Saturday, August 13, 2016

King County vs. Philadelphia

Let me take you back to the 2012 General Election, my friends.  

It was Romney vs. Obama.  We'd like to think that it was hard-fought, but it wasn't. Romney proved to have brought a knife to a gun fight.  He was a wuss.  He just wasn't willing to take the battle to Obama and his sycophants, presumably because he did not wish to be thought a racist.  Obama, you see, is half-white. Some call him half-black, but that's them.  

In fact, it's reported that the residents of Kenya, East Africa are now reporting that Mr. Obama is half-white, probably due to his abject failure as a President.  Actually, I just made that up.  But if they're paying attention to the news, it's surely possible a few of them think that, right?

As to the subject of this posting.  Those of us who make it a hobby to analyze politics and its effect on our lives, like me, enjoy looking for anomalies.  And one gigantic anomaly was what happened in King County, Texas back in November, 2008.  

King County, my friends, is the very largest county in all of America.  It is 913 square miles in area.  That's big.  Yet, it is the home of only 314 citizens, with no incorporated town.  It produces scads of oil, and is home to the very largest cattle ranch in the entire United States.  It is also the very most Republican county in America.  

In the 2012 election, 95.9% of King County's residents voted for Mitt Romney.  That means that 3.1%, or just 5voted for Obama.  When an enterprising reporter later began a search to find and interview one or more of those five, he found no one willing to admit to having cast a vote for "that guy." Perhaps they were afraid of being shamed by their fellow residents.  

Now let's take a look at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  One of America's oldest and most historic cities, "Philly" boasts a total of 1,560,207 residents as of the 2010 census. And, predictably for an old, Eastern, "blue" city, which has been owned and operated for generations by the Democrat party machine, 78.5% of its residents vote Democrat. Only 9.4% of its citizens admit to being Republicans. And those likely live in the more affluent suburbs.  So, one could reasonably predict that approximately that same relative mix could be expected when the votes are counted. You know, like one out of every eight or so votes cast would be for the Republican? 

Absolutely not!

There were 59 districts in the City of Philadelphia during the 2012 General Election that recorded not a single vote for Mitt Romney!  Not a single vote!  3.1% of King County, the most Republican county in America, voted for Obama, but not a single citizen of Philly in 59 of its voting precincts voted for Romney!  

What do you figure the odds are against that?  I would think that there would have had to have been at least one drug-addled, wheelchair-bound, alcoholic, one-legged Viet Nam vet who would have pulled the handle for Mitt, if only by accident, wouldn't you?

But noooooooooooooooooooo!

In fact, there was an elderly Black woman in Philly back then who was nice enough to admit, on camera, that she voted for B. Hussein Obama 7 times!  She said she wanted to make sure her vote "counted."  It sure did.  Multiple times.  

In fact, there were a number of cities within larger metropolitan areas in Chicago, Baltimore and Newark, back then, for example, that reported that as many as 130% of the registered voters in their precincts had voted for Obama. That's pretty hard to do, I'm guessing, unless the guy who gets that percentage of the vote belongs to the "right" party.

Now, as every American should know, voting more than once is a felony.  And the woman in Philly was indicted, charged and convicted of voter fraud for her transgression.  But after serving a few months in the local Gray Bar Hotel, she had her conviction overturned by then (Black) Attorney General Eric Holder and released with much fanfare from prison. Seems that breaking the law in a way that's advantageous to the "preferred" regime isn't really breaking the law at all.

And aren't we seeing exactly that exact same scenario play out right about now with Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton?  FBI Director James Comey tells us that she is guilty of gross violations of law but somehow will not be indicted by Obama's Justice Department.  And her "charitable foundations" manage to pay out only 14% of all donations to the charities for which they were founded.  The remainder, 86%, goes to pay for her and her husband's travel, meals, vacations, clothing and leisure!  Really?  

And she just released her tax returns.  Seems they reported earning $10.4 Million last year.  That's pretty good for someone who never started a business or invented anything and can't sing or dance or hit a fastball.  It seems that what Hillary's really good at is selling influence, first to the Arkansas State House, then to the White House Lincoln Bedroom, and later to the U.S. State Department.  But hey, she gave $1 Million to charity!  That's good, right?  Right?

Oh yeah, the charity that received that donation was...wait for it...the Clinton Family Foundation.  So the Foundation give the Clintons money, and then they give it right back to the Foundation, and claim a tax deduction for so doing.  The fact that the Lap Dog Media doesn't blare out the hypocrisy of this obvious self-dealing is telling in and of itself.  And yet, they somehow get away with it.

So those who are concerned that the upcoming election may be rigged, with the outcome known to "insiders" in advance, have every right to be.  I'm just wondering when those 5 lonely Democrats in King County, Texas, will get the message and start voting more than once...

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