Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Put Down Those Guns And Come Out With Your Hands Up...

The commie dweebs in Sacrascrewyou are at it again!

Not content with savaging our incomes with ever-higher levels of taxation, while wasting our tax dollars indiscriminately, the dimbulbs up there are now doing everything in their inflated power to gut the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and disarm all Californians.

Several new pieces of legislation are now working their way through various committees and on to Governor Jerry Brown's desk like crap through a Christmas goose.  Here's a sampling of what we citizens face:

S.B. 108:  This little jewel strips your right to self defense by mandating that guns be locked up tight in your home, at all times, regardless of whether anyone is present.  So when that window glass breaks at 3:00 a.m., just ask the burglars to kindly wait while you unlock your safe and politely load your weapon.  In the spirit of fairness and cooperation, I'm sure the bad guys will play along, right?

S.B. 374:  This classic example of government run amok expands failed and flawed California laws to cover millions more guns, including all semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines.  Every single one.  This means my little Ruger .22 target rifle may soon be classified as an "assault weapon" and will no longer be legal to own or use here in the land of fruits and nuts.  And what am I to do with it?  Deliver it to the Sheriff's office, I guess, where it will be melted down and turned into electric cars.
A.B. 711:  The commie who thought this one up will no doubt be Mayor of San Francisco soon.  If Brown signs this, all lead bullets will soon be outlawed.  The theory goes among the tree huggers that lead ammo is killing condors, which, of course, it isn't.  They have no proof to offer, just a supposition based upon liberal wet dreams.  Just so you know, the lead used in bullets is inert, and cannot harm any living organism.  But logic doesn't seem to work on these socialists.  So outlawing lead ammo means we'll only be able to use bullets in the once-Golden State made from some other metal, which isn't widely available, and costs many times more.  And anybody who thinks ammo manufacturers will conjure up special ammo made from unicorn hooves for sale here in California by its lonesome is smoking some of those anti-God cigarettes.  This is called forced economic disarmament.  If people can't afford to buy ammo, voila!  You don't have to outlaw guns.  You've just reduced them from self-defense mechanisms to nothing more than expensive boat anchors.      

S.B. 53:  If this passes and is signed, you'll no longer be able to buy ammo over the Internet, which I do all the time, and you'll be required to buy an annual permit, at a significant fee, just to buy ammo from any conventional source.  And every time you stop by the gun store to pick up a few boxes of bullets, you'll be fingerprinted and get to pay for a background check.  Background checks cost at least $25.00.  So you buy a box of 9mm bullets for $20.00,which will now cost you $45.00.  And if you aren't near a store to buy ammo, or can't afford it, you've been effectively disarmed and the 2nd Amendment has been erased from the Bill of Rights.

S.B. 293:  If some manufacturer somewhere ever says they have figured out a way to insure that a gun can only be operated by the lawful owner, also known as "owner authorized," regardless of how much it costs to make or whether manufacturers will choose to make them, knowing that they will only be bought in California, then this bill gives the politicians the authority to ban all other guns not meeting that requirement without advance notice or reimbursement.  Hmmm.  That oughta' work.

S.B. 396:  If Brown signs this one, all ammunition magazines for rifles, pistols and shotguns that hold more than 10 rounds, including those presently legally owned, would be declared illegal, would be completely banned, and would need to be turned in for destruction.  Failure to turn them in would render the owner a felon and subject him or her or it to arrest and prosecution.  Do you see a pattern here?  This is how to turn law-abiding citizens into felons if they don't bend over and grab their ankles when the big dogs bark.  Don't you just know that the gang-bangers will laugh themselves silly at the futility of this gimcrackery. 

Aren't you proud you're a Californian?  Don't you think all gun owners in our state will be happy to comply with this grab-bag of socialist edicts?  

