Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Have you wondered whether the just-ended trial in Sanford, Florida would have occurred at all if the racial makeup of the protagonists were somehow different?

What if Jorge Zimmerman was black and Trayvon  Obama Martin was white?  Ummm, no, not a word would have been uttered by the MainStreamMedia (MSM).  Every day here in America black folks murder white folks by the dozens and the MSM is strangely (and predictably...and sadly) silent. 

What if Zimmerman and Martin were both black?  Once again, nary a peep would have been heard.  Black people are killing black people with abandon all across the Fruited Plain.  Look at Chicago, for instance.  Over the Fourth of July looonnnngg weekend, 72 were shot and 12 died.  Including two little toddlers.  All black.  On both sides of the guns.  Not a single comment to be heard outside the Chicago area.  It seems black on black crime is A-Okay with the MSM. 

And by the way, guns have been completely outlawed in the Windy City for more than 40 years.  How's that gun control thing working out?

What if Zimmerman and Martin were both white?  Sorry, but the MSM's meme would not have been fed by reporting on such a story.  White people kill each other all the time.  Not as often as black people kill each other, but often.  So, nothing to see here.  Move along...

But Zimmerman being Hispanic ("White Hispanic," according to the New York Times...maybe the very first time in history such a racial designation has been used, but only to further the story that white people are the only ones who can be, you know, like "racist"), and Martin being a "little black teenager," whoa!  Do we have a story here! 

Little black teenager?  6' tall and 175 lllll bbsss, against a doughy white Hispanic.  Unfair fight, unless you happened to have a Glock 17, of course.

This has been a 24/7 story for more than a year.  And that's why poverty pimps like Jessuh (baby daddy) Jackson and Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharpton, and even the Golfer-in-Chief, arguably a wannabe black, have felt compelled to opine on this situation.  Blacks were forced to work in the fields 400 years ago so we should do anything, anything, to make it up to them, even to the extent of tilting our reportage to include blatantly racial bias. 

So a white Hispanic neighborhood watch-type in a gated Hispanic/Black neighborhood with a Glock, disregards orders from a 911 operator (are they even permitted to issue orders...and are we compelled to comply?) and follows a dope-smoking, kicked-out-of-school, burglary-tool-carrying, heavily tattooed, somebody-elses'-jewelry-in-his-pocket, Facebook-abusing, curseword-spewing tagger, gets sandbagged, cold cocked and MSM-style pummeled, pulls out his heater and lets the air out of this kid.  Only due to the influence of the White House, the MSM, black "leaders" and liberal apologists was this guy charged, and now he's been found not guilty by five white and one "black Hispanic" (again?). 

And by the way, where's this "Black Community" they keep talking about?  Is it in Compton?  Southside Chicago?  Washington, D.C.?  Or Atlanta, maybe?  I don't know, but I'd like to, or else maybe they should stop talking about it.

But the story's not yet over.  The DOJ has reopened an investigation of Zimmerman, in all likelihood preparatory to filing a civil rights violation.  One thing about this racist Administration; it never changes. 

They're rioting in Oakland.  Ummm, yeah, but that's what they always do there.  Rioting in Oakland is like their main pastime.  Since there's no jobs, what else to they have to do but riot?  Nothing much to report.  In fact, nothing much to report anywhere, except for the fact that the MSM has an an agenda! 

NBC, you socialist, bottom-feeding video-doctoring cretins should be ashamed of yourselves.  You should be, but you aren't.  MSNBC, as the public relations arm for the Democrat National Committee, your bias was expected, and once again you did not disappoint.  ABC, your ilk is growing ever more tiresome.  Does anybody but me remember that ABC anchor George Stephanopolis was Billy Jeff Clinton's Chief of Staff?  CNN, the Clinton News Network, it's time to turn out the lights and go get a real job for a change.  New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and all other tree-killing, dinosaur media, bottom-of-the-birdcage lefty rags, curl up and die.  To the MSM in general, you all suck! 

There, my spleen duly vented, I feel much, much better...

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