Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Is Liberalism a Mental Illness?

I have come to believe that Liberalism may be a mental illness.

I could be wrong, but I don't think so.  Let's consider the facts...

My friends, and you are my friends, Liberalism must  be a mental illness.  There's really no other way to explain why some people, and perhaps a tad over half the people, they having been divided into little sub-groups by the Democrats over the eons, i.e., blacks, Jews, Latinos, the poor, the Lap Dog Media, college professors, etc., etc., have decided to embrace a philosophy which cannot by any means be defended by ordinary, everyday, presumably otherwise intelligent people.

In my erstwhile opinion, that is.

Think about it:  Liberals believe that there is income inequality and that it's unfair!  

Well, Duuuuuuuuh!  

Of course there's income inequality!  That's because some people are worth more for what they do than others!  If you can dance, or sing, or do magic tricks, or throw a fastball, or maybe create a company or a product or a service that everybody wants (think "Apple"), then you can command more money than if your only talent is sucking down Schlitz Malt Liquor and watching Jerry Springer reruns whilst sitting on your fat ass on your threadbare couch in your BVD's sporting a three day-old growth of beard.  

But Liberals, or as they are sometimes called, Progressives, or socialists, or communists, or even Democrats, believe that we should all be paid the same.

Think about it.  Back eight years ago or so, before Barry Obama had yet to become our Dear Leader, some of us went to college and got a degree and scored a job and went to work and earned a good paycheck.  And others didn't.  The ones that did earned more money than the ones that didn't. And nobody found that the least bit strange.  I mean, why would they?  No harm, no foul.  

But then Barry screwed the system by forcing through Obamacare without a single Republican vote, which obliterated the 40 hour workweek.  And it, along with an avalanche of onerous new rules and regulations that strangled businesses and killed the job market. Unemployment went through the roof.  Businesses stopped hiring. Middle class jobs all but disappeared.  And then little Johnnies and Suzies had to compete with middle-aged, newly-unemployed 'Muricans who had just been displaced from their well-paying jobs for minimum wage work by the realities mentioned above.  

And those policies have so far put 93,567,000 out of the workforce.  That leaves only 63.7% in the Labor Force Participation Rate (the LFPR is a Federal Government-provided statistic...they report to Obama, so this statistic must be accurate). That's a 40 year low, my friends!  And we now boast 43,000,000 on food stamps. That's 15% of the entire population!  Not good. No, my friends, not good at all...

And then there's the slowest recovery from a recession in the history of America. Never a year since Barry was immaculated that has the economy exceeded 3% growth. And in most it was much less.  Much less!  The growth rate for 2016 shows only a 1.2% growth rate, so far.  Anemic.  We need at least, at least, a 4% annual growth in the Gross Domestic Product in order to create enough jobs to keep pace with our growing population.  In Ronnie Reagan's time his GDP grew at an annual rate of 8% coming out of the recession he inherited.  But Libbies seem happy with Barry's performance. Mental illness?  You decide.

And Barry said that George W's $9 Trillion in debt was "unpatriotic."  But Libbies must be okay with his $20 Trillion in Federal debt.   And it's climbing.  Quickly. Obama hasn't created jobs, but he has created more Federal debt than all other presidents in our nation's proud history, combined!  Is that unpatriotic also?  

But Liberals seem happy with it.  They must, because they're all gleeful at the prospect of voting in Hil(liar)y to add another four-year or eight-year term to Barry O.'s Presidency. That's what they both are advertising.  Mentally ill?

