With 56 counties in CA, and 7 controlling every facet of our existence, you can understand why such an effort is underway.

If this is good for the once-Golden State, then why not for the U. S. of A?  Yes, why not?  In fact, I suggest that this might be the only realistic solution for keeping America from totally devolving into Venezuela.  Think of it:  We break America into four pieces.  The renewal of the 13 original Colonies into "Socialist America."  The Deep South into "God-Fearing  America."  The "California" State we talked about earlier into the "Peoples' Republic of California,"  and everything else into - screw the mountains - "America."  

And don't try to tell me it wouldn't work.  Think of Europe.  It's about the size of Texas and consists of a dozen separate countries, each with millions of souls.  And, despite dozens of conflicts over the centuries, they still live cheek-by-jowl, and in relative harmony.  We could do that too. 

And should...

Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Go Fund That Wall!"

Let's review here, Pilgrim.

Donald J. Trump was elected to build a wall on our Southern border.  "Build That Wall!" was the chant heard at so many of Trump's rallies across America.  He said he would build the wall.  No question.  The wall is needed, he said, and we agree, to keep out alien migrants, and illegal drugs, and guns and weapons that could be used to cause mayhem.  

Trump said he'd get Meheeeeko to pay for the wall.  They said they wouldn't.  No big surprise there.  And the Leftoids among us laughed at him for being so stupid as to think our friends south of what they call "La Frontera*," the Frontier, would ever pay to close off their Number Two source of foreign capital.  That would be "remittances," which is the word the Progressives among us call the money illegals send home to momma back in Guadalajara after taking a job that Americans won't do.  It works out to more than $20 Billion a Year!  

*  BTW, the Mexicans have never gotten their arms around losing the Mexican-American War.  And thus, they do not consider the "Border" as a "Border."  Rather, it is a smelly ditch to be waded across on the way to the Land of Freebies...

Uhh, sorry for the interruption.  Back to the rant...

I wonder, just for discussion's sake, what would happen if we paid $50 an hour to pick tomatoes, and decided to no longer pay to educate and feed and clothe and house those who shouldn't be here?  Just thinkin' out loud there...

We know walls work.  The walls around the White House tend to prove that.  And the wall across 4,000 miles of China worked pretty well for a thousand years or so.  And the "wall" of 32,000 American soldiers that keep Northern Koreans out of Southern Korea.  You could call that a successful endeavor.  Remember the wall that separated East from West Berlin?  That worked pretty well for a couple of decades, didn't it?  And the wall that separates the "free" part of Jerusalem from those fun-loving Palestinians who made a hobby out of blowing up Jewish pizza parlors...and themselves.  

Funny, not a single pepperoni - or Israeli - blown skyward since.  

But in spite of quite obvious proof that the majority of Americans want the wall built, and NOW, the Democrats are using every single parliamentary trick in their quiver to thwart the publics' interests.  They have refused to fund the wall, even though they know we want it.  They WILL NOT give Trump a legislative victory, preferring rather to run on this and many other Progressive goals during the mid-term Election upcoming.  And even though there's millions of dollars for border security in Jordan, of all places, in our newly-approved budget, there's nowhere near the money we need to begin construction.  

So we know that a "wall-less" America invites millions of aliens to invade our Country and take advantage of the many delightful aspects of our Representative Republic (no, children, we DO NOT have a Democracy...).  So we're told we have somewhere around 11,000,000 (roughly the population of ND, SD, MT, ID, NV and NE) illegals living here.  And somehow to the Leftoid Progressives out there, that's a good thing.  That's an almost limitless source of brand-new voters to take back power and keep it forever.  

To the Constitutional Conservatives out there, without an enforced border we do not have a country.

This little disagreement has blossomed to the point where California, once the bastion of all things wonderful, has decided that illegals are now the Holy Grail.  CA no longer deports heinous criminal felons from our midst.  I fear that only mass murders would be shown the door here in the once-Golden, but now severely tarnished state.  

I wonder what you'd have to do to get yourself deported by the commie pinko dumbass liberal weenies who are running things up there in Sacrascrewthetaxpayers?  Hmmm.

