Monday, September 28, 2020

Chuckmeister for POTUS, 2024!!!

Okay, fellow Pilgrims, after having given the idea quite a bit of thought, for more than a couple of minutes, at least, I've decided to hereby announce my candidacy for President of these here United States.  Now now, of course, in 2024! 

We know that The Donald will cruise to reelection come November 3rd, even considering the tens of thousands of dead Chicagoans, and a dead Supreme Court Justice, I'm thinking, who just might crawl from the crypt and vote for Biden.  Twice.  Or even more...

So The Donald will rule for another four years, no doubt solving during that term every single remaining problem our Representative Republic might still have.  I mean, he's already solved most of them, so there shouldn't be too much left to solve.  So I'm throwing my hat in the digital ring to announce that I want to run to replace him, knowing that I'll be older than the proverbial hills, meaning I won't be able to do much of anything meaningful, except crack inane jokes and make funny little animal sounds with my mouth, but also that there won't be so very much of anything meaningful left to do.  

In short, like the Hippocratic Oath demands, "First, do no harm," I won't do anything, which means nothing will get harmed.  

You're welcome.

Buuuuuut, I figure that by then the Democrats will be frothing at the mouth to get back into the White House.  They froth at the mouth anyway, but hey, I don't cast aspersions.  And mouth frothing is a Constitutionally-protected activity in the DNC(LOL), I'm pretty sure, so far be it from me to complain.  Anyway, I figure they'll be loaded for bear when that next General Election campaign season gets here, so I've decided to take a page out of their playbook.  Remember when good ol' Joe promised during the primaries to pick both a woman and a Black for SCOTUS?  Yeah, well I'm going to announce in advance my selection criteria for my Vice President.  Ready?  Here goes...

My V.P. will be a woman, of course, but not necessarily a biological woman.  She/he/it might well be a trans woman, which means she'd be a man anywhere but Taxifornia, thus permitting me to choose two genders simulfriggintaneously.  Am I smart, or what?

She'll/he'll/it'll also be part African-American, part Samoan, part Gypsy, part Native American, and part Albanian.  S/h/it'll also be suffering from myasthenia gravis, gout, diabetes, numerous autoimmune diseases and the "heartbreak of psoriasis."  Whatever it is will speak six languages including "rap."  And be able to juggle.  And be a practicing Muslim.  Although I don't think that takes much practice.  A Muslim that threatens to kill us if we don't elect s/h/it.  Also, "America's Got Talent" winners will be given preference.  

That little problem behind me, I'll then try and decide just what evil forces will be trying to keep me from attaining my goal.  I'll be trying to decide whether, in fact, I have a chance to attain the Oval Office.  And here are those nagging details:

The Pros:  

I should have the backing of:

  -  Republicans and Conservatives everywhere.  

  -  Plus Democrats who may be ready to leave the plantation.  

  -  Annnnd, evangelical Christians. 

  -  Nearly every single member of the military worldwide.

  -  Let's add in most police and fire personnel about here. 

  -  Plus a couple of TV stations, a few radio stations, a dozen or so newspapers and a smattering of websites.

That's seems pretty good, right?  Quite a bit of backing, right Pilgrim?  I might be able to win with these, right?    

The Cons:

The following will be doing their level best to make sure I don't emerge victorious:

  -  Democrats and Socialists and Communists and Marxists and Neo-Cons.

  -  Plus Atheists and Druids and those who wear those funny little pink hats.

  -  And those who don't wish to be bound by that "...pursuit of happiness" thing.  Just give them happiness, no pursuit deemed necessary.  

  -  Let's not forget the proud members of "Antifa" and "Black Lives Matters" and others who riot and pillage and plunder and vandalize and burn and loot and hurt and kill and shine lasers into eyes of police officer in an effort to permanently blind them.  

  -  Annnnd, university and college professors across America. 

  -  Right about here we add in all environmental wackos in all their radiant glory.  All those who want fracking ended and airlines shut down.  Those who want cars taken off the road and nuclear power plants decommissioned.  And those who want plastic straws and individual freedoms outlawed.   

  -  Let's include all union leaders and the members they've been able to cower into voting Democrat.  Probably several times.  

