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Could "Gun Control" Actually Work?

Our friends on the "Left" would have us believe that just a little bit more of that thing they call "gun control" would have a decidedly positive impact on reducing gun crimes here in America.  

That "Left" group, and the all-inclusive "they" that follows in this humble posting, would include Progressives, communists, socialists, Marxists, and members of the Oceans Foundation and the Sierra Club; most all who work at channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13, as well as CNN and MSNBC, plus PBS and NPR; Internet sites like MediaMatters,, Snopes and Politico; all but a few journalists, especially those who ply their trade at the L.A. Times, the N.Y. Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post; over half of all politicians, especially semi-retired POTUS B. Hussein Obama and his sidekick Sheriff Joe "Plugs" Biden; nearly every single university and college professor, especially the tenured ones who can say and do whatever they want without fear of retribution; almost all those who reside in Hollywierd; and those who are, shall we charitably say, mentally challenged.

They tell us that there's just too too many guns around here. They tell us that they're too easy to come by.  Our erstwhile POTUS has even told us they're easier to buy than a book or a computer(!).  They tell us that implementation of a thing called "Universal Background Checks" would also keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them, while continuing to permit us poor schlubs to hunt deer, just like the Founding Fathers intended, doncha' know.  And that's even though there's nothing in the 2nd Amendment about deer or any other animal, or hunting anything, for that matter, except maybe politicians who attempt to engage in a bit of executive overreach. 

They tell us that we do not "need" those scary, evil-looking black things they call "assault rifles," even though they cannot tell us what that term means exactly, and even though there's more than 10 million of them in circulation, and even though they are collectively the most popular "modern sporting rifles" here in America, and even though less than 3% of all gun deaths are caused by rifles of any description. Of course, if they know of that last statistic, which is easily discovered by just Googling a bit, they unfortunately tend to keep it to themselves.

Oh, and even though it's not up to those on the "Left" and the "They" to decide what we "need."  I would offer up that, as free, honest, honorable, God-fearing 'Muricans, operating under the auspices of the 2nd Amendment, it's what we "want," not "need," that matters, wouldn't you?

They tell us that fully 90% of everybody wants enhanced "Universal Background Checks," including, they tell us, even members of the National Rifle Association.  What they don't tell us, of course, is that the telephone survey that gave us that bit of polling effluvia was done more than 19 years ago, using only 234 registered - not even "likely" - voters, and is therefore statistically insignificant.  Yet, they dredge it up at every opportunity, without letting us know that it's totally and completely bogus and worthless and irrelevant.  They seem to have a pretty poor opinion of our intellect, don't they? Should they?

Oh, and it was also what's called a "push poll," which means the answer was solicited to be a certain way by virtue of the way the question was asked.  "They" also don't tell us that, by the way, do they?.

They tell us that guns kills more than 30,000 Americans each and every year, and that this is just waaaay too many.  Just completely unacceptable, doncha' know.  And that's true, they say, even though if we subtracted those who chose to commit suicide with a gun, and those who were murdered due to gang or other crimes of violence, the number done in accidentally via guns, about 500 per year on average, would be less than those who die as a result of slips and falls in the shower, and less than one-thirtieth the number who die in auto accidents. Kinda' looks a bit different if you view it that way, doesn't it?  

So, let's just take a look at what would happen if "they" got their wish and America was made "safe" by the implementation of their beloved "Universal Background Checks" and enhanced "gun control."  By that definition, Chicago is Ground Zero for gun control heaven.  Gun control, as they define it, has been in effect there for more than 50 years.  In fact, it is nearly impossible to buy and own a gun in Chicago. City ordinances there prohibit operating a gun store within 500 feet of a park, or a church, or a liquor store, or within 1,000 feet of a school.  Very creative in how they write those ordinances, those Chicagoans!

Those same ordinances eliminate 99.79% of all the land area within the city of Chicago or the 34 cities surrounding it in which a gun store might operate.  Want to know where the only gun store is in the entire city of Chicago?  The Main Police Station downtown, that's where!  And it's only open between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and Noon on alternate Thursdays.  Kind of intimidating to those who might want to buy a gun, right? Real convenient for those desirous of exercising their 2nd Amendment Right, right?  

Plus one must undergo 8 hours of classroom training, plus no less than 6 hours of actual live fire exercise under the supervision of a licensed professional at a gun range in order to qualify to be able to purchase a firearm.  Oh wait, there's no gun ranges in Chicago!  In fact, the closest gun range to the City of Chicago is more than 40 miles away!  Wow, those in charge in Chicago seem to be trying to make it really difficult to buy a gun, right?

Annnnnd, if you manage to actual acquire a gun legally somehow, with all the training and fees and such, which can take many months and run to more than $2,000, plus the gun, of course, the Chicago city fathers and mothers have some additional requirements for you as a gun owner. You may not loan or give your weapon to another (felony if you do!), or even permit them to hold it.  You may not remove the gun from your home of record, unless you are on your way to or from a gun range, and then it has to be secured and locked in the trunk of your car (violators are felons!). They are serious! You can't even take it into your garage! I guess a garage is not considered part of your house in Chicago. And, it must remain unloaded and locked in an approved safe at all times while in your home.  So much for being available to protect one from some nefarious dude who wishes to separate you from your stuff. 