Anyhoo, I just noticed that Andrew McCabe, the ex-Number Two at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the fellow who was put in charge of overseeing the Trump - Russia fiasco, the real gem who oversaw the Clinton illegal email investigation, has now been accused of perjuring himself at least four times in front of Congress.  He is also the philanderer who was caught porking his also-married little FBI sweetheart Lisa Page.  This is the guy who bragged during about 100,000 text messages to her that he had an "insurance policy" to keep Trump from being elected, whatever that meant, and then to take him down once he was, was fired by the IG because of these illegal transgressions.  And then, having his fat FBI pension jerked from under him at the last minute, and facing a number Federal probes over his blatantly illegal activities, just raised more than $450,000 in ONE DAY from "Go Fund Me" to help pay for his legal fees.  

Think of it.  A true liar, criminal, philanderer, cheat, thief and overall Bad Guy, who sucked from the public teat for twenty years, just begged the gullible FB public to help him try and escape justice.  What a great Country we live in!

So, I thought to myself, if McCabe can use "Go Fund Me" to help pay for his legal defense, why don't we Americans use "Go Fund Me" to help pay for the Wall?  Think of it:  If only 250,000 Americans coughed up $1,000 each, we'd have the $25 Billion we need to build that sucker!  So if just a few concerned, red-blooded, God-fearing, law-abiding 'Muricans, roughly the population of Springfield, MO, were to donate a Thousand Bucks each, we'd have our Wall, and San Fran Nan Pelosi and "Crying Chuck" Schumer would have the smiles wiped off their frequently lifted, but still sagging, Leftoid faces. 

I like it.  How 'bout you?  Here's another idea.  Just send that $Thou to me, The Chuckmeister, and I'll make sure it gets to the proper recipient.  You can count on that.  I mean, if you can't trust The Chuckmeister, just who can you trust?  

Oh yeah, and to all my faithful, loyal and admiring legions of fans out there, all eleven or twelve of you, let me send along my heartfelt wishes for a happy and healthy Easter!  

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"National School Walkout Day"

Would you be interested in learning exactly who financed the "National School Walkout Day" this past week?  You know, the one where school "kids" were instructed to leave school and march to "end school gun violence?"

It seemed to me to be a rather speedy jump between a school mass shooting and organized, orchestrated, scripted and televised for hours-at-a-time mass protests nationwide.  Awfully quick, I thought. Like only a couple of days. 

So I did a little research.  I wanted to find out who was paying for all of this.  Who was "pulling the strings," so to speak.  Who was deciding behind the scenes upon the theme, the logistics, the transportation, the marketing and advertising, and the care and feeding of tens of thousands of high schoolers all across the Fruited Plain.  And this is what I discovered...

Within hours of the Parkland, Florida shooting those vehemently against guns were lining up to condemn this massacre.  Falling in love with the nearest microphone, they were.  Good, I said. It was horrible and shouldn't have been allowed to happen.  And if the government, various governments, had done the jobs we paid them to wouldn't have.  The local Broward County Sheriff was called on 39 separate occasions, without result.  The FBI was called at least twice.  The perp even called the FBI on himself!  

Just today I learned that the administration of that self-same  Parkland school tried to have the shooter forcibly committed back in 2016.  They made the case that this crazy was a likely mass murderer.  Despite this alert, the ball was dropped, once again.  

It has been said, especially after such monumental, bone-headed screw ups like this one, that we're lucky we don't get all the Government we pay for.  Except when it concerns protecting us from prospective mass murderers, which did not happen in Parkland, Florida...

Lemme see here:  the authorities failed us.  The folks we're paying to keep us safe, didn't.  On literally dozens of occasions this event could have been forestalled, but it wasn't.  Bureaucracy intervened.  Inertia intervened.  Coffee breaks and long weekends and ignorance and misunderstandings and union meetings and fear and concern for retirement benefits got in the way.   And yet they want us to agree to disarm and go ahead and trust them to keep us safe in the future.  Sure we will...

Within days of the shooting, celebrities were condemning the event, and the gun at its center.  Others started ponying up gobs of money to pay for the protests to come.  And the "Womens' March," a left-wing organization seemingly against all things patriotic and democratic, took the lead.  And it lined up almost One Hundred non-profits and corporations to start shoveling cash their way.  The purported theme of the March was a "demand to end gun violence."  But if you were to visit the Womens' March website, you'd learn that the ReeeeeL theme of this hurriedly enacted, but obviously previously well planned protest was "demand Congress enact gun control."  Hmmmmm...

