Saturday, October 20, 2018

Let's Shout 'Em Down! All of Them!

I don't know 'bout you, but I've grown weary of Leftist mobs disrupting Conservatives when they try to grab a cheeseburger somewhere or other.

Hardly a day goes by now that some Conservative leader and his family is heckled out of a restaurant somewhere by Leftist drones who seemingly have nothing better to do.  And now with unemployment at the lowest it's been since the Earth cooled, one would think the protesters' time would be better spent working for living.  

Unless, of course, they are working for a living by protesting.  Hmmm.  Being paid to protest.  How about that.  And since we've been told that it's true, that is is, in fact, happening, that people are being paid by their Leftist handlers to protest, it makes matters even worse.

And then the Leftist bozos have the temerity to tell us that those on the Right have done the same thing, and that this is just turnabout's fair play.  Remember, they say, that time 8 or 9 years ago when one of those nasty Tea Party folks actually yelled at a Senator?  Remember?  Remember?

Me neither.

So I think it's High Time (especially where Pot is now legal!) for those of us on the Right to get together and begin some of that payback thing.  You know, let's team up and go into restaurants and scream at paying customers whose political views we just happen to dislike.  Or maybe follow them through airports, yelling and shouting like pre-schoolers, making complete and utter fools of ourselves, while we try and make them, uh, ummm, change their minds.  Or something...

Oh wait.  That won't work.  We don't act like that...

Friday, October 19, 2018

The "Law of Attractive Nuisances"

I recall when my too-soon departed wife Elaine and I purchased our first home together back in early 1979.

It was bigger than we needed, more costly than we could afford at the time, but it had a pool, and DAMN!...we wanted a pool and nothing, NOTHING, including 13.5% interest rates (thanks, Jimmuh Carter!), could keep us from getting that pool!

So, my best friend Sam did two things for us that we could not have managed without; he loaned us $10k to round-out the down payment, thanks again, Sam, and he offered up some of his best lawyerly advice:  "Lose the diving board!"

You see, this pool had been built shortly after the home had been finished, a couple of decades prior, and the pool sales guy back then no doubt convinced the previous owners to max-out the entire back yard with concrete and water.  And they did.  Big Time!  The pool was only slightly smaller than the back yard.  Only slightly.  And it was a big back yard!  You could barely walk around it.  And it had a diving board.  An old, rickety, ugly, corroded diving board that looked like it might crumble at any moment.  It was truly a fearsome beast.

Well, Sam was then kind enough to explain to me the "Law of "Attractive Nuisances."  That means, if it attracts stupid people to use it, or touch it, or smell it, or eat it, etc., and if they get hurt from having done so, it's your fault!

So, we tore out the diving board post-haste and used the pool happily during our 30+ years at what came to be known as "The Hotel California."  No injuries, no lawsuits.  Happy, happy, happy!

Anyway, I bring that up because we have a similar situation unfolding daily on our Southern Border.  Because we, The People, have a mish-mash of outdated and ineffective immigration laws that do not serve us well, immigrants enter our country illegally every single day, and risk life and limb in doing so.  And we will continue to have those stupid, dumbass laws unless or until our Congressweenies somehow manage to play nice and change them.  

However, in what has to be the cruelest sort of irony possible, if these reeeely nice folks from Down South manage to get hurt crossing our border, it's our fault, and we have to pay to fix them up.

An item caught my eye on the news yesterday.  In just one section of the Border fence near El Centro, CA last year, 1,500 illegals were hurt trying to jump over the 14' fence there and had to be patched up at one of their local hospitals.  Fixed up at a cost to us, the American Taxpayer, by the way, of more than $3,000,000!  

So, it seems they cost us if we don't prevent them from breaking in, and they cost us if we do.  

This, my friends, is what's called a No. Win. Situation...

So, I'd like to sum it up with this:

-     Trump was elected by a plurality of the Voters to Build The Wall.  Some two years later, we haven't.  

-     But in the meantime illegal crossings are at an all time high, and so is the number of injuries from such entries.  Proof positive of the "Law of Attractive Nuisances."  We are the shiny object they reach for, and if they hurt themselves in doing, it's our fault!  