  -  Be sure to include illegal aliens who haven't started voting yet, meaning those who don't live in San Franpoopco, but fully intend to just as soon as Biden gets elected.  

  -  Plus, up to 85% of Black people and about half of Hispanics and nearly every single Big City Jew.  For no apparent reason that I can deduce.  

  -  And every inner-city dweller on welfare.  

  -  Let's include here nearly every member of the National Basketball Association and the National Football League and the Women's National Basketball League and our Olympic Women's Soccer Team.  

  -  And everyone who used to live in - but now currently resides at - cemeteries throughout Chicago, and Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and New York City.  

  -  Plus ABC and CBS and NBC and CNN and MSPMS, and NPR, and PBS, and CNBC and the Associated Press and the Hearst Corporation.

  -  And let's not forget the ACLU and the NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center and lawyers' bar associations nationwide.

  -  And websites like Buzzfeed, and the Huffington Post, and Vox, and MediaMatters.Org, and MoveOn. Org, and Slate, and the Daily Beast, and Bloomberg, and Netflix, and Amazon, and Politico, and Salon, and Axios, and Mediaite and, and, and...

  -  And magazines like The Atlantic, and Newsweek, and Time, and Cosmo, and People, and  and the Atlantic and Newsweek and Cosmo and Time.

  -  The House of Representatives.  Not all of them.  Just the Democrats in the majority.  And hopefully not all of them.  Just those who aren't yet "hippppmotizzzed."

  -  Plus, more than 1,100 TV stations and 3,300 radio stations and 1,700 newspapers across the Fruited Plain.   

  -  And, in summation, just in case there's somebody out there who's missed the glaring point, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and nearly every other social media site you could possibly imagine.  

Hmmmmmm.  HMMMMMMM!

Never mind...  

Friday, September 25, 2020

"Weekend at Ruthie's"

Let me start at the end and work my way back to the beginning, okay?  Ready?  Here it comes...

Democrats are not all that bright.  Why?

Do you recall the 1989 movie "Weekend at Bernie's?"  You know, the black comedy directed by Ted Kotcheff?  The one where two guys go to their boss with a suspected crime in their company and the boss, a guy named "Bernie," turns out to be the criminal?  He invites them to his posh beach house for the weekend, planning to kill them.  In a twist of fate he's killed instead, leaving the two guys with a dead Bernie.  They wonder why they they shouldn't just stay and enjoy the weekend.  So they decide to go for it by propping him up in the corner and pretending he's still alive, enabling them to party hearty for days.  Their nefarious little plan works remarkably well, which brings us up to right now, right here, today, in 2020 America...

I don't know about you, but I just cannot believe that enterprising Democrats didn't adopt a similar strategy once they'd found out Ruthie had up and died.  You know Ruthie, don't you?  She was Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court Associate Justice who's been the champion of women's rights and abortionists everywhere for decades.  Just imagine, the "Notorious RGB," as her fans called her, lashed to a hand truck and carted around Washington, D.C.  She's about the same size as those hand trucks you see at the Home Depot, so one of those orange ones would have worked out just super...

Since we're in the depths of a Chinese Killer Coronavirus pandemic, all the Supreme Court Justices are now convening via "Zoom," so getting together in person doesn't happen.  As a matter of fact, nobody's seen RBG for months.  They could therefore have hidden the fact that she'd croaked for days and days.  Weeks, even.  Maybe even months!  Limited only by their efforts to cover up the, umm, well you know.  After all, Ruthie, suffering through a myriad of health complications over the past dozen years or so, has looked like she'd passed away a long time ago, so no one should have noticed the difference.  As a matter of fact, she was so small you could have put her in the trunk of your politically-correct Prius and driven her all around town if public appearances had proved necessary.  She didn't do or say much when she made a public appearance, so no one would have noticed she'd taken the celestial discharge.  In fact, why RGB's sycophants didn't hatch such a plan is all you need to know about their blatant lack of creativity (why didn't they call me?).

Like I said, Democrats are pretty dumb. 