Here's a partial list of some of those who would deprive you of one of your Constitutional Rights:

AFl-CIO (why does the very largest union organization in
    this Country, fat with members who own and use and 
    enjoy guns, want to restrict gun rights?  Do their members 
    know this?)
Service Employees International Union (doing their best 
    to make entry-level jobs pay $15 an hour so they can 
    unionize the newly "rich" employees)
GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders
American Civil Liberties Union
Occupy Wall Street
Pussy Hat Project (?)
United We Dream (so wannabe-not illegals don't like guns?)
MoveOn.Org (owned and operated by George Soros, uber-
     leftist, billionaire ex-felon, a Jew who turned in Jews to 
     the Nazis, who's working overtime with his
     oodles of cash to turn America into a socialist paradise)
Center for American Progress (started and operated by 
     Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Podesta.  Need I say
CODEPINK (anti-war group famous for picketing GWB 24/7)
Emily's List (organizes women to run for Democrat offices)
Human Rights Campaign
National Abortion Federation (!)
Natural Resources Defense Council
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Gays Against Guns (!!!!)
High School Democrats of America (discriminating 
     against pre-schoolers, are we?)
The Communist Party of the United States of America (of 
     course.  Easier to take over 'Murica if nobody's armed)

And, last but not least, Planned Parenthood Federation of 

Excuse me, but what the Hell does Planned Parenthood have to do with gun control?  And why would they be spending some of the more than $500 Million a year the taxpayers give them (!) on trying to influence legislation and remove Americans' Rights?  It would seem that what they do is much more violent - and frequent - than any mass shooting.  Except maybe as a tool of left-wingers who are fixated upon erasing the 2nd Amendment and disarming Americans.  

One, of course, has to ask, "Why?"  Why do they feel the need to disarm Americans?  What do they have planned?  Or is it that they just do not believe that we toothless ignorant uneducated "flyover" rubes are smart enough and capable enough to actually be trusted with a...wait for it...GUNS!  Remember my old warning, "They just want to be left alone to live our lives...

Oh, and here's a short list of some of the celebrities who opened their fat checkbooks to help pay for this "March:"  

Jeffrey Katzenberg (co-founder of Dreamworks)
Steven Spielberg (ditto.  How many of this duo's films have 
     featured stars with guns mowing down citizens with   
Little Mikey Moore (infamous bloated, diarrhea-of-the-mouth, 
     millionaire gasbag puke)
George Clooney ($500,000 to buy him some gun-control!)  
Oprah Winfrey (I heard she found her donation for this 
     existential "march" between the cushions of her couch)

Just a thought, but isn't it ironic that these "kids," the ones marching to the music written by others, spewing the talking points given them, are begging the Government to please  take away one of their God-given Rights and freedoms? To please make it illegal for them, aged 15 to 18, to own and use and enjoy and defend themselves with a firearm until they're 21?  Like their predecessors have for hundreds of years?  Like I did.  Like millions of Americans did.  Like millions of Americans...are?  Just asking...

It has been said that we are known by the company we keep. And in this instance, perhaps a faux-national movement must be known by the folks who planned it and are paying for it.  And left-wing, communist, pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-redistributionist, anti-war, anti-free enterprise, pro-tax hikes, anti-conservative gun-hating anarchist groups dedicated to ending the American Experiment and replacing it with something, uh, less "free," and who have probably never seen a real gun up close, are picking up the tab.  

Just thought you'd like to know...

Update:  As this is written a kid took a gun, a pistol, not an "assault rifle," to a "gun free zone" school in Great Mills, Maryland, one of the most gun-free of our states, and shot a 16 year-old ex-girlfriend and a 14 year-old boy.  Before he could shoot others he was taken out by an on-duty, armed school SRO (School Resource Officer).  The SRO shot the perp dead before he could kill or injure others.  DEAD!  And that's rock-solid evidence that the only way to stop a Bad Guy with a gun is a Good Guy with a gun.  

Okay, MSNBC/CNN/NPR/PBS/ABC/CBS/NBC and all the left-wing websites, begin your 24/7 otherwise spin...right now!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Give me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Illegals...

So Attorney General Jeff Sessions showed up in Sacramento yesterday to file suit against the once-Golden State of California.

Seems that good ol' CA has been passing laws and doing all sorts of questionable socialistic stuff that thwarts the Federal Government in its efforts to exercise its Supremacy Authority over immigration matters in this Peoples' Republic. 

