Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's October 1st...Time for Obamacare!

Thank the Lord!  It's October 1st and the long-awaited - and much-feared - Affordable Care Act kicks in today!

Yes, my friends, after waiting a long, long three years, we finally, finally, get to sign up for what's charitably come to be known as Obamacare. 

Today the exchanges crank up and we can simply go to the appropriate websites, answer a few questions, and VOILA!...we have health care!

Well, not exactly.  Actually, we can't go to the appropriate websites because they aren't up yet, or they've crashed and are unavailable.  But they'll likely be up by January 1st, we're told, when you absolutely, positively have to sign up or the Internal Revenue Service will send a posse out to round you up and fine you into the Stone Age.  But hey, that's then and this is now, and we can rejoice in the fact that we all now have health care!

Well, not exactly.  Actually, the ACA is not, NOT, I repeat, a health care program.  It is an insurance program.  And what you're signing up for is health insurance.  And far from being free, it charges you a premium, just like the one you pay for car insurance, unless, of course, you're an illegal alien, in which case you don't need no stinkin' car insurance.

And so, boys and girls, you signs up and you buys your health insurance.  And then what?  Likely what you'll discover is what the good residents of California discovered a few years ago when MediCal (our version of Medicaid) was expanded to cover just about every carbon-based life form in our once-Golden, but now severely-tarnished State. 

And under MediCal, doctors and hospitals receive a reimbursement of about 30% of what MediCare pays, which is just about 60% of what health insurance companies pay.  And, as Californians have unfortunately discovered, a growing number of doctors and hospitals politely refuse to serve those covered by MediCal.  When it costs more to deliver the service than the amount of reimbursement, the service is not delivered.  Except in Cuba, don't you know, where you don't have a choice (do you see a parallel here?).   

So you have health insurance, but you don't have health coverage.  And Obamacare is nothing but a vastly expanded form of Medicaid.  And that's not good news to anyone who, after being forced to buy this turkey, will likely discover they get nothing but partisan blather in return.

It's kind of like being forced to buy a ticket to a concert you don't want to attend, and then, upon arrival at the venue, find that the door is locked and you can't get in.  And they're not offering a refund, either.

Not good.

A recent survey among practicing physicians produced some amazing results.  An alarming 83% of these doctors stated they were planning to retire early.  And  that they were advising their friends and family to avoid medicine as a career.  And who will these doctors be replaced with?  Good question.

So this half-backed, liberal wet dream of a gargantuan entitlement results in almost everybody having health insurance and almost nobody getting health services.

Ready, fire, aim.  Courtesy of the Democratic Party...

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