So, we could simply build our walls higher.  If 14' isn't enough, let's go to 16'.  Or how about 18'?  Or 20?  Oh yeah, we can't do that, because there isn't the votes in Congress to do that.  I guess we should be happy.  Because if we jacked up the height of the wall and more people hurt themselves trying to get over it, then it would cost us taxpayers ever more to repair them.  Counterproductive, it would seem.  L
And proof once again of another of those immutable little Laws we're forced to live by:  The "Law of Unintended Consequences."

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Chuckmeister's Rx:

Our current financing scheme for Federal-level elections in this Country sucks.  Big Time!

There, I said it.  And it needed said...

Ja' wanna' know how I would end the incessant problem of "money in politics?"  You know, how can we, you and me, the 'Murcian Taxpayer, get Big Money from corporations, foreign gummints and major lobbying efforts out of our political equation?

Simple:  Require Public Financing

No, I don't mean "public financing" the way we've been doing it.  And that way required the candidate to file for Gummint matching funds, which will never, ever be enough to buy an election.  That's why Bush, Obama, Clinton and Trump all declined to accept Fed money in the last three General Election cycles.  Rather, they thought, rightly so, I think, that they were better off trying to raise the enormous sums they needed privately.  And they were successful in doing so.

Wildly so.  And that is troubling...

Let's do a "CSI: D.C." thing here.  What that meant, and means, is that if you have a populist message to sell, one that the general electorate would want to hear, you're blocked out from doing so because you likely don't have the wheelbarrow loads of cash necessary to pay for it.  

And that, my friends, is the Bottom Line. 

We require Representatives to run for re-election every two years.  Stupid.  By the time they've unpacked their bags in Foggy Bottom they have to start running for re-election.  Stupid.  And they have to raise an average of $18,000 a day in order to remain competitive!  I say let these guys get a chance to make their case before their voters and make four-year terms the norm.

Senators have to place themselves before their voters only once every six years.  Too long, I say.  They get a little too comfy for my taste.  They just wander around and bloviate.  I say, every four for Senators.

As for POTUS-ses-ses, I say One Six Year TermThat's it.  Six years.  By the time anyone gets to this lofty perch, they should be able to present their agenda before the public and then be able to effect it in that time-frame.  We do not need POTUS-ses running for re-election.  Or trying to buy another term.  Think Mikey Bloomberg.  He spent more than $100 Million changing New York City's Constitution so he could run for a third term!  We need them to do their worst in one term and then retire.  On us.  Unfortunately...

And speaking of Little Mikey Bloomberg, the 14th richest man in the world, ex-three term Mayor of NYC, just re-re-re-re-filed to change his voter registration back to Democrat from Independent.  He likely did so as his first step in preparation for a run at the White House in 2020.  

For him, the $Billion Dollars necessary to finance his own campaign could be found between the cushions of his couch... 

The Trumpster, a guy worth somewhere between a few hundred $Million and several $Billion, depending upon whether you ask him or others, used his own cash to finance his run for POTUS in 2016.  He coughed up north of $60 Mil to pay for his campaign.  That's real money, my friends, and I don't care WHO you are!  Of course, Hillary spent upwards of $One Billion, so money doesn't necessarily make people like you.

So here's the Chuckmeister's Rx for "How To Fix Our Election Financing."

-     Require all candidates for Federal Public Office, Representatives, Senators and the POTUS, to file for, and use, Public Funds to pay for their campaigns.  And that financing would depend directly on how many folks they would represent.  The average Representative, for instance, represents about 850,000 constituents.  The average Senator represents half the number of people in their respective states (two per state).  And a POTUS candidate needs to communicate with all 325 million Americans in order to get his, her, or now its (remember California!) message out.  

We should force them to reach their voters using a pre-determined number of bucks for each prospective voter.  How about $Two Bucks per registered voter, to be measured against proven citizenship.  That oughta' set the Leftoids' pointy heads a' bursting...

And then put them in jail if they reach in their own back pockets and try to buy an election.

That's it, my friends. Simple.  Easy.  Direct.  Our using Public Funds to finance elections could mean that a self-educated poor rail-splitter from rural Illinois, like the next Abe Lincoln, could run for office and have a chance to compete with a guy who has his choice of which private jet to fly that day.  