And how about this:  The unions, having lost most all their membership over the years, decided to look to min-wage employers to gain new dues payers. I mean, after all, the union bosses need somebody to pay for their ultra-luxe, first-class vacations to the Bahamas, right?  The Service Employees International Union, the folks who represent the $8.00 an hour maids who make up your bed at the Holiday Inn, bet more than $50 Million of their members' hard-earned dues in a multi-year effort to shame McDonalds and other fast food joints into paying their employees $15.00 an hour. That's nearly double the current $7.85 min-wage. A wage bump, by the way, that would put almost all of them out of business. That's nearly twice the starting wage of a soldier in the United States Army!  Do you actually think that a burger-flipper should be paid twice what a soldier, who is required to write a blank check payable to you and me for a sum up to and including his life, should earn?  But hey, America, they're probably mentally ill, so that sort of thinking makes perfect sense to them.  Not to me, but apparently to them.

Annnnnnd then there's this:  How about the sort of mental acuity that would permit Liberals to actually believe that "climate change" is more dangerous to us that ISIS? You know, that band of Islamic jihadist killer murderous pond scum thugs who want to separate our heads from our bodies poses less of a risk to us, the Libbies believe, then "global warming," or "climate chaos," or "climate disruption," or whatever they're calling it these days. John "Lurch" Kerry, our Secretary of State, and our National Buffoon, just said so last week.  Are they stark-raving nuts? Seems so to me. How about you?

Hello Liberals!  The climate has been changing since there was a climate!  It gets hotter, then colder, then hotter again. California used to be covered with ice. It was called "The Little Ice Age."  But if you haven't noticed lately, it no longer is. That's because...wait for it...the climate changed!  And I'm thinking it will continue to change regardless of Liberals' die- hard effort to tax us into submission in an effort to stop it.  

Think about it:  There were no SUV's when Taxifornia was covered with ice.  And yet, the "climate changed," causing all that ice to melt, and without a single bit of carbon dioxide from the tailpipe of a Chevy Suburban assisting in the process. I think this kind of thinking actually does require one to be a bit loonie.  Agree?

Did you know that China and India are opening a new coal-fired electricity generating plant every week?  Between the two of them they have half of the world's population. And they need to generate power for their populations.  They know, and we know, that coal is the most efficient, and cheapest, source of power we humans have.  And we have a 200-year supply.  Buuuut, Liberals seem to believe that what happens there will stay there.  Kind of like Las Vegas, I guess.  

Maybe they think there's a 60,000 foot tall Plexiglas wall surrounding America, keeping out all the bad air that's generated on the other side of the planet.  But, Liberals don't seem to know that as the world spins on its axis the atmosphere (climate) circles the globe counter-clockwise. What's there today will be here next week.  But if you're mentally ill, you won't know that. Too bad, so sad.

And how about this?  That group of Liberal thinkers seems to believe that college should be free.  Yes, free!  And, since we know that nothing is free, then who, exactly, do they think should pay for this "free" gift from the Federal Gummint?  The 1%, that's who. And, since the 1% already pays 38.7% of all the Federal income taxes collected, exactly how much do the Libbies think those God-awful 1%-ers should pay?  50%? 80%?  110%?

Hil(liar)y Clinton was on TV this past Sunday telling the talking head that was interviewing her that she intended to get the money to pay for college and new roads and bridges and highways from the "1%."  Why?  Because, as she said, "That's where the money is."  Do you remember Willie "The Actor" Sutton, that infamous Depression-era bank robber? He said precisely the same thing when asked why he robbed banks. Clinton has, it appears, a good mentor.

What makes these drooling fools think the "1%-ers" won't take some of that wealth and head off to the local airport, hop on board a nice shiny Gulfstream 550, and depart for Panama, or Costa Rica, or Belize?  I would.  Wouldn't you? In fact, wouldn't you have to be crazy not to? 

In fact, more than 1,000 higher earners turned in their U.S. passports last year and headed off for parts unknown, taking their wealth with them.  More are expected to join them this year.  When will the Liberals get a grip and figure out that they're killing the Golden Goose?  Or, perhaps we should just realize that they will never do so, because they're - hello! - mentally ill!   

