Monday, July 25, 2016

Buying handguns, computers and books...

And while we're on the subject of guns...

...during the memorial to the five murdered hero policemen in Dallas a week or so ago, our semi-retired, full-time vacationer -in-Chief POTUS was kind enough to hijack that solemn gathering and share with us, the Great Unwashed, his opinions regarding racial inequality, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and teenagers and their purchasing choices.  Lucky us.

Here's a part of what he said, and I quote:  

"...We flood communities with so many guns it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock then to get his hands on a computer, or even a book."

Somewhat later in that interminable sermon, he said, "...We all know this to be true."

Well, Mr. Obama, may I say that we don't all know this to be true.  In fact, those of us who were wearing the tinfoil hats back in 2008 when you and your backers hipmotizzzzzed America, know that what you said that day was a bald-faced lie.  About one-third of us screamed at the TV, using all manner of nasty, unprintable comments. The other two-thirds nodded their likely unemployed heads in agreement, saying, "You tell 'em, Oh Sahib!"  

And there's only one question that must be asked: Did you actually believe what you said that day, or were you just bleating out another in a never-ending series of falsehoods so as to keep your mindless flock "oohing" and "ahhing" at your every utterance?  

If you actually believed what you said, then you are completely devoid of any semblance of common knowledge regarding the purchase of firearms here in what you've done your very best to make a once-great country.  And God knows, you've been superb at causing ordinary Americans to go out in force to buy guns of all kinds and types, knowing that you're on record as being dead-set on banning them from the landscape.

In order to purchase a Glock, or any handgun for that matter (it would have been nice if he'd actually described what a "Glock" is for the unfamiliar that day!), you must first undergo a comprehensive background analysis known as the "National Instant Criminal System," or "NICS" check. It will cost you $25.00 and the FBI will do a "right now" records search on you to make sure you are cleared to purchase and own a handgun. Or in some states, like the one from which I am unfortunately now blogging, any firearm. You may not own that shiny new Glock if you are a felon, or if you have a restraining order filed against you, or if for any reason the Feds have decided you are not a citizen in good standing and/or a danger to your community.  

You don't leave with your new Glock until that is done, no matter whether it's at a gun store or a gun show (there is no "gun show loophole," people!  It doesn't exist!).  This is what the Lefties among us have been clamoring for, and it's been in effect since 1996! Surprise, you weenies!  You've already got what you've been wanting!  Aren't you proud of yourselves?  What? You didn't know that?  Aren't you interested in finding out what else you don't know?  I guess not... 

And in some states, such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Oregon, Maryland, Washington, and of course here in Taxifornia, which never met a gun control measure that it didn't wholeheartedly embrace, you must then put up with a several-day waiting period before you can actually take possession of your newly-bought firearm.  This is, as the "more equal than you" have put it, to give you a "cooling off" period just in case you were buying that there gun while hot under the collar so you can go straight home and do away with your significant other. Here, it's ten days.  Some places, it's three days.  It's unconstitutional, of course (remember that part in the 2nd Amendment about "...the Right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed?"), but that doesn't seem to stop any Lefty legislators anymore, does it?  

See?  Not so easy, is it Barry?  And see, that crap that dripped from your community organizer lips a week or so ago was a demonstrable, unmitigated and fabulously fabricated falsehood (how's that for a nifty little alliteration?). 

Or, better put, it was us mid-westerners call a lie!

And if you said it to keep your flock in line, then it says quite a bit about those "sheeple" who follow your every word, doesn't it?  If you happen to be among the two-thirds of our populace that do not own a firearm (for shame!), and do not know that guns don't actually wake up in the morning, wash their little metallic faces, load themselves up with evil, hollow point, armor-piercing bullets and go out looking for some innocent little - probably Black - child to murder in cold blood, then take note of this little unassuming posting.  You have been lied to, you weenies! You have been misled, continually, by those who wish to render - and keep you - unarmed and defenseless.  The only question you should be asking yourselves is, why?

I'm thinking it just might be an effort to install a Federalized, armed military police force somewhere down the line to subjugate you and me just as soon as the judiciary is under the full and complete control of the Left.   As that old saying I learned in the Army goes, "If you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow."  And that cannot happen until or unless we as a society have been disarmed.  

As for the more than One Hundred Million of us who are armed and intend to remain that way (Google "Molon Labe" if you need a more descriptive term), we are quite capable of defending ourselves against all enemies, foreign or domestic. We know a lie when we hear it, and we know a liar when he stares unblinking into the camera and spews those lies with machine-gun rapidity. 

In the unlikely event that Mr. Obama happens to read this little blog posting, I hereby lay down the figurative gauntlet. Let's get together, you and me, at and time and place of your choosing.  I'll give you a couple of hours to come up with a Glock, a computer and a book. I'll even give you a couple of thousand of rapidly-depreciating dollars to pay for it all. That's about twice the retail price of those three items.  We all know "it's true" that you can buy a computer at Best Buy, and a book at Barnes and Noble. Since you seem to know so much about where to purchase a Glock, perhaps because of your experience while living in your "gunless" adopted home town of Chicago, where more people are shot each weekend than in beautiful downtown Baghdad, maybe you won't even need the entire hour...

And, since it's been a few years since I visited Foggy Bottom, it may be that D.C.'s so evil and dangerous that you need a CCW permit to secrete a laptop.  Or, to hide a Harry Potter book in your waste band (no, I didn't fail to spell "waist" correctly; I thought "waste" to be more appropriate. considering who the protagonist is in this little morality play). In which case you'll have to figure out which street corner to illegally buy either one.  

One more thing.  Don't you or any other weenie come to our house looking for some place to "shelter in place" when the fit hits the shan.  You'll find no such comfort among those of us who were smart enough to gird our loins and prepare for the coming "unpleasantness." 

Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away...

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