By the way, those whose ox would be gored would scream bloody murder.  They LIKE having a unfair advantage: Cubic Money.  These would include the George Soros-ses-ses and the Bill Gates-ses-ses and the Bloomberg-zes-zes and the Kock Brothers-ses-ses and the teenager who tries to run FB would be s**t out of luck; they'd have to compete on the field of ideas with those of us not quite so well off financially.  And that, I say, is the way it ought to be... 

Riddle me this:  What could possibly be a better solution? 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

More Groovy Egyptian Stuff...

I received a lot of feedback from my dozen of trusty readers following my 9/1 travelogue on Ancient Egypt and all those neat old pyramids.  Unlike religion, or politics, or modern culture, or nearly everything else, almost nobody dislikes pyramids.  

But they sure have a lot of questions about them.  And, having studied this stuff for decades, I have a lot of the answers they seek.  I identify as an expert on Ancient Egypt.  In fact, I identify as someone with multiple PhD's on the subject.  And a few other subjects, as well.  If a White woman in Washington State can identify as Black, so much so they make her Prez of the local branch of the NAACP, I can surely identify as a glasses-wearing, cane-needing, snappy-dressing Indiana Jones.

And so, having so announced my identifications up front, for God and everybody to see, let us now proceed... 

I was gobsmacked to learn the true extent of "pyramidism," if that's a word, and if it isn't I just created it, in our oft-confusing world.  It seems that those who preceded us started building gigantic masonry monoliths some 12,000 years ago, and kept doing it at flank speed across at least six of our continents, and perhaps all seven over several millennia.  More on that later...

I'd guess you might be surprised to learn there are lots and lots of pyramids outside of Egypt. In fact, most are.  During the pyramid building era, which appears to have been in full swing from about 7,000 - 2,000 years ago BCE, it's estimated no less than 15,000 pyramids were built around the world!  And most of them bear a strong resemblance to each other, without any possibility they could have possibly "colluded" in their design and creation with each other.  

I'm assuming "collusion" started happening later (heh, heh.  Couldn't help myself).

For example, there are a confirmed 98 pyramids in Egypt, far more than the usually assumed 3 or 4.  They were built on both sides of the Nile for more than 400 miles of its length, over a period of more than 2,500 years.  And since the sands there have a nasty tendency to cover up almost everything given enough time, and considering the amazing advances in "LIDAR" technology, we can't be sure more won't be discovered in the future. 

We've discovered more than 300 pyramids in China.  And 20 in Bosnia.  And 35 in Italy.  And more in Spain and France and Croatia and Slovenia and Russia and Greece and all over Europe.  It's stunning to think all this was going on when we previously wrote them off as nothing more than pre-Bronze-Age cave-dwellers. 

Try this on for size:  We believe there are more than 10,000 full-blown, gigantic, big-time, Egyptian-style, really tall stone pyramids in Central America!  Major recent discoveries point to enormous cities in Colombia and Peru and Guatemala and the area long-since reclaimed by the jungles.  One major city has just been discovered there, which may be home to the largest pyramid in the world!  It is six football fields long and three fields wide!  Think of that:  1,800 x 900 feet!  It was thought to have served a population of more than 1,000,000 more than 500 years before Columbus set foot on some insignificant atoll in the Caribbean.  

And as I mentioned earlier, there have been many pyramidal-looking somethings discovered by Google satellite in Antarctica recently.  They look suspiciously like pyramids.  They may not be, but they may.  And expeditions are already being planned for next season to go explore them.  

But perhaps the single most astounding pyramid anywhere is the one located in Cahokia, Illinois.  Yes, Illinois.  If you'd like to find the single largest pyramid on Earth, as least to date, this one's it; more than half a mile long and a quarter mile wide!  And over 300 feet tall!  

It was built by the Cahokia Mound Builder Indians some 1,000 years ago.  Or maybe twice that, we cannot be sure.  And that's because it's made from sun-fired mud bricks, which don't lend themselves to carbon dating so very well.  But what we do know is that these "indigenous peoples," had to throw that in, were trading fools!  They got rich trading up and down the Missississisiisisiipi River with dozens of other native tribes.  Clearly, we have not given due consideration to the abilities and intellect of those who preceded us...  

Hardly a day goes by without another significant archaeological find being uncovered by one of my archaeological brethren.  Thankfully.  And I, your Loyal Scribe, The Chuckmeister, will be reading all about it so I can keep you up to date.  