Had her rabid followers lit upon such a plan, they might have avoided the reality now facing them in the Supreme Court; she's dead and Big Bad Orange Man gets to pick her replacement.  Against her dying wishes we're told (Hey Ruthie!  Judges don't get to pick their replacements!)  His 3rd Supreme Court nomination!  And, if Ruthie's replacement is approved in the Senate, Trump will have turned the Court into a 6 - 3 Conservative majority.  Which could, and likely will, make a major imprint on Court decisions for at least three decades.  Are Democrats happy about this?  Ummmm, 


So we're going to be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime show, ladies and germs.  For the next five weeks we're going to be treated to Democrats vilifying Trump's nominee, no matter who she is (he's told us she'll be a "she").  And vilifying the Senate majority.  And vilifying Trump.  And vilifying Melania.  And vilifying Barron.  And vilifying the whole Trump family.  And vilifying Republicans and Conservatives everywhere.  There will be enough vilifying to last you, fellow Pilgrims, for a lifetime.  

Just remember this: they've given Trump, and us, my fellow Conservatives, an option:  Don't do what Article 2 of the Constitution tells the Prez to do.  Don't appoint RGB's replacement.  Let the NEXT Prez do it, hoping aging Joe will emerge victorious.  Be nice.  Be kind.  Like they are (heh, heh).  And unless we do?  They've promised to burn it all down.  "Biden voters," also known as "Antifa" and "Black Lives Matters" members, have threatened us with death and dismemberment unless we cower in fear and let them take charge of everything, everywhere.  Forever.

I don't know about you, but I don't plan on acceding to their wishes.  I plan on continuing to embrace my Conservative principles and suggest my Republican colleagues in D. C. do the same.   And everywhere else, BTW.  Yes, I suspect there will be some blowback over this.  I suspect that there will be some serious response to these never-ending threats to our lives and our livelihood.  I suspect those same "Biden voters" will try to "burn it all down."  But I suspect that they will learn a harsh lesson if they try:  

        Just remember, we're the ones with all the guns...

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The "Spank-Free" Generation.

So how's that "no spanking" thing working out for you?  Me?  Not so well...

Near as I can tell, this is the very first generation of kids that we chose not to spank.  On purpose...

We were told not to do that, you'll recall, by all the "Dr. Phil's" on the Telly.  It seemed that every time we turned on Oprah there was some educational psychologist or other wagging their fingers at us over child punishment.  We were told that it would stunt their growth.  Or cause them irreparable mental anguish and harm.  We were told it would scar them for life!  They were supposed to be the experts.  We were told that.  And so we meekly did as directed, "sheeple" that we're proving to be, allowing little Johnnie and Suzie to cause unbridled mayhem without having their collective butts paddled.  I know mine was.  If you're reading this I suspect yours was as well.  And I'm pretty sure that such a level of corporal punishment helped in no small way to help make me the man I am.  Perhaps you feel the same.

So for the past thirty years or so we've permitted our yutes (what's yute?) to run roughshod all over our sensibilities while we kept our teeth clenched, hoping we'd made the proper choices.  Paddle little Johnnie, or ask him to forgive us of our transgressions?  Allow Johnnie and Suzie to compete and sometimes lose, or give each a "participation trophy" for...breathing.  I'm here to tell you Mr. and Mrs. America that if we choose to use recent events in Portland, and Minneapolis, and Seattle, and New York City, and Kansas City, and Albuquerque, and Rochester, and so many, many other cities as a barometer, our yardstick as to whether a good swat on the ass or a "time out" was the proper response to this generations' hooliganism, then that swat on the ass wins every time.  

Every. Single. Time. 

We've experienced more than 100 days of rioting in Portland.  Portland was always a Lefty city, but burning itself down is a bit extreme, even by commie pinko standards.  I'm pretty sure you'll agree.  48 of our very largest cities have undergone riots during the past 4 months.  All in Democrat-led states, with Democrat-led counties, in Democrat-led cities.  We've just been told by our insurance companies that the price tag for those riots now exceeds $2 Billion Dollars!* Wouldn't you just love to grab one of those black-clad little rioting White boys (3/4's are, BTW!) by the collar and paddle the crap out of him?  Make him scream for mamma?  Make him want to go back to his parent's basement and play video games?  

I certainly would...