It even declared itself a "sanctuary state," effectively walling itself off from the rest of America.  Maybe "The Wall" The Trumpster wants so badly should be built between CA and the U. S. of A. 

What's the problem, you ask?  Instead of notifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when a convicted, illegal immigrant rapist, murderer or gang member is incarcerated in one of our many jails so they can come and scoop them up, called honoring an ICE "detainer," these Taxifornia local city and county authorities have been ordered, under the threat of law, to simply turn. them. loose.  Loose to prey once again on the innocent citizens of the surrounding areas.  

Example:  Of the recent 800 illegals that ICE had targeted for a sweep in the Bay Area, less than 200 were nabbed.  And that's because Oakland Mayor Libby Snuffle, or something, warned them the day before so they could escape before capture.  Now, if you're thinking that her doing so is treason, or at least harboring fugitives or obstructing justice, along with impersonating a Mayor, in my opinion you'd be right.  But I'm not a lawyer, thankfully, so my legal opinion doesn't matter.

But my opinion as a citizen, does...

Oh, and also, our Civil Servant-for-Life Jerry Brown and Company also made it a law that you can't cooperate with ICE if they come to your business or jail and ask for info about illegals.  And you can't ask anybody their immigration status, anywhere, anytime, or for any reason.  Ever!  Big No No!  No freedom of speech in this Socialist Paradise, my friends.  And you can't do business with anybody who's trying to build that dratted wall down south, either.  I mean, you're a contractor and you provide an estimate on any part or all of that wall, the micro-managing dweebs up there in the Capitol will arrest you, fine you Big Time and send you to the Gray Bar Hotel for a nice, long rest.  Oh, and bar you from ever doing bizz in Taxifornia ever again.  Ever.

Clearly, the brain-dead bozos in charge have been working overtime to turn CA into Cuba.

So Sessions told the group of law enforcement folks he was addressing that CA's efforts in this regard are, wait for it, unconstitutional.  But wait!  Jeff, my man, you have to understand something:  To you, the Constitution means what it says.  It's sacrosanct.  Inviolable.  You honor it.  We fought a war over it.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died fighting for it.  It's like the guide book to our Country's representative republic.

But to the Leftist weenies out here, the Constitution is old, outmoded, and no longer to be honored.  To them, it is a "living, breathing document," and needs to be revised and rewritten every now and then to conform with modern, popular trends.  You know, like men peeing in girls' bathrooms.  Like disarming the public.  And like making up its own immigration laws.  

To the Democrats, in short, that moldery old piece of velum doesn't really mean what it says.  And even if it does, it still needs to be ignored...

So Democrats truly believe that the Bill of Rights, all ten of them, neatly provided to us as a "boxed set," need to be pared down a bit; maybe six or seven of them should be retained, while the 4th and the 5th need to be revised, the 2nd needs to go away entirely, the 10th needs to be enlarged and the 1st needs to be slimmed down so that conservative speech is thereafter outlawed.  The first shot in this prospective civil war was fired by Sacramento.  Sessions and the United States just returned volley.   

Now we all know that Hollywierd celebritards, Silicon Valley billionaires, Millennials and Sacrascrewyou politicians all agree that illegals aren't really illegal; they're just undocumented.  They luuuv them!  But the residents of the other 46 CA counties, where normal folks are trying to live, know that illegal aliens are, ummm, illegal.  And the criminals among them, at the very least, need to be rounded up and deported.  

But that flies in the face of the Democrat's Holy Plans. The "more equal than you," having turned their back on their usual blue collar base, now want to create a whole new set of uninvited, but uber-welcome visitors as brand new citizens so they can rush right over to the voting booth and vote for Democrats.  Several times, at least.  And the first step toward so doing is to legalize them, by anyway possible.

They simply want to strengthen their supermajority hold on power here so they can keep it.  Forever.  

Rash talk?  CA started issuing drivers' licenses to illegal aliens two years ago.  Last year it issued more than 850,000 of them to illegals, 100,000 more than to people who have a right to be here.  And due to Billy Jeff ("Blue Dress") Clinton's Motor Voter law, which automatically signs you up to vote when you get your license, they  could well have been signed up to vote at the same time they obtained it.  All they had to do was tick a box on the form.  Of course, doing so illegally would be perjury.  A crime.  Did they commit this crime on top of the crime of coming here illegally ?  What do you think?

