Saturday, August 27, 2016

The "Email Female"

Do you believe the legs this Hil(liar)y Clinton email fiasco has grown?  I mean, it was 14 months ago when she called a press conference at the United Nations and told us, to our faces, that "she never sent, nor received, anything marked classified, from her email server."  And then we've been bathed in a quagmire of thousands and thousands of emails which keep rising from the fetid swamp of her infamous history sufficient to make us shake our heads in disbelief.

So let's take a walk back in time and look at this whole putrid mess, by-the-numbers:

Hillary Rodham Clinton took office as Secretary of State on January 21, 2009.  That would be the very next day after one Mr. B. Hussein Obama was immaculated.  And she installed her home-brew computer server in her basement that very same day!  

Why?  There can only be one reason: to keep whatever that server wound up serving sacrosanct from Freedom of Information Requests, or "FOIA's."  That would be, "away from you and me, the American public."

Her last day of service to you and I, the 'Murican people, was February 1, 2013.  Thus, she served a total of 1,359 days. Assuming that she "worked" 5 days a week, an assumption I'm not willing to make, and "worked" 16 hours a day, an assumption I'm certainly not willing to make, she would have "worked" a total of about 1,000 days.  And by the way, she was in the hospital recovering from a concussive fall and "unavailable" to testify before Congress for at least three months during the latter part of that period.

Now we know that during this period she visited 121 countries.  That makes her in my mind the Frequent Flyer-in-Chief.  What did she accomplish by visiting those countries? Hmmm. It would seem from my perspective almost nothing. And I'm crediting her with "almost" because I'm just naturally kind and nice and sweet. But you knew that already, right? 

Let's take a look and give her our grade for her work. Russia is on the march, obviously endeavoring to restore the former greatness of the Soviet Union (that "reset" didn't work so well, did it Hil(liar)y?).  Syria is in flames ("Red Line" crossed!).  Our victory in Iraq has been squandered.  ISIS, which didn't exist until Mr. Obama pulled our victorious troops out of Iraq without a "tripwire" Status of Forces Agreement," is now operating without limitation in 40 countries and on six continents.  Her decision to decapitate Lybia's "Strongman" Khadafi has been an all-out disaster.  She (and Barry) abandoned Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood, handing it over to our enemies.  Iran has grown from a sanctions-bedeviled, failing power to the leading sponsor of terrorism in the entire world. I can't think of a country that reveres us or our support now more than they did when she took office.  Maybe you can. Go ahead.  Try.  I'll wait...

And although she didn't seem to do much more than flit around the globe a lot on one of our Air Force 767's, during that same period we now know that she produced a seriously yuuuuge volume of emails!  When she refused to play along by handing them over when requested, an Associated Press lawsuit forced her to turn over 55,000 printed pages of emails to the State Department a full two years after she left office!  

In that infamous United Nations press conference she told us she had erased 30,000 more emails that dealt only with "yoga lessons, grandchildren and wedding plans." And although she told us that was all there were, the FBI found another 2,000+, many of them highly classified, when they "unwiped" her home-brew basement server.  And now, a whole bunch of time later, we've just learned that the State Department has uncovered - voila ~ another 15,000 or so of these little jewels!

Who knows if there will be more uncovered.  My guess is yes, there will be.  But even if there aren't, there were something like 100,000 emails sent and/or received by HRC during her tenure!

If one just does the math, ex-Secretary Clinton would have had to write and forward six-plus emails per hour, for every waking, work-day hour, for the entire 1,000 days of her tenure!  That's one every ten minutes, 16 hours-per-day, for every day she worked, including during meals, naps and bathroom breaks!  And that means between the time she pushed "send," she was either composing the very next one, or reading one just received and responding to it.  Did we pay this aging babe from the House of Clinton to do nothing but write emails?  It would certainly seem so...

I'm kind of hoping they find some more emails that she has guaranteed us she never sent nor received and surely do not exist.  If so it will skew these statistics even further. For me, I'm kind of astounded at what the facts have just produced. And I'm also quite dismayed that I chose another line of work besides "The Government," as having done so padded this couple's bank account to the tune of way more than $100 Million Dollars while she was working for us, you and me.

They don't dance.  They can't sing.  They didn't invent anything.  They didn't start a business.  They just got elected. And then reelected.  And then discovered they could rent out the Lincoln Bedroom.  And then it really started raining money!  Bushel baskets full of the stuff!

I mean, even Bernie Sanders, arguably the very least accomplished Senator and ardent socialist, a guy who didn't earn a regular weekly paycheck until the age of 40 when he was elected Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, just paid $600,000 in cash for his third home, one on the beach, doncha' know.  This of course proves that, no matter how insignificant you are as a legislator, and believe me, Bernie is really insignificant, having never, ever passed a single piece of legislation, you can amass a fortune while working for what you and I would call not-such-a-big-salary.   

Is America great, or what?

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