So not being one of those who will just complain without posing a reasonable solution, this, fellow Pilgrims, is The Chuckmeister's solution:

     Require every single solitary kid, upon the attainment of their 18th birthday, to perform a minimum of two (2) years of service to their Country.  That Service may be in one of the branches of the military, or in the Peace Corps, or in any other formal, full-time, recognized, non-profit, Public Benefit Organization of their choice.  

     Upon the successful completion of that two (2) years of national service, the citizen will then be two (2) years older and smarter and wiser, and more ready to pursue the rest of their lives as a contributing citizen.  The Federal Government will then underwrite the total costs of two (2) years of a public college or university education, to include tuition, books, food and lodging, and provide guarantees for the payment for the other two (2) at the successful completion of the first two (2). 

I might mention that Israel, and the Netherlands, and Switzerland, and Serbia, and many other countries have such a requirement.  Further, you might be interested to know that they each require their citizens to go home after their military service with a military-issued, fully-automatic rifle to be maintained at-the-ready as a part of their national guard.  

So much for our 2nd Amendment being an outlier.  

I submit the foregoing bit of flummery in the fervent hope that you'll agree with me on at least one point:  My generation didn't burn down a single city.  Not even one.  Did yours?

*  A friend in the insurance business tells me that enormous recent fires and the riot damage from incessant looting and pillaging and plundering have tapped insurance reserves to the point that those companies may soon decline to pay future premiums.  

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Is Rioting Tough?

I'm just asking for a friend.

A friend with a bad back, like mine.

He and I were commiserating with one another the other day.  We were both comparing physical ailments and illnesses and how these days today aren't like "the good old days."  You know, back when we could run and jump and skip rope and folks were peaceful and kind and considerate and followed the rule of law and spanked their kids when they screwed up and didn't double park and tipped their hat to a lady.  

When they wore hats, that is.  

Back when race was not a factor in anyone's mind except the race-baiting poverty pimps and left-wing neo-socialists who work overtime to bring down America.  And back when cops were honored for their service instead of being hunted down and murdered.  Back when going to church was legal and going to buy maryjowanna...wasn't.  Back when elected politicians still believed they worked for their constituents and actually honored their oathes of office.  

Back when setting fire to a courthouse would land you in jail...  

Now?  The Democrats have taught us that we have to riot to gain attention.  And also because rioting has become so, ummm, commonplace shall we say, it's seemingly no longer a crime.  It can't be, or else the cops that have arrested the several thousand rioters that broke jillions of laws in dozens of U.S. cities, nationwide, in more than 577 incidents over the past 3 or 4 months who have engaged in open, wanton, blatant, daily - and nightly - anarchy, would have been prosecuted.  And as you may have noticed, the total number of the arrested and prosecuted, all included, after burning and looting and rioting all over the place, including torching three horses to death in St. Louis, are less than 50.

And we should note that in New York and Taxifornia, perpetrators are quickly released and put back on the streets due to their new "no bail" laws.  Imagine that.  Anything less than murder and you're issued a ticket, a citation of all things, with instructions to appear in court some weeks down the road.  Zowwee, Batman!  We're living in Bizzarro World!

So what are Republicans to do?  Especially old Republicans?  Old Republicans with bad backs, particularly.  Like me and my buddy.  It seems that we were born and raised in the wrong era.  All this anarchy stuff was illegal back when we were contemplating extra-legal activities, and so we didn't.  We kept our noses clean and our asses out of jail, for the most part.  We did what seemed like the smart thing to do at the time; we didn't violate the law so we didn't get caught by the cops.  And if you don't get stopped by the cops, then it's unlikely the cops are going to kill you.  

Now?  You're nobody unless you've knocked over the local Macy's store!  Or ripped off a 7/11!  Or burned down a police precinct.  I mean, everybody has to riot just to keep up!    

So, being physically challenged, serious rioting is just not in the cards for my friend and me.  We just cannot riot the same way we would have as young men!  What's fair about that?  Nothing, I say!  I mean, by the time we get up in the morning, and eat our Pablum, and get dressed, and get an Uber down town, it's like Noon!  And then we have to be back to the Sizzler by 4:00 for their early evening "twilight" dining specials, so there's only about 2 or 3 decent hours available for rioting!  

