Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Well of Course it was Guns! What Else Could it Have Been?"

"Praise be to God, and prayers as well as praise be upon the Prophet of Allah."

"...I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi of the Islamic State.  May God protect him on behalf of the Islam State and Allah."

These were some of the exact words uttered by Omar Mateen during his four calls to 911, while murdering and maiming more than 100 innocent folks out for a good time at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida over a three-plus hour period.

Yes, my friends, he  took a time out while committing his unspeakable acts to make sure that we, the infidels, knew exactly why he was killing and wounding all those people that night.  He was doing it for the glory of Islamic jihadist terrorist ideology. They have declared war on us, my friends. 

We have declared...ummm, ummmmm, well read below and see for yourself.

Within 6.4 seconds (only a slight exaggeration!) of the sound of the shots beginning to fade that night, one B. Hussein Obama, our semi-retired, completely unqualified, soon-to-be ex-President, managed to somehow pry himself away from the golf course and place himself squarely in front of the nearest TV cameras once again to blame the whole sordid thing on...wait for it...



Now to be fair, Obama did mumble something under his breath about "radical extremism," whatever the Hell that is. But he stated that the blame rested unequivocally on "too many weapons of mass destruction," and "weapons of war," and "military-style weapons."  

You know, I searched high and low and couldn't find any reference where Mr. Obama placed that blame on "too many cars" when the Black crazy woman stalked and then repeatedly jumped the curb to murder 13 and wound another 30 on the sidewalk in front of the Hard Rock Hotel in Lost Wages a few months back.

Nor could I find any attributions of blame by Mr. Barry of "too many pressure cookers" after the Tsarnaev brothers blew up the Boston Marathon and killed a dozen and wounded and maimed hundreds more a few years back.  

And I couldn't find any mention by Him (capital "H" to show due deference to His Golferness) against "too many knives" after 7 were hospitalized and many more stabbed during a Neo-Nazi rally outside the Capitol Building in Sacramento, California a week or so ago.  The Capitol Building?  Don't we pay enough taxes here in Taxifornia to avoid such carnage and mayhem? I guess not. That's why the smarter ones of us are armed.

And (H)e didn't place any blame with "too many high-powered crossbows" like the one the obviously upset fellow in Philadelphia used to shoot his wife of nine days(!) at close range smack in the middle of her chest a few days back.  

Of course, there is no Right "to keep and bear cars," nor "to keep and bear pressure cookers," nor "to keep and bear knives," nor even to "keep and bear crossbows."  But there is a "fundamental, inalienable Right" to "keep and bear arms." The 2nd Amendment says so.  The Supreme Court has said so.  And we all know so.  

Well, all but Liberals.  They don't seem to know much of anything.

Maybe Barry, the infamous Constitutional law lecturer at Haaavud, has been playing so much golf on our time and our dime that he just hasn't noticed...

Or maybe he just doesn't care...

And then, believe it or not, and you'd best believe it, his soulless sycophantic sillies actually had the temerity to defy more than two centuries of House of Representatives rules to do what commie pinko dumbass liberal weenies called a "sit in" on the floor of that same august body a few days back. They actually sat down in the middle of the Well of the House and stamped their little Gucci-shod feet and held their well-manicured hands and sang "we shall overcome" off-key in an effort to force a vote on "gun control."  

Buuuuut, of course they knew that four separate gun bills had just been voted down the day before in the Senate, so no vote, even if taken, would have been successful.  They knew that.  So the protest they undertook was solely for show. Nothing more than a 27 hour fundraising effort.  A means to get wall-to-wall coverage on MSNBC, that Liberal TV outlet that has thankfully stopped calling itself a "news channel." They don't deal in news.  They deal in Left-wing propaganda. But then, that's what we've come to expect of them.  

What the Democrat lawmakers undertook that day was very simply an effort to try and keep up the pretense that the murders and mayhem visited upon us all in Orlando was the work of "too many guns" instead of "too many Islamic terrorist jihadist pond scum bastards" right here in our midst.  Nothing but an effort at "misdirection." 

They're really good at it.  Unfortunately.

So, those of you who are predisposed to vote come November, please take note of the raging, rampant and ridiculous hypocrisy apparent in this little act of civil disobedience. And then please vote to put an end to it by putting an end to the service offered up by the commie pinko weenies who participated in this lunacy.  

Can you imagine that there will be those who just don't bother to actually learn the truth about such matters and will believe the crap being shoveled their way by the Lap Dog Media?  I do.

Thank you, and good night...

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