One more example:  We have what's called a "jungle primary" here.  That means that the two top vote getters in the primaries face off against each other in the General Election.  Whether or not they are Democrat or some thing else (heavy emphasis on the "thing" here).  So, because the Democrats have this State by the short hairs, the top two vote getters are...always Democrats.  We do not have a single Republican in State-wide elective office.  Not a single one.

Do you now understand why that sound you're hearing is the roll-up door on rented U-Haul trucks slamming shut as the frustrated, beat-down Middle Class proceeds to head East on the I-10 for anywhere else .*  Anywhere!  And in the past decade they've taken more than $10 Billion of taxable income with them.  And CA businesses are following their ex-workers in droves.  We've lost more than 10,000 businesses to other states in just the last decade.  We've lost five Fortune 500 companies to Texas since CA started screwing around with taxes, laws, rules, regulations and fees.  Companies such as Toyota, Occidental Petroleum and Carl's Jr.  Will the last one out please turn off the lights?

Texas, as well as Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and many other states really, REALLY love California's exiting new Plan.  How do you think it will work out?

*  To rent a U-Haul trailer in Denver with your final destination, the "drop off" location, is Lost Angeles, your fee will be $1,071.00, one way.  To rent a U-Haul in L.A. with Denver as your destination, your one-way fee is only $154.00.  There's a whole lot more folks going than coming...

Sunday, March 4, 2018

An Essay on Ending Gun Violence...

Unless you've been living in a dumpster behind the local Wal-Mart, you know that there's been another school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Yes, sadly, a disaffected, delusional, obviously mentally-ill 19 year-old serial troublemaker legally bought a semi-automatic rifle and proceeded to shoot up a high school there, killing 17 and wounding a couple of dozen others.  Within a nanosecond, a stampede to the nearest microphone by gun-hating politicians nationwide erupted.  Several junior reporters were unfortunately trampled.

So far as I know, no one has yet to call for banning microphones...

Despite mounting evidence that the local, state and Federal authorities had been contacted numerous times on several levels with warnings about this miscreant ogre, which they all completely ignored, they immediately called for an all-out ban on AR-15-style rifles.  No matter that a previous ban throughout the 1990's of this popular rifle had proven notoriously unsuccessful.  That's because less than 3% of all gun deaths in the U.S. are caused by rifles...of any kind.  

And for the National Rifle Association, which had absolutely nothing at all to do with this tragedy, to be outlawed, banned, ended, finished, torched, filleted, made kaput, drawn, quartered and erased, and its leaders tarred and feathered and run out of Foggy Bottom on a rail.   

Now you and I know the real reason for this tragedy is that this kid is nuts.  And a nutty kid with a predisposition toward killing his classmates, especially one who'd previously announced his intentions to do so, one who'd even called the FBI on himself, probably would have done it with a knife had a gun not been handy.  Or a rock, or a bomb, or a car or a truck.  Like those fun-loving Muslim jihadist murdering thugs are doing all over Europe where guns are harder to come by.  

BTW, this nutcase took an Uber to the scene of the crime.  Should we outlaw Uber?

To continue, I guess those of a Progressive persuasion haven't managed to embrace blaming knives for violence.  Or cars.  Or any other means.  Just guns.  They really, REALLY hate guns!  Maybe they were scared by a gun when they were young...

My personal opinion is that they just don't think we're  capable of being trusted with a firearm. Or to raise our own kids.  Or to choose what to eat.  Etc., etc.

Regardless of what that "living, breathing" document called the Constitution says, you're not adult enough. You can't be trusted.  No sirree.  Not "evolved" enough, like they are...

They just want to be left
alone to live your life.  

So fixing the blame for this tragedy remains a work in progress.  As a long-term gun(s) owner and user (more than sixty-five years), and a reasonable, common sense kind-of-guy, I thought I'd offer up a few suggestions as to how we emerge from this quagmire. Instead of them trying to outlaw guns while telling us they're not, or us trying to get them to stop blaming us gun owners for the horrendous actions of others when it's in their DNA to never, ever stop, I've come up with a series of prospective solutions to the problem.  So sit back, open a cold Buuuud (I just did!), and let me take you by the hand... 