No thanks necessary.  It's why God put me here...

LIDAR.  Light Detection and Ranging.

NOTE:  This update provided at the express request of my nephew Lucas.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

FBI Background Checks...

Since FBI Background Checks have been in the news (ahem) lately, to include what they are, and what they aren't, I thought I'd weigh in on the subject a bit.  I'll admit it was quite a few years ago, but once upon a time I had a Top Secret Crypto Security Clearance.

That was, BTW, the absolute highest, tippy-top Clearance one could receive, except for "Special Access Handling," the rating Ms. Clinton violated repeatedly with her little server fiasco.  The rating that lists all our foreign spies and agents.  That one...

The One that was Soooooo Super Special that I didn't even know it existed until Hillary's little private-server-in-the-bathroom fiasco.

Yesiree, folks!  Your friend and mine, me, The Chuckmeister, was invited to join a Special Band of Brothers back then to gird our loins and sally forth into the abyss to Help Stamp Out Communism!  And we did a pretty fair job.  Sort of.  

And don't give me that old "Military Intelligence" gag again.  

But prior to being permitted to partake in this incredible opportunity, I was put through an exhaustive FBI Background Check.  Exhaustive!  Some of my old buds back home in Chillville might recall having received a visit from a couple of those "Men in Black" types, and being peppered with questions about yours truly.  

Anyway, those questions were comprehensive.  And they haven't changed.  They ask respondents about your friends.  And then to those people they ask for your enemies.  And so on. They ask if you had an alcohol problem.  Or a drug problem.  Or gambling (ahem!) or women (ahem!) problem.  Anything that might compromise you to an enemy.  Anything!

I subsequently learned they interview at least 40, and as many as 100 people for each background check!  The more "sketchy" info about you they receive, the wider their follow-up grows.  And they document each interview, one after another.  But they DO NOT draw any conclusions from the information thus gathered.  Rather, they present the data in a proscribed format and then provide a summary for the Agency that requested the check. 

Most recently, that "Agency" was the Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee, the bunch that ordered up the "Supplemental Background Checks" on then-Judge Kavanaugh.  That made a total of 7 separate FBI checks the Judge had undergone by that time.  And all of this unfolding while every Democrat in the D.C. zip code was calling on, neigh pleading with good female citizens everywhere to drop a dime on the Young Kavanaugh to save the Republic while there was still time!

So if there's anyone else out there in InternetLand who still wonders about Kavanaugh's guilt or innocence, lemme' tell you I'd consider it impossible to undergo Seven such checks over a period of 26 years for far more sensitive positions than I ever occupied (sorry, Fan Club!), and not have had any whiff of trouble pop up.  Not a whiff.  Nothing. Nada, zip, zilch.  

And that was like catnip to the Democrats on the Committee.  With no drugs or booze or wife beating or insanity to focus on, they went straight to the High School Yearbook.  And to oh-so sober, straight-faced questions such as, "What's the real, nefarious meaning of "Boofing?"  "What about the "Devil's Triangle?"

Are you kidding me?  Does anyone out there besides me think it would be a good idea for the Democrats to start electing grown-ups for a change?   

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I Wonder...

I wonder what would have happened if Trump had nominated a Woman for Justice of the SCOTUS instead of Kavanaugh?

No, not just an actual "Woman," woman, a Black Conservative Woman!  What would the Leftoids have done?  Could the Democrat Judicial Confirmation Committee Members have blasphemed a fully-qualified Black Woman who just happened to be a Conservative?  How about a Black Conservative Woman who was Pro-Choice?  

Wait!  That's just beyond comprehension!  Can you imagine the meltdown if Trump had "Trumped" them by nominating their Anti-Christ?  A Black Conservative Republican, Pro-Choice Woman?  A Woman they would have believed should have never left the Reservation? 

No wait!  How about we add a little sweetener.  Let's make her gay!  Yeah, that's it!  How about a Black.  Conservative.  Republican.  Pro-Choice.  Gay.  Woman?  What would the Democrats have done to thwart that nomination in their never-ending quest to regain lost power?  Especially power they believe to their very core was stolen from them by (fill in the blanks: Russia, the FBI, space aliens, etc.). What questions could they - would they - have possibly asked?  Would they have dared question her entries into her High School Yearbook?  How about if she had ever slammed a beer in college?  Hmmmmm........

