Friday, July 26, 2013

Makes me want to puke...

The President of the United States obviously seems to believe he's the President of Black America.

This past week Mr. Obama cut in front of his puppet Jay Carney at one of those uber-boring pressers and interjected himself once again into the Zimmerman/Martin situation. 

During his 10 or 15 extemporaneous minutes of pontificating, Obama mentioned the term "African-American," or "African-Americans," or the "African-American Community" some 20 separate times.  And if you're wondering how may times he mentioned "Irish-Americans," or "Italian-Americans," or "Greek-Americans," or "Chinese-Americans," or "Native Americans," or "Krygestanian-Americans," the number would be, oh, ummm, let's, even though all he really knows is "Being Tan as a Community Organizer in Chicago."  He makes me a bit queasy, if I do say so myself.  Tossing my cookies remains an option.

So, ladies and gentlemen, for those who always wondered what it would be like to have a "person of color" as President, you now know.  It means that you're going to be subjected to a never-ending stream of crap about things you don't want to know, or need to know, or hoped you'd never find out, while the economy of America goes straight down the dumper.  In a survey just completed your fellow Americans now openly admit that they believe race relations are much, much worse than they were the day Barry was immaculated.  Wasn't his ascension supposed to make race relations better?  Could it be that events have worked out exactly as planned?  Does he really hate America that much?  And does anyone believe that another black president is in our future?  Me thinks not. 

November, 2016 is...just...around...the...corner.  Thankfully.

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