Just remember:  where guns are plentiful and legal and owned by responsible citizens (think Texas and Florida) crime virtually stops.  Where guns are outlawed (think Chicago and D.C.) crime goes through the roof and honest citizens pay the price.   Gun control isn't about guns.  It's about control.  And if the politicians can disarm you and me, they will no longer be concerned about what we can do to them in return for what they want to do to us. 

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be legislators... 


  1. Thank you Chuck for a great synopsis of the absurd laws that our liberal friends can come up with. Let us hope that somehow they will see their way clear to not pass these BS laws. One can only hope...otherwise come and get it!

  2. Mr. Chuck "Meister" Unleashed, time to take those nice drugs the doctor gave you. Then take a nap and let the adults deal with this.

  3. Mr. Mike, I am humbled by your concern over my health. Trust me, I take the meds prescribed for me by my healthcare professional religiously. Only by so doing am I able to put up with the crap shoveled upon me by those "adults" you reference.

    And what have they brought to the party? Let's see. Out of control spending, mountainous debt, sky-high taxation, unemployment at historic levels and an out-of-control crime epidemic. Oh, and those "adults" are releasing tens of thousands of these thugs from the Graybar Hotels to further plague our lives. But they have to disarm the public so as to make us nothing more than prey for the miscreants. But there are a few of us who choose not to be cannon fodder for the gangbangers. Yes, Mr. Mike, I think the "adults" have dealt with these problems quite enough over the past couple of decades. Time to put real Americans back in charge of the once-Golden State. Maybe then, and only then, will we take back our state and our country.

    I've just made myself tired reviewing all the ways the commies have screwed us. I think I'll take a nap...

  4. I have shot and I have killed! Don't mess with the Flo Martin-eister! Trust me, meds don't work! Guns rule! Right? [God]...Right!!!

  5. I agree! I think. No wait...maybe I don't. I don't know...for sure. I'm so confused. I need some more meds. And a nap...

    1. Would a 22-guage rifle help to convince you?

    2. I'm thinking an .86 magnum would be better...

  6. Jaysus, Mr. Chuck "Meinster" Unleashed, your're wrong on all of that stuff. (Is that your real name? Just wondering!) Spending has never been lower, the national debt is lower than it was during the presidency of your Monkey Lord, G. Numbnuts Bush, unemployment is down ever since the reality-based president took office, and crime stats, including and especially, murder, are at historic lows. I mean, you could look this stuff up. Really, sir! Disarm the public? Last time I looked, any brain-damaged lunatic could buy a gun. Well, not here in California. We're a bit more astute about that kind of stuff. Your fevered opinions are just that: opinions. Where do you get them?

    1. Well, Mr. Mike, thanks SOOOO much for writing back. I must assume you don't believe a single syllable of the tripe you wrote. Rather, I must assume the horse puckey you sent along was simply and effort to provide me with a slow pitch right down the pipe so that I could hit it right out of the park. If so, thanks. If not, thanks. I win either way...

      Point by point: Spending has never been higher, except during the first four years of your lord and savior. The national debt is almost double what it was the day GWB left office. From $9.3 Trillion to $17 Trillion. Unemployment is well over 8%, almost 3% higher than under GWB. It's really closer to 15% if all the folks who've lost their jobs and stopped looking are factored in (23 million). Don't they report this stuff on MSPMS? And yes, crime rates are down, most probably because the nation is arming itself at record levels. Except here in California, of course. Our commies are set to pass an even more restrictive set of laws which will serve to further erode our 2nd Amendment rights. But you seem to be okay with that. What a shame. Please stay home next Election Day.

      And as to opinions, they're like a--holes. Everybody has one. Unfortunately...

  7. Well, now, hasn't this been fun? Happy to have been the catalyst for this nice, friendly little comment thread. See what happens when you get just a little pub from your pals? ;-) At least we know folks are reading and not without passion, I must say.

    And, oh, yes.. lest there be any doubt... although sometimes my views diverge from The Chuckmeister, this time we are in lock-step. Keep on firin', my friend.


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