1.  The Leftoids tell us they hate so-called "assault weapons" because they're all black and evil and scary looking.  Regardless of the fact that to be an "assault weapon" the gun must be capable of being shot on full-automatic fire, and full auto weapons have been outlawed here in 'Murica since 1934, the Lap Dog Media will either intentionally alter the facts, or are too damned ignorant or stupid to know what they're talking about.  

As an aside, don't you find it interesting that we mere mortal Americans are being lectured to by Coastal Elite media-types who have never even touched a firearm?  And don't know anyone who has?

Soooo, the answer is to simply force manufacturers to color their ARs a shocking pink.  Or maybe a nice cool magenta.  Or perhaps an attractive chartreuse?  Solves the problem, that!

2.  We could simply change the name of these murdering killing machines to "Snug's," instead of guns.  You know, guns backwards.  Yeah, that's it!  We change the name to one more warm and fuzzy and friendly!  I mean, who could possibly be upset with something called "Snug's?"  Can't you just see it?  "Hey you!  Drop the Snug!"  Heh, heh...

Likely as not no one would ever use one of these things to cause mayhem again, because no one would wish to be laughed at by their gangbanger friends for carrying some "Snug's."  Can't you see the MS-13 gang member on the South side of Chicago if one of his homies showed up with a fuchsia-tinted AR?

BTW, "AR" stands for "Armalite Rifle," in honor of the Chicago company that originally developed it way back in 1955.  And not, "assault rifle" as CNN/MSNBC/NPR/PBS/and all the Alphabet Media would have you believe.

3.  Force ammunition manufacturers to remove all gunpowder from the cartridges they sell.  No gunpowder, no boom.  No boom, no wounds.  No wounds, no bleeding.  No bleeding, no more Liberal effort to ban the the most popular Modern Sporting Rifle in America.  

This is kind of like what Taxifornia has done.  The once-Golden State, having already banned so-called "assault rifles," will soon require a Federal NICS-system background check before you can purchase ammo.  Thus, a $5.00 box of lowly .22 rimfire cartridges for shooting at tin cans will soon cost more than $50.00!  A buck a shot?  The bozos in Sacrascrewyou have finally learned that making ammo too expensive to buy will turn expensive firearms into expensive boat anchors.  You've got to give these sleazy bozos credit; they've been working to achieve this lofty goal for at least 40 years, and now they've found it.  And middle-class gun owners are fleeing the state in droves!

4.  Change the age for purchasing AR-style rifles, or ANY rifle, for that matter, not to 21, noooo, but maybe to 46!  Or maybe 59!  Or conceivably 84!  I mean, the "more equal than you" made the age 18 by arbitrary means, why not do the same for 21?  You tell everyone they can have one of these rifles, just. not. now.  

Later.  Much, much later.  And I figure they're hoping by the time they'll make it legal for you to buy one of these evil "weapons of war," you'll have contracted some serious disease.  Or maybe you'll be a cripple.  Or perchance you'll just go ahead and die.  And that solves the problem, right?  

Gollleee, I'm really getting the hang of this problem solving thing...

5.  Since school shootings have energized Democrats to rally together and try to ban pretty much all rifles, they obviously aren't aware that they can't do that because of that pesky 2nd Amendment.  Sooooo, since they can't erase the 2nd without our approval, which we will not provide, trust me, my suggestion is that we simply outlaw schools!  

Yeah, that's the ticket!  We outlaw schools.  I mean, there's no Constitutional Right to school!  Since many of us believe that home schooling is equal to or better than the one obtained from Big City Gummint, eliminating them would be the solution!  And think of how much money we'll save?  We could eliminate the Department of Education!  Plus, the state, county and city school districts!  We could save Hundreds. of. Billions. of. Dollars. a. Year!  No schools, no shootings!  No shootings, no more bleeding and press conferences and nasty Twitter remarks and crisis actors and assaults on the Constitution by leftist dweebs who really should be bagging groceries at Albertsons!  

No disrespect to Albertsons intended.

6.  We're told by the "Violence Policy Research Council" fully 98% of all mass shootings occur in so-called "gun free zones."  And we know that such signage acts as a beacon to would-be mass murderers.  That's because the Bad Guys would prefer not to be met with a hail of bullets.  They may be crazy but they're not stupid.  

