Saturday, August 31, 2013

Solving a Problem Which Does Not Exist

Running the risk that Chuckmeisterunleashed might somehow be viewed as an "all guns, all the time" blog, which it most definitely isn't, I just had to write about the newest atrocity imposed on the 200 million of us who believe in the 2nd Amendment.  So sit back, kiddies, and read about what else the dimbulbs in Foggy Bottom have decided to do to you...

Did you notice that POTUS announced the day before yesterday another two "executive actions" to further erode our 2nd Amendment rights?

First, he unilaterally decided that corporations cannot buy weapons without first undergoing background checks on all their officers.  I guess he's worried that the CEO or CFO or CIO will take the cannon sitting out on the front lawn and use it to lob a shell into the palatial offices of a rival business leader.  Can't have that happen, now can we?  Of course, there's no evidence that something like this has ever happened, but it might, you know, so let's put a law in place that prevents it.  A new law to prevent a problem which doesn't exist.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

And second, but far worse, the Golfer-in-Chief unilaterally decided that we Americans can no longer reimport old military rifles originally manufactured in the U.S.  These would be the old M-1 Garands used in the Second World War and Korea, 1903 bolt action Springfields, handy little M-1 Carbines and .22 competition target rifles that were made here and shipped to allies overseas as much as 110 years ago.  They've been languishing in storage in Manila, and Grenada, and Panama, and Spain, and dozens of other countries which supported us in our military efforts over the years.  I guess he's worried that somebody, somewhere will use one of these outmoded rifles, heretofore purchased primarily by collectors, to kill somebody.  But, you might want to know, there's no evidence that anyone, anywhere has ever been killed using one of these reimported gunsNone! 

In fact, less than 3% of all murders involving guns are committed using rifles.  People dead set on making somebody dead tend to use small, light pistols instead of heavy, unwieldy old military rifles. 

But worse yet, the Vacationer-in-Chief's dumb ass order will effectively kill the Civilian Marksmanship Program.  The CMP was created by Congressional Order back in 1903 so that our youth could buy guns on the cheap and use them to learn marksmanship, so that they would be ready to defend our nation in case of national emergency.  The CMP is a completely self-supporting, quasi-governmental agency that seeks out and reimports old U.S. military weaponry for resale to otherwise qualified Americans who can pass the requisite background checks. 

Let me emphasize again.  In order to buy guns through the CMP, one must meet every single requirement imposed on anyone purchasing a gun through conventional sources. 

The CMP requires no funding at all from the American people.  None.  It has helped hundreds of thousands of sportsmen to acquire high-quality guns over the decades, including me, for reasonable prices.  Now, with this illegal E.O. in place (the President cannot overturn an act of Congress with an Executive Order...but once again he has, and who's going to stop him?), the CMP will have nowhere to acquire their inventory, and will thus be forced out of business.

This E.O. brings to 25 the number that POTUS has issued in circumvention of Congress in an effort to erase the 2nd Amendment.  He should know above all others that ill-conceived gun control laws do nothing to reduce crime, and can, in fact, have quite the opposite effect.  Take a look at Chicago, the murder capital of America, if you doubt me.  The good people of Chicago have been disarmed, so only the bad guys have guns.  And I'm betting they're pretty happy about that.

So, in an effort to appear to be doing something, anything, the TelePrompTer-in-Chief, blissfully unaware of the Law of Unintended Consequences, but intent on satisfying another of his Liberal wet dreams, issued an order that solves a problem which does not exist, while destroying a time-honored and highly beneficial tradition, which heightens our self defense, while costing the American people not one damn dime.

Lord help us.  Only three more years left...


  1. Aw, shucks! I can't buy more guns, huh? Darned life, this! I love my guns, guns, guns! Where would we Americans be without our guns??? Nothing like apple pie and guns to make my day.

    1. You can buy more guns, Flo. You just won't be able to buy them from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Oblamo's "Ready, Fire, Aim" executive order will prevent you from being able to buy retired, reimported military collectibles for the first time in more than 110 years. I'm sure that will have a very big impact on America's crime rate. Of course, as I mentioned, there's not been a single killing using one of these old reimported military guns in history. And now I guess there won't be...


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