Saturday, September 14, 2013

Background Checks, and Why Not...

Those unfortunate enough not to have grown up hunting, or serving in the military, or collecting/shooting/enjoying guns, or even just playing cowboys and Indians, are likely wondering what all the fuss is about regarding background checks for gun purchases.

They must be confused about why the NRA, the Shooting Sports Foundation, the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and millions of gun owners are so vehemently refusing to endorse such a seemingly benign method of trying to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't, in the opinion of some, own or use them. 

Of course, the 2nd Amendment clearly states that "...the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed," and that imposing restrictive, expensive, time-consuming and oppressive hurdles to gun ownership, such as unnecessarily intrusive background checks, clearly violates this tenet.  Just remember that background checks are required right now in each and every state before anyone can buy a weapon.  So if background checks are currently required, what are the gun-grabbers whining about?   

Still, the commie pinko lefty dumbass weenies are quick to opine that we gun enthusiasts are kicking and screaming and gnashing our teeth over this issue when we should simply roll over and play dead, permitting the DOJ, ATF&E and an untold number of Federal agencies to do whatever they wish to keep us from exercising our Constitutional rights.  I've been asked many times by big-city libs why I'm/we're so adamant on this issue.  Give a little, they say.  Be reasonable, they say.  It's only a little background check, they say, not knowing - or caring - what that truly entails.  Well children, I'm going to tell you why not.  Right here.  Right now.

Let me start by paraphrasing Good ol' Ben Franklin when he so famously opined, "Those willing to give up a little liberty for a little security, deserve neither."  What he said.

Now on to the subject matter for today.

Have you heard about one of Barry Obama's famous "phony scandals" swirling around D.C. these days?  You know, the one where the IRS is targeting conservative 501c(3) and (4) groups for extra scrutiny in their applications for non-profit foundation approvals?  If you haven't, you no doubt have been watching CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN/PBS, Jon Stewart or MSNBC, where they don't actually report the news that's unfavorable to the Obama Administration.  Well, here's the straight skinny:  The IRS sidelined nearly 500 conservative organizations that wanted to participate in the political process.  This targeting goes all the way back to before the 2010 elections.  Any application with the terms "Tea Party" or "Conservative" or "Constitution" in their names were put into the bottom right hand drawer of some commie weenies desk and allowed to languish there for more than three years!

When these applicants began to question the delays, they were often hit with dozens of pages of questions which had to be answered...under penalty of perjury...before their applications would receive further consideration.  Those questions included:  List all of your contributors (illegal); List all of their political affiliations (illegal); Provide copies of all emails, letters, blog postings, tweets and speeches they've given (illegal); List all books you've read over the past ten years and provide a book report on each (illegal and unprecedented); and my personal favorite, List to whom you have prayed during the past three years and the content of those prayers.  Let me add an ! right here... 

If the responses didn't meet the expectations of the IRS agents charged with keeping these folks out of the political process, and they almost always didn't, their applications were once again shelved.  Or another round of interrogatories ensued.  This whole thing stinks, is clearly illegal and unethical, and so far, no one has been sanctioned or punished in any way.  In fact, only one guy was asked to resign from his temporary position two weeks before his contract was due to expire, and the other three were put on paid leave.  They were recently reinstated.  With promotions.  Surprised?

Let me summarize.  Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Americans were barred from political speech guaranteed by our Constitution for two complete campaign cycles.  It's obvious the Obama zombies were scared witless by the Tea Party Revolution that occurred in 2010, resulting in the loss of the House of Representatives by the Dumbocrats.  They were dedicated to making sure that would never happen again.  And they were willing to do anything - anything - to make sure it didn't.  If violating the Constitution, and breaking the law, and lying, cheating and stealing was required to keep another political tsunami from occurring, they did it, and they did it happily.  This fact should frighten every American, regardless of their political leanings.  After all, if they can screw us today, they can screw you tomorrow.  And they will.  Frightening. 

Now let's move forward to the subject of this blog posting: background checks for gun purchases.  The socialists in charge back in Foggy Bottom do not want us to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.  They don't want us to buy guns, or use them.  They want us disarmed, as only by so doing are we rendered defenseless, and unable to rise up and throw off the shackles of the tyranny they're dedicated to foisting upon us (see Karl Marx, Pol Pot, Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Castro, Kim Jung Il, etc., etc., etc.).   Remember, the right to keep and bear arms isn't in the Constitution so we can go deer hunting.  It's in the Bill of Rights because we need protection against folks like Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Reid, Durbin and the other D.C. gun-grabbers.  They know that.  And that's why they're on a never-ending quest to take our guns away.  As just-recalled from the Colorado Senate Andrea Giron so famously stated, " don't really have a right to protect yourselves.  That's what the police are for."

So flash forward to the paperwork they might have us fill out before we could qualify to buy a weapon.  Can you imagine, in light of the above, what the questions in that paperwork might be?  How about, "List every enemy you ever had, and what you'd like to do to them if you could to obtain revenge."  Or, "Would your ex-wife have any reason to prevent you from buying a weapon?"  "How about a neighbor?"  Or, do you believe in God?  If so why, and if not, why not?"  Or, "Have you ever had periods of depression, or listlessness, or boredom?"  "Have you ever consulted with a psychologist or psychiatrist?"  Or, "Do you have children, and do your children have friends who visit your home occasionally?"  Or, "Do you consume alcohol to excess, or at all?"  Or, "Where would you store your weapon if we permit you to obtain one, and who else would have access to that weapon?"  Or, "Do you, like everyone else, believe that all guns should  be outlawed, and, if they were, would you willingly turn over your weapons if asked?" 

Imagine what could be done with the answers to those "When did you stop beating your wife?" questions.  A background check questionnaire could easily be conjured up to make qualifying "to keep and bear arms" almost impossible.  And, trust me, it would be.

States, like California, and Illinois, and Washington, and Maryland, and New York, are doing everything they can to gut the 2nd Amendment by making ammunition inaccessible, or guns with features they don't like, like the color black, unavailable.  They'll go over, or under, or around the Constitution to get their way.  That's who they are.  They're Liberals.  They'll never change.  And we shouldn't either.

Just remember, Liberals just want to be left alone to live your life.

So, my friends, that's why we're against any effort, ANY EFFORT, to erode the 2nd Amendment.  Remember, if you let a camel get his nose under the tent, pretty soon you'll have a camel in the tent... 


  1. Chuck: Can you name any of the IRS targeted groups that were denied their exempt status? I believe the usual process is the group applies for exempt status under 501(c)(4) and operates as if the status has been granted. Thus, they receive all their political contributions, the group has its representative "free speech" heard until such time as the exemption is denied. Even if denied (after the group responds to all the intrusive and invasive questions) and the IRS determines the group should be taxed, the group has the right to appeal the denial of exempt status and to continue to operate until such time as the appeal is heard. Even if that appeal sustains the denial of exempt status, the group can appeal through the court system. Thus, the group might operate as a qualified 501(c)(4) group for many years before a final determination is concluded by the courts. Those might be facts to consider.

  2. I can't name any organization that was kept from operating as if approved, because there has not been any reported. Perhaps they were told not to operate in such a fashion. All we know for sure is that the Feds bullied these pro-conservative outfits into submission and that some are still waiting for approval. And if the libs could do this to pro-conservative groups, just imagine what they could do - if permitted - to keep you from exercising your 2nd Amendment rights. Be ever vigilant, my friends...


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