I'm guessing they would have all self-immolated.  Yeah, like The Wicked Witch of the West.  Instant firebomb!  Poof!  Gone!  In a cloud of smoke!  Too bad.  I wish it had unfolded that way.  It would have been sooooooooo much fun to watch!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

We Blew it, America!

America had such a perfect opportunity to make "right" all the "Me Too" pain and torment that has plagued our wonderful Country since Harvey Weinstein got caught with his hand in Cookie's "jar."  

Yes friends, all we had to do was "convict" Brett M. Kavanaugh of "sexual impropriety" or "being hand-sy," or even a "youthful indiscretion," or something, and deny him - and Republicans - of that oh-so coveted seat on the Supreme Court of the United States.  

Which was the whole idea, of course.  They'd already given up on impeaching his knowledge, or his skills, or his abilities (he was arguably the very most qualified candidate in the entire Country), so they had to try and impeach his character.  

And they're soooo afraid that a time might come when they could no longer legislate using Liberal judges "tweaking" the laws to suit their needs.  Having lost nearly 1,000 state-wide elected seats during Obama's reign, passing laws through state legislatures has been nearly impossible for them up to now.  Losing the Top Court for a generation or two was their worst nightmare, and that's for dang sure...  

And they could have "convicted" Kavanaugh by simply permitting the Rule of Law to be ignored.  Completely.  Entirely.  For the very first time ever.  Simple, right?  No more assumption of innocence until guilt is proven.  Just go ahead and let Kavanaugh take the rap and thereby expunge the sins of all men, and mainly White Men, everywhere for every woman who was ever abused, groped, assaulted or raped.  Or even whistled at or ogled.

He could have simply "taken one for the team."  That's what the Democrats wanted.  Really...  

Now, everyone knows that HE didn't do the abusing and raping and assaulting.  But HE should have been made to take the blame.  I mean, after all, it was just a JOB INTERVIEW!  That's what everyone on the Leftoids' side kept telling us.  No need to grant a man the consideration of being innocent until proven guilty in a JOB INTERVIEW!  No, no, no!  Not necessary!  JOB INTERVIEW!!!!!!  Blah, blah, blah!

Equine Excrement!  This was a carefully orchestrated hit job of the most devilish proportions!  And I believe they expected that Republican Senators and other hanger-on politicians would tell The Donald to bail on this nominee, post haste once the initial accusation was made!  That's what other spineless Republicans have done in the past when faced with allegations such as this, and the Leftoids knew that.  And fully expected, I believe, they would this time as well.  

But Trump didn't.  And Kavanaugh didn't.  And neither did McConnell or Graham or or any of his Happy Band of Warriors.  Amazing.

They pulled out all the stops.  They, organizations under the control of uber-Leftist billionaire George Soros and his ilk, gathered together their paid drones and unleashed them.  They ADMITTED that these protesters were paid to do their dirty work.  PAID!  Professionally-made signs.  Organizers with bull horns making their charges "repeat after me" marching orders so they'd know which Senators to harass inside the Halls of Congress!  Oh yeah, and run out of restaurants and airports and theaters.

This may have happened before, but it was likely before the age of 24-hour news.  And thus we're not aware of it.  But we watched this whole thing unfold. We know what they did.  And we know what they're telling us they're prepared to do:  Impeach Brett Kavanaugh!  After having stirred up the hapless weenies on the Left to a frothy frenzy, they're now reaping the fundraising rewards therefrom.  Total hypocrites.  How sad.  How predictable...

They fully intend to retake the House of Representatives come November, and they just might.  And Jerry Nadler (D-NY) would become the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.  And he's already stated he intends to launch such an investigation against Kavanaugh once he's got that gavel in his hot, sweaty, meaty hands.

Please God, let that happen!  I don't think these bozos have any idea of the feces storm they will have unleashed.  Being from that part of the Country where pollsters don't call for opinions, and they wouldn't give them anyway, I can tell you the Very Same Wave that elected The Donald will likely sweep the Dumbass Dems into the Dustbin of History...

(No matter what happens, it'll be fun to watch, won't it?)