So the smart thing to do would be to remove such signs and replace them with something like, "Enter at your own risk!  We're armed and ready to defend our children!"  But we know that the commies who run things here on the Left Coast, at least, will never, ever go along with something intelligent like that. I mean, why would we try to protect our children like we protect our banks, and our Federal buildings, and our Hollywierd actors?  

So, because they know there's a big chunk of 'Murica that's armed and considered dangerous, just make everywhere a gun-free zone and the murdering thugs will be confused as to where to start shooting.  I mean, if only 5% of the ducks were armed, do you think anyone would go duck hunting?  Makes sense, right?  

Maybe they'll pick a bowling alley to shoot up next and leave our kids alone.  

7.  Those of a Progressive nature will note that we're constantly hammered by TV Ron Jeremy's telling us that if you're under 21 you can't buy a beer, so why should you be permitted to buy an "assault rifle?"  Of course, those self-same blow-dried dweebs who pontificate on all sorts of stuff they know absolutely nothing about, are obviously unaware that there's no Amendment to the Bill of Rights that guarantees those under 21 the Right to buy beer.  Hmmmm.  No right to "keep and pound beers?"  So my solution is simple:  Lower the age for kids to buy beers to 18!  Problem solved, right?  Right?

8.  And finally, the Leftoids amongst us are anxious to tell us that a "Gun Free Zone" sign is all that's needed to keep armed perpetrators away from our schools.  And since we know the mentally-ill are almost always responsible for these awful mass shootings (Muslim Jihadist murdering thugs notwithstanding), it would seem to me that the simple way of ending this problem is to put Reeely Biiiiiiig signs next to those "gun free" signs reminding would-be perps that they are fixing their gaze upon a "Mentally Ill-Free Zone!"  Maybe they could use all capital letters to get the Bad Guy's attention (one of Lost Angeles' least intelligent but most-Democrat politicians recently suggested this as a deterrent.  BTW, he's leading in the race for CA's next Governor). 


So, no guns, no nutcases.  And if there's anything you'd like to outlaw, just contact the sign maker.  Or that dumbass L.A. politician.  Problem solved...

I'm so happy to be able to resolve thorny issues such as this. If there's anything else you'd like me to tackle, just give me a call...

Update #1:  With thanks to Dan Bongino, ex-FBI, CIA, NYPD cop, Secret Service agent and radio talk show host, you might wish to contemplate that laws piled on top of laws to try and prevent gun crimes, that are on top of the 25,000 Federal, state and local laws we already have, that no one apparently is enforcing, only serve to punish the law-abiding.  Think of it: you probably haven't thought of robbing a bank today.  So you'll be supportive of draconian laws against bank robbers, which serve only to punish the bank robbers.  But gun laws, by their very nature, only punish legal, law-abiding gun owners.  But Bad Guys acquire their guns through illegal means!  They don't use background checks.  They use back alleys.  So they buy a black market gun, shoot up a school, and good, honest, God-fearing loyal Americans have to pay a price for their transgressions.  And those self-same Bad Guys are reeeeely happy about new, more and better gun laws, so they're less likely to encounter an armed victim.  Cogitate on THAT awhile.

Update #2:  Current legislative plans to eliminate the possibility of a future Parkland-style shooting include banning so-called "bump stocks," instituting "Universal Background Checks," and removing the Constitutional Rights from citizens aged 18 through 20 years and 364 days. Hello!  The Parkland shooter didn't use a "bump stock."  The weapon he used was purchased using a full-blown Federal NICS-background check.  And punishing those who can join the military, learn to shoot fully-automatic, actual "assault weapons," serve honorably, then come home to be told they not only can't buy a beer, they can't even buy a civilian model of a semi-auto gun.  Yeah, that's it!  That oughta' jack up military recruitment!

Update #3:  Those of you who've read this far are probably thinking this is a reeeeely long posting.  But it's not!  It's an essay.  I told you that going in.  So I wrote until I got tired.  It's your fault if you chose to read it.  No nasty replies, please...

Update #4:  Okay, so I lied.  Here's like an epilogue sort-of update.  As I write this some bozo shot himself in the head outside the White House gates.  Will those guns just please take a day off?

Friday, February 16, 2018

"Shelter in Place"

As you know by now, there's been a horrific mass murder at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Dozens were wounded and numerous teachers, administrators and students were killed.  At this time the number is being placed at 17.  Sad.  Very sad.  And almost entirely preventable.  And the reaction of the authorities?

