Sunday, August 7, 2016

"Creating Jobs"

Like you, I probably heard politicians utter two words during the Primary Season and the political party conventions just finished (thank God!) more than any others:  

"Creating Jobs!"

Yes, my friends, politicians just luuuuv to talk about creating jobs.  And I find that strange, because with the exception of a very, very few of them, none have ever created a single job. In fact, it's' my opinion they wouldn't know how.  

That's because they do not know what they do not know.  We have a perfect example of the undeniable truth in that statement currently residing in the peoples' White House. We elected a man whose qualifications were serving as a community organizer (which means signing up poor Black folks on the south side of Chicago to vote Democrat in exchange for food stamps), and 153 days in the Senate.  In fact, He probably thinks He knows what He's doing.  He doesn't.  And that's why folks like Him have so little difficulty in talking about it.  

Yes, my friends, and you are my friends, politicians these days give a bad name to the very name itself.  Back in George Washington's day, politicians left the farm, or the general store, or the blacksmith shop and headed off to the new Federal Republic of the District of Columbia to spend two or three or four years doing the peoples' work. Making laws and trying to help craft our brand new nation is what they were there for. And they did a damn fine job.  And when they were through doing their duty, often at a high cost to their fortunes and families, they headed on back to the farm or the store or the shop to resume their previous careers. And that's why we loved - and love - them so.

Today?  Not so much.  

It's been said that a politician has two jobs: getting elected, and then getting reelected. Did you know that the average member of the House of Representatives needs to rake in more than $20,000 per dayevery single day, in contributions to fund their reelection campaigns?  That takes a lot of time, effort and energy.  Time and energy that could have, and should have, been used to do what they were sent to Foggy Bottom to do. 

But most of the time they are successful in achieving that lofty goal.  The "return rate" of Congressweenies that decide to run for reelection, which is almost all of them, is better than 95%!  Today, being a lawmaker turns out to be more or less a lifetime job. One with some serious benefits in terms of income and influence and retirement perks. One, it seems, that a whole lot of 'Muricans crave.

However, unless the politician has had a business career prior to entering politics, he or she more than likely has never, ever created a single solitary job.  Most of them are lawyers, meaning the only thing they've ever created is reasonable doubt and very large invoices.  

But bizz guys and gals invent stuff and start companies and hire folks.  That's called "creating jobs." Jobs that wouldn't exist had they not taken a gamble and started a company.  

But, once again, the normal, everyday, average politician (read bloviating dissembling narcissistic insufferable weenie) doesn't know that.  They keep paying lip service to "creating jobs." And most Americans actually believe them.  That's because most Americans have never created jobs.  And that "most" includes the Lap Dog Media, who have never signed a check on its face, either.  So, we have a Perfect Storm; lying politicians, left-wing reporters and gullible voters. Sad.

Back to creating jobs.  You need to know only two things before we proceed:

1.  The Government has no money of its own.  In order to get some money, the Gummint first has to take that money from somebody who earned it.

2.  The only job Government ever created was a Government job.  

Got it?  Good.

Sooooo, here's the recap:  Government forcibly takes your dough (as if you had a choice!), and then redistributes it all willy nilly to whomever it thinks can be successfully bought, via the voting booth, benefiting only itself.  And in addition, the printing press at the Treasury Department is running 24/7, puking forth the extra cash that the Gummint thinks it needs that picking the publics' pocket doesn't produce in sufficient quantities.  

So here's what you need to know about Government and creating jobs:  

The only thing Government can do to influence job creation is to create an environment into which jobs are drawn.

And how does it do that?  Here, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is The Chuckmeister's prescription for job creation:

1.  First, create a tax policy that rewards risk.  If you risk the time, effort, energy and money necessary to start a company or a service or a product and hire people, you should not be punished for so doing via a usurious tax rate.  America's income tax rate is 35+%.  That is the very highest in the world!  Ireland's, for example, is only 15%.  Any question, then, why our corporations are picking up and leaving our shores in droves for the Emerald Isle?

2.  And second, Government rules, regulations, guidelines, policies and procedures should be minimized, streamlined and smoothed out so as to make new business formation quick, easy and simple.  The 7,100 pages of onerous new rules and regulations that have been put in place since Obama rode in on a lightning bolt from Mount Kenyastan have gone a long way toward strangling new business formation.  

Closer to home (my home, that is), it takes more than a year and more than $1 Million dollars to gain approval from all levels of Gummint in the once-Golden State of Taxifornia to open a new fast food franchise restaurant.  It takes less than three months and less than $60,000 to gain approval in the Great State of Texas.  That's why the CEO of Carl's Jr. made the choice not to open another burger joint in CA, the state in which it was created, and move all its new restaurant formation chips to Texas.  In just the past two years more than 60 Carl's Jr.s have been opened in Texas. And Texas has no personal or corporate income taxes!  And that's just one example!  Thus, moving your business and your staff to Texas gains one an immediate increase in bottom-line income of as much as 13.9%, plus lower housing and living costs.  

Blow that shocking statistic up over the 9,000 corporations that have escaped CA and you have the makings of a genuine revolt!  In fact, while we're on the subject, did you know that more than 50% of all the new American jobs created since Barry O was immaculated were created in Texas?  That ought to be all the proof you need to know that a fairer tax rate and minimal Government interference will create the vacuum into which scads of jobs will be drawn. Food for thought... 

So, the next time some bloviating bozo in a suit tries to tell you that he or she can create jobs, run, don't walk, in the opposite direction.  You'll be doing yourself a favor...

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