Annnnnd, let's be frank here, Frank.  Likely as not, we'll be targeting the Target, and the CVS, and the Walgreens, heading straight for the Metamucil, and the Ben-Gay and the Depends.  After all, we really can't carry all that much with one hand (we need the other one for our cane!), so we have to be strategic in our choices.  And stuff like Dulcolax is expensive!  I mean, a couple of packages of that stuff and you're talking, like $50.00! 

So, a herd of us old fellas could not do all that much damage, but we'd sure like to try!  So I'd like to see some consideration given us, the older prospective anarchists.  Are we supposed to wear black?  The "Antifa" and "BLM" thugs do.  I don't think I have anything in black.  I do have a killer pair of Bermuda shorts, though.  Would they do?   How about a bus from the "home" be made available to take us to and from the riots?  That'd be nice!  In fact, I'd say it's elder abuse to refuse to allow us special rioting hours in consideration of our age and need for us to get back to the home early for our afternoon naps.  

Oh yeah, and by the way, my friend wanted me to ask, if we see anyone trying to burn the Flag, where should we put the body?

So, just asking for a friend remember, could somebody get back to me and let me know the in's and out's of effective rioting?  My buddy needs to know whether to quit his job as a Wal-Mart greeter and join the ranks of "Antifa" and "Black Lives Matter."  He says living on Social Security is almost impossible, so he needs the extra income, and it seems those rioters must be knocking down some serious scratch or they wouldn't be able to riot so much.  One good thing though, he's White, just like about 3/4's of the anarchists, so he should be able to blend right in with the mob...

In closing, I'd just like to add, we Americans are resilient.  When the going gets tough, the tough go rioting.  I guess...

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Making of "Cancel Culture."

So I was talking with a buddy the other day.  We were trying to figure out just how somebody becomes a "Progressive" liberal, and how we among the as-yet "unhipppmotizzed" can hope to avoid a similar fate.  Sort of like, "How do we avoid the zombies so as to avoid becoming a zombie?"  How your average, ordinary, everyday Americans become two-dimensional, believe anything they're told, pupils fixed-and-dialated, bits of foamy spittle coursing down their sagging chins, signs-waving, arms wildly gesticulating, slogans-spewing, full-blown socialists?  That conversation consumed our thoughts that day.  Yet, we just could not come up with an answer.

Yeah, I know.  I should't start a sentence with a "So."  So?

We were offering up possible reasons why somebody - anybody - could buy into that whole "cancel-culture" meme.  How someone - anyone - could conspire to put others out of a job, or out of a school, or out of a business.  How someone - anyone - could render fellow Americans as non-entities, on purpose, solely because they possess differing ideologies.  How someone - anyone - could be so base and crass as to wish their fellow citizens ill simply for the beliefs they hold dear.  How someone - anyone - could come to believe that being a "conservative" is some sort of social "crime," and why "Progressives" should want to hunt them down (figuratively) and eliminate them (figuratively).

And maybe not even "figuratively."  

Anyway, after a couple of beers and several other failed theories, my friend came up with what I consider to be a plausible rationale.  He offered up that he thought the incessant bleating from the so-called "MainStreamMedia," which I prefer to call the "Corrupt Legacy Media," - hey, it's a moniker they've so richly earned, and deserve - have caused many of our citizens to believe that Conservatives are real "Troglodytes."  Sub-humans who are evil to their core and need to be eradicated.  This unprecedented level of vitriol has contributed to their being held in disdain by those on the Left.  He said that the Media's incessant bleating has enabled these commie pinkos to think that Conservatism should be banned from polite society  simply because they hold dear the idea that government and taxation should be no bigger than absolutely necessary to accomplish the task.  He suggested that Leftists have been convinced to believe that opinions different from their own are now "racism" and "sexism."  And maybe even "homophobic" and "misogynistic."  Notice how that works?  In other words, if you disagree with them, you're a racist and sexist.  And probably a wife-beater.  