Can't you just see it?  A burglar breaks in and you ask him to wait while you unlock your safe, load up your gun and then return to the scene of the crime.  By then the Bad Guy has either, (a) ran for his life, or (b) taken yours. 

Are you getting the idea that gun control is operating at full blast and on steroids in Chicago?  So, is it working?  You be the judge...

During the last week of July, 2016, Chicago achieved a milestone I'm pretty sure they would rather not have met. They just surpassed 2,600 shootings for the year!  Their total during all of 2015 was 2,988.  And they now have more than 500 killings due to guns in 2016.  That's running at about 20% more than 2015, and 2015 was an all-time record! There were 50 just this past weekend!  And they're averaging as 10 or 15 deaths each weekend!  There was 65 killings during July alone!  Think of it!  A town "without guns" is in the running for the most dangerous city in America for gun deaths! You stand a better chance of making it out alive in beautiful downtown Baghdad then you do in the Windy City!

Chicago is not alone in terms of big blue, anti-gun cities.  The gun crime rates in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Detroit, Newark, the District of Columbia and Oakland, for example, are almost as chilling. None of them make it easy to buy and own and use a gun.  All are owned and operated by Democrats.  And all are steeped in gang-style killings with guns.

But what of cities that are more friendly to guns?  When, I would ask, was the last time you heard of a shooting in Oklahoma City, or Nashville, or Topeka, or Dallas, or Salt Lake City? Ponder that for awhile, my friends.  

And while we're on the subject, when was the last time the Lap Dog Media told you an NRA member, veteran, husband, father, and law-abiding gun owner went off the rails and shot up someplace or other?  There's more than 5 million NRA members and more than 100 Million gun owners, so there's plenty of opportunity for Good Guys to act like Bad Guys if they really wanted to.  They just seemingly don't want to.  Go ahead, try and defend the Media. I'll wait...

So, what do our candidates for POTUS have to say about guns and gun control? Trump is a Life Member of the NRA and has had a concealed carry permit for decades. That's all we need to know about him.  

Hil(liar)y, on the other hand, makes no secret of her hatred of guns nor of her plans to basically gut the 2nd Amendment. She is open in her condemnation of the Supreme Court decision on "Heller v. District of Columbia." "Heller" established that we all have a basic, innate, fundamental Right to own firearms and keep them in our homes for self defense.  Clinton wants to have that decision revisited (read reversed).  And the way she intends to do that is to appoint left-wing commie pinko weenie justices to overturn it. Her more detailed plans call for implementing the aforementioned Universal Background Checks, so the Feds know who has the guns, limiting the number of guns you can buy, and then outlawing so-called "assault rifles" and semi-automatic weapons (one pull of the trigger, one bullet goes out the pointy end).  You should know that outlawing semi-automatics would eliminate fully 74% of all weapons available for sale!  So there. You don't really have to repeal the 2nd Amendment.  You just eliminate 3/4ths of the guns available for sale here in America.  Same thing.  And easier to accomplish.

Think of it:  A woman who has had scads of armed bodyguards protecting her rather well-upholstered bottom for decades wants to disarm you, the Great Unwashed. Ponder that also...

And helping Hitlery in her quest is Taxifornia's very own Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome (no wonder Kimberly Guilfoyle left him!).  He's decided that his best hope to replace Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown in the corner office in Sacramento is legislation to further screw us gun owners by forcing us to pay $50 for a background check each time we want to buy ammo, and then limit us to 100 rounds per month!  So a $5 box of .22s would now cost us $55.00!  

You see the trend here, folks?  Make guns harder to buy, harder to own, and harder and more expensive to use. Punishing law-abiding gun owners for the actions of the few seems to be how commie pinko dumbass liberal weenies intend to render us defenseless...

So, I ask this question:  However you feel about guns, whether you love them or hate them, do you really want someone to start nibbling around the edges of our Bill of Rights?  And even if you're okay with rewriting the 2nd Amendment, what comes next? The 1st?  The 4th?  The 5th?  The 10th?  It's a slippery slope, my friends.  

So, I started this unassuming little missive by asking the question, "Could gun control actually work?"  Well, based upon the hard facts presented herein, you be the judge. Could it?

EPILOG:  After pushing the "Publish" button on this, my latest little offering to my tens of rabid followers, I noticed an interesting article in today's Press-Enterprise.  

In spite of the fact that Meheeeeeko's Constitution guarantees its citizens th right to buy and own handguns and rifles for self-defense and sporting purposes, actually getting your hands on one proves to be far more difficult than here in the States.  Going Chicago one better, Meheeeeeeeeeeko has just one gun store in the entire country! And, it's located in a nondescript, unmarked industrial building deep in the suburbs of the Capitol.  It's staffed by uniformed soldiers as well.  You must surrender your cell phones and cameras to enter, and remove caps and all outer garments prior to passing through the metal detector.  The guns are all secured in glass cases and out of the reach of possible purchasers. The store manager states openly that he does his very best to dissuade those who might try to buy one of these beauties from actually doing so.  Seems they worry that guns, the same ones their citizens have the absolute right to own, the same ones that are thicker than fleas on a Blue Tick hound among the drug cartels, might actually fall into the hands of...their ordinary citizens.  No wonder they're trying to make their way north...

This article was very timely.  This is proof to those who might need it of just how far politicians can go to deprive us of our rights, without actually eliminating those rights altogether. Convinced yet?   

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