Friday, October 31, 2014

"...Just Stay Home on Election Day."

As I write this, it is just three days before the Election.

Three days from now some small fraction of Americans will trundle on down to the voting places and cast their ballots.  

A small fraction, I say, because historically less than 25% of the electorate does the choosing for the rest of us.  25%!  

Would you feel comfortable letting a quarter of your neighbors choose your next new car?  That's assuming you could actually afford a new car, which is a really big assumption these days.  

But our choice is much more important than that.  Much more.  That's why it's absolutely critical that those who don't know what they're doing, have no friggin' idea what's happening around them, those dimbulbs who believe the crap that comes out of the mouths of politicians as a matter of rote, should just stay home on Election Day. "Why," you might ask?  Okay, the Chuckmeister will tell you...

Those who haven't noticed that that the ten-year war we won in Iraq at the cost of 4,403 brave Americans has now been lost by our Golfer-in-Chief, and that some terrorists there are beheading our citizens on YouTube for sport, should just stay home on Election Day.

That bunch who think that Benghazi was a character actor back in the 50's, and who probably think that Salmonella was a buddy of his who played a mob enforcer in "The Godfather," should - pretty please - just stay home on election day.

Those who haven't noticed that our southern border is in chaos, with thousands of illegals pouring over every day, should just stay home on Election Day.  Those who haven't been paying attention to Russian aggression, the annexation of Ukraine and the replay of the Cold War should JSHOED (Just Stay Home on Election Day).  

And those who don't know that 62,000,000 Americans are now out of the work force, that our Labor Force Participation Rate is now the lowest its been in the last 39 years, that our unemployment rate is closer to 14% than the Administration-approved lie of 6.7%, that Black unemployment is up more than 35% since Barry assumed the Throne, and an alarming percentage of new college graduates are living in their parents' basements because they can't get a job, should JSHOED.  

Similarly, those who don't know that Ebola has arrived in America, despite our Community Organizer-in-Chief's promise and guarantee that it wouldn't, and that it just might kill us all, should JSHOED.  

Those who didn't notice that our corporate tax rate went from 35 to 39.6%, the very highest in the World, making us totally uncompetitive with every other country, and that our Death (inheritance) Tax went from ZERO to 55% should JSHOED.  

The numbskull bunch that haven't noticed that the XL Keystone Pipeline, after having been approved by five separate State Department reviews over a six-year period as absolutely safe and necessary, has still not been approved by Obama, should JSHOED.  And those who also didn't know that this Pipeline would create 800,000 new barrels of North American oil every day, 20,000 new UNION jobs, over $8 Billion in new economic activity to the involved states, further cement our friendship with our great friend Canada, and make us completely energy-independent from the creeps in the Middle East who want us dead, got it...JSHOED.  

Those who also don't know that Obama hates the 2nd Amendment and is on video for all to see proclaiming that Americans should never be allowed to own guns, should JSHOED.    

Those who don't know just how little he values our military, and proves it every time he's given the chance, should JSHOED.  

Those who were sipping Chenin Blanc and couldn't be bothered to notice that Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the only democracy in the Middle East, and our great friend, was called a "chickenshit" by a member of Barry's Bunch, and then had that comment doubled down on by another highly-placed sycophant, should probably JSHOED.

Need more?  Okay.  Those who haven't noticed that this President has doubled our Federal Debt, from $9.6 Trillion to almost $18 Trillion, should definitely JSHOED.

And those who don't know that this President, and his Maxi-me Attorney General, slow-walked thousands of "assault weapons" to Mexican drug cartels, paid for by you and me, in an illegal scam known as "Fast and Furious," and caused the death of Brian Terry, our brave border guard, should - Please God! - JSHOED.

And in conclusion, those who make it their business to stay up on the news and are painfully aware of all the foregoing facts, unlike the brain dead drones mentioned above, are deathly afraid for the future of our beloved Country, should make it a point to vote on November 4th for a return to sanity. And, to work their very hardest to insure that their friends and family do so as well. This may be our last chance to save what's left of America.  

Let's keep our fingers crossed...

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