He went on to opine that this belief gives Leftists not only a "license" to
"cancel" their fellow Americans, it gives them the moral high ground to do so

We've stepped through the Looking Glass, fellow Pilgrims.  In just a few short months those who control our "CLM," and our higher educational apparatus, and the unions, and our entertainment industry, and nearly all of our Social Media, and the entirety of the DNC(LOL), and it now appears even our professional sports, seem to have finally tipped the balance.  Those of us who believe in Conservative principles are now the enemy.  And they're treating us as such.  As an example, some dufus named Alyssa Milano, who I'm told is (or was) an actress, and an activist, and apparently some sort of leader of this "movement," presumably because her career isn't doing so well, although you couldn't prove any of that by me, just Tweeted:  "The entire GOP should be tried for treason." 

I rest my case... 

Here's a question: Since they've declared war on us, isn't it about time we returned the favor?

Monday, September 14, 2020

One Looted 7/11 at a Time...

I've been doing a lot of research lately.

Old people with bad backs with a lot of time on their hands tend to do that a lot.  

Anyway, I've been doing research as to "who" lives "where" in our Great Country, and "why," and how that might have an impact on our electoral politics.  

For instance, did you know that about 20% of our entire population lives in what's considered our "rural" areas?

And - you ready for this? - 80% of our citizenry lives in what we term "urban" areas?  As in, Big Cities?  Now while that's sinking in, I'll provide a bit more context.

     -  57.8 million of our citizens are termed "rural."

     -  271.73 are considered "urban." 

     -  That, BTW, works out to 328.81 million citizens, according to the Federal Government, and upwards of 341,000,000 (Wikipedia) if suspected "illegal aliens" are included in that count.  Or maybe more.  Many, many more.  Which our Democrat "friends" are dedicated to including.

BTW, I'll stop calling illegal aliens "illegal aliens" when that terminology is excised from the Constitution of the United States.  

Why do I present this jumble of numbers to you, my exalted and highly-valued (and quite attractive!) readership?  Because it follows closely a previous posting I just published that speaks to the violence occurring on the streets of our biggest cities on a nightly basis.  More than 100 nights in a row of violent riots in Portland, as an example.  I've previously offered up that this rioting and looting and burning and pillaging and plundering and vandalism is either being applauded by the Democrats who run things in 48 of our 50 largest cities,* or tacitly ignored.  

In front of God and everybody.

Follow the bouncing ball here:  If, a), 80% of our population lives in our Biggest Cities; and b), "Black Lives Matters" and "Antifa" anarchists are destroying things in 48 out of 50 of our Biggest Cities; and the Democrats run those cities, all by themselves (not a Republican to be found anywhere!); then c), one might reasonably assume that those good citizens in those cities under siege might be getting royally pissed at their feckless and incompetent Democrat leadership!  With good reason!

Yes, we do live in "Two Americas."  There's the America that hasn't yet seen a "BLM" or "Antifa" thug anywhere nearby (like Wichita, KS, and Savannah, GA, and Souix City, IA and Cairo, IL), and very likely won't, and the America that's suffering through them nightly.  And 4/5ths of our population lives where the looting and burning and rioting is happening daily.  And their elected representatives - all Democrats - aren't doing a dam thing to stop it.

Chicago hasn't had an elected Republican in any aspect of its government in more than sixty (60) yearsJohn F. Kennedy was still alive the last time a Republican was elected to an office in Chicago!  So when those fun-loving "BLM" folks set fire to the vaunted "Miracle Mile," it's kind of hard to blame the violence on Trump.  

Although they try.  God, how they try...

Like I said in the previous posting, keep it up, you idiots!  You're guaranteeing Trump reelection, one riot at a time!  One Chevy dealership at a time.  One burned-out police station at a time.  One trashed bodega at a time.  One destroyed liquor store at a time.  One vandalized apartment building at a time.  One looted 7/11 at a time...

Princeton University Armed Location and Event Data Project. 

Saturday, September 12, 2020

An Open Letter to "BLM"/"Antifa"...

 To all "Black Lives Matters" and "Antifa" anarchists nationwide, I'd like to say...

                                              KEEP IT UP!

A recent Princeton University Study, the "Armed Location and Event Data Project," reported that 48 of the 50 largest American cities have suffered through riots organized and staffed by "Black Lives Matters," a self-described neo-Marxist organization.  That is 96% of all of our largest U. S. cities...