Shelter in place!

What sort of dumbass crap is this?  That's an insult to our intelligence!  First you disarm us, and then you tell us to hide when Bad Guys come to kill us.  Instead of doing everything possible to "harden" these targets by making mass shootings more difficult, it seems that the "authorities" are working overtime to do the exact opposite. The elected dodos who infest the Blue State Capitols, the District of Columbia, the Lap Dog Media, Hollywierd-types, and pampered snowflake weenies made that way by years of socialist policies, have declared almost all shopping malls, theaters, government buildings, airports, train stations and schools "Gun Free Zones."

Like the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School...

Lemme' see here.  If I'm inclined to whip out a heater and go on a shooting rampage, murdering all thither and non, do you think it's even remotely possible that I - or anyone else - would choose a police station, where everyone's armed?  How about a gun show?  Maybe a gun store?  How about a shooting range?  Maybe a Costco in south Texas?  No?  Why?  

Because everybody would be armed!

Hello!  I'm not one of those highly-paid Congressweenies whose job it is make sure this stuff doesn't happen.  But I am fairly intelligent, filled up to the brim with common sense (a commodity in very short supply among our Fearless Leaders these days!), and well-trained in owning and using firearms.  And I can tell you that...

...if we we were to adopt the "Israeli model" and arm a small percentage of our teachers and administrators with concealed carry weapons, making sure they're well-trained first, and agreeable to packing heat, and advertise that fact, plus employing retired police and military to guard the exterior of schools, then school shootings will be stopped.  Right now.  Since adopting this plan there's shootings in Israel. 

A few years back those fun-loving Palestinians were blowing up themselves and a bunch of Israeli school children almost daily.  The Israelis did something about it.  We could too.  Why haven't we?

...we should install metal detectors in all schools and lock the doors after the last child enters.  And don't open them until school is out.  If the FL school had been "hardened" in this manner the shooter could not have gained entry. prepared to "Run, Hide, Fight."  When somebody's trying to kill you it's a good idea to hide.  But if that doesn't work, run like Hell!  If that fails then fight!  Attack the shooter. Hit him with a table.  Or throw a chair.  Anything.  It might not work and you might get shot.  But you might be shot anyway, so be proactive.  You might wish to take in the movie "15 - 17 to Paris" if you'd like to see how that's done...

In short, you can either try to control events, or events will surely control you... 

And a short commentary on AR-15s, the weapon the FL shooter used.  The Left is telling you that this weapon is for "assaults only," is a "weapon of mass destruction," and is "for military use only."  You should know that there are (1) more than 10 million ARs in circulation, (2) it is considered the most popular Modern Sporting Rifle in America, (3) it is used for hunting everything from squirrels to Alaskan Brown Bear, (4) and that less than 3% of all murders in America are committed with long guns, including ARs.  

A reminder, the 26 people shot at Sandy Hook Elementary were murdered with a pistol.  And at the church in Charleston.  And at Fort Hood.  There's a bunch more, but you get the idea.

The Democrats' answer to mass shootings is to outlaw - and ultimately confiscate - guns.  They've even begun to suggest we do what Australia did and confiscate all guns.  With more than 100 Million Americans owning more than 300 Million guns, that ought to be fun to watch.  They think the common man/woman/other isn't smart enough to own a gun.  They've been singing this tired old tune for decades, apparently unaware that they are at odds with the Constitution.  Or maybe they just don't care.

And the Republicans are steadfast in their protection of the 2nd Amendment, as they should. So the answer lay, in my opinion, with a change in the law to tighten gun background checks for certain individuals who've earned enhanced scrutiny, such as those with a mental disability, and a change in the public's attitude regarding the hardening of "target rich environments," like schools. The authorities have to get serious on making it legal to force those suspected of having a mental illness to get the help they need.  And you and me need to understand that the Gummint cannot protect you from cradle to grave, regardless of the liberal crap shoveled your way since birth.  So you have to take charge of your own safety, and the safety of those you love.

Oh, and on my way out the door, I might mention that there's never been a mass shooter who's been a member of the National Rifle Association.  Is that a surprise to you?

There are those who will surely disagree with my prospective solutions.  Fine.  Opinions are like belly buttons.  Everybody's got one.  Including me.  I rest my case...