Bringing this little soap opera drama closer to (my) home, California has lost more than 9,000 corporations over the past ten years.  Why?  Because the dummies in power up there in Sacramento don't seem to realize that overtaxing its citizens can - and does - result in their bolting for parts unknown.  What's that sound we hear?  It's the roll-up door on U-Haul trucks closing just before their tail lights start growing ever dimmer as they head East on the I-10 for Nevada, or Utah, or Arizona, or New Mexico, or Texas.

Example:  Toyota incorporated in Torrance, California more than sixty years ago. They've done quite well ever since. Yet, the once-Golden State has kept on raising taxes to the point it no longer makes sense to do bizz here.  So, that automotive icon has become one of those 9,000 corps that have escaped.  They relocated to Plano, Texas, taking more than 4,000 white collar execs with them.  And what did Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, our Guv and Civil Servant-for-Life have to say about their move? "Good riddance," said he.  Nice, Jer.  Nice.  Mentally ill?  Me thinks so.

My theory is it won't be long before there's no one left here in Taxifornia except for sign twirlers and Starbucks baristas. But that's because those who are calling the shots are - you already know it - mentally ill.

And consider this:  Our military is the smallest it's been since the day before Pearl Harbor.  Barry has made it so.  Our Navy is half the size it was when Ronnie Reagan was President.  We've gone from an 800 ship Navy to just over 350.  Our Air Force is smaller than it was when it hadn't yet been named the "Air Force."  We've lost more than 300,000 soldiers in the U.S. Army alone. Smaller even than it was before World War 2.  Do the Libbies not know that our enemies attack us when we're most vulnerable?  Me thinks not.  Does anyone doubt that the Libbie's hate the military? I'd like to know who could possibly doubt that claim. Perhaps they really are mentally ill.

And, for my finale, the Liberals among us actually seem to believe that when really, really Bad Guys shoot up a school, or a mall, or a movie theater, then the absolutely reasonable and proper thing to do is to take guns away from gun owners who did nothing at all wrong.  They don't seem to feel the same about cars when drunk drivers kill people, or knives when crazies start slashing up a crowd, or pressure cookers when a jihadist murdering thug blows a number of innocent folks to smithereens during a marathon.  

But they are fixated on separating honest, honorable, red-blooded, God-fearing 'Muricans from their legally-purchased and legally-owned weapons, even though those gun owners possess them under the aegis of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which, as the Supreme Court has affirmed under Heller v. D.C., absolutely guarantees them the Right of such ownership.

And more recently the Libbies have selected as their candidate for POTUS a woman who is advocating employing the "Australian form of gun control."  Now we all know that the Australians solved their gun "problem," if there was one, by forcibly confiscating all weapons.  Oh, they gave the now-defenseless owners a few bucks in exchange, but more than 800,000 of their guns were melted down, leaving only criminals with firearms.  

And the Libbies somehow believe that putting up signs saying "Gun Free Zone" will keep the guns away.  I'm guessing they also believe that putting up signs saying "Hurricane Free Zone" will prevent another Katrina.  

Think of it, my friends.  The Libs believe, deep down, that a sign - a sign - will turn some crazed dude around and cause him to rethink his plan to murder a bunch of innocents.  Hey Liberals!  Did you know that the Korean crazy that shot up Virginia Tech a few years back walked past a sign proclaiming "Gun Free Zone" on his way to the scene of his crimes?  Maybe the sign needed to be larger.  Or maybe it needed to be in "all caps."  Or maybe a different font was needed.  A sign?  Really?  Jeeeesh! 

This last factoid should be the ultimate piece of evidence that mental illness is rampant among those of Liberal persuasion. Could anything be greater proof that those on the Left, you know, the Liberals, the Progressives, the Democrats, are absolutely stark-raving lunatics?  

Orrrrrrr, maybe they're just trying to disarm the public to make them easier to manage when the Balloon Goes Up.  If that's the case, then maybe they're not mentally ill at all. Maybe they're just diabolically evil...

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