(# 49 and 50 were Fresno and Mesa, AZ)

You remember those "BLM" folks, right?  That's the Marxist organization dedicated to the overthrow of America.  Those who doubt me are invited to visit their website.  It spells out their shocking intentions in "black" and white.  They wish to eliminate capitalism.  And patriarchy (homes with fathers).  And prisons.  And all police forces nationwide.  And they also demand oodles of $reparations just for good measure.    

But seemingly, no journalist in America is interested in reading it.  Or reporting on it.  Funny.   I had time to read it, some 4 pages of it in all, so why haven't even a few of the celebrated members of our vaunted "Fourth Estate?"  So we have a burgeoning ideological revolution unfolding right in front of our eyes, which just might mean the end of America, but no one in charge will address it.  Or even acknowledge that it exists...  


The Study indicated that some 93% of all protests occurring in the past 3 months have been "overwhelmingly peaceful."  That was their reason for producing this Study, no doubt.  To "prove" that "peaceful protesters" are "peaceful."  That's like speaking the "quiet parts" out loud.  How quaint.  But in the reporting they actually proved the exact opposite; that some 7% of the protests, 577 in all, have been "other than peaceful."  As in, rioting, looting, burning, pillaging, plundering, assaulting, victimizing, vandalizing, and copious quantities of cop-bashing.  

In brief, there have been 2,750 "peaceful demonstrations," in some 2,440 locations in all 50 states.  Therefore, "Atlantic's" own Study proves that the 577 other-than-peaceful "protests" in 220 separate locations over a 3 month period were violent, dangerous and fraught with peril.  These would include the more than 1,000 buildings and 177 businesses burned and looted in Minneapolis.  And the Flagship Macy's store in Midtown Manhattan scoured of its inventory by anarchists.  And Portland's police headquarters gutted and burned.  And dozens of businesses on Chicago's "Miracle Mile" burned and looted and destroyed.  And let's not forget the more than 1,000 cops wounded and the eight killed since George Floyd died.

It seems that some "Black" lives are more important than others...

The "Black Lives Matters" folks tell us they plan on continuing to riot and loot and burn well into the future.  And I would personally like to thank them for doing so. For each riot in old, "blue" cities, where nearly 80% of our population lives, generates scads of new Trump voters.  Every time an "Antifa" anarchist attacks an apartment building and sets fire in the lobby, they create new Trump voters.  Every time a "BLM" thug invades a restaurant in Rochester, or Minneapolis, or the District of Columbia, and scares the crap out of the diners, they create new Trump voters.  Their choice to riot and burn and loot and pillage and plunder the lives and property of others is proof positive that the Democrat leadership in all 48 of these cities has not only failed to prevent this destruction, in some case they've actively supported it.

And in so doing, I would offer up, they are reminding the voters in these cities that voting Democrat is voting for chaos.  For anarchy.  For black-clad goons with Molotov cocktails trying to separate you from your property and your life.  They are, in fact, the military arm of the Democrat National Committee.  

And if you doubt my analysis, just remember that the "Atlantic" is the same magazine that just published a hit piece on Trump that was, and is, clearly manufactured out of whole cloth.  It contended that Trump didn't want to visit a military cemetery in France on a blustery, windy, rainy day a year ago because, four anonymous Trump-haters said, his hair might get mussed.  So far, 24 people who were actually there that day have claimed, on the record, that the story is 100% false.  And this is the magazine that gleefully reports that we don't have a thing to worry about because 93% of all protests are "peaceful."  

I'm pretty sure that 93% of sharks on any given day are "peaceful," but that other 7%?  Best not go in the water...

I don't know what will happen after Mr. Trump wins his POTUS contest on November 3rd.  I suspect this violence and carnage and rioting will continue unabated.  Perhaps it might even increase, given that these these anarchists have grown accustomed to breaking things and torching stuff and hurting people.  And they like it!  Or, once Trump secures his victory, I suspect he just might ring the "Insurrection Act" bell as he's been threatening, and mount a nationwide, full-bore assault on the assaulters.  

Now THAT could be delightful to watch!