Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Redskins.  Redskins.  Redskins.  Redskins.  Redskins. Redskins.  Redskins.  Redskins.  Redskins!

There.  I said it.  Over and over.  And, in follow-up to my previous posting (scroll down a bit), I guess I'm a racist.

The Washington, D.C. NFL football franchise has called itself the "Redskins" for more than 75 years.  That's its mascot. Just like Jacksonville has the "Jaguars," New York (which is actually in New Jersey) has the "Jets," and Arizona has the "Cardinals," which used to be the St. Louis Cardinals, until a greedy billionaire sold out to the highest bidder and moved the team.  Under cover of darkness.  Just like the Cleveland "Browns" (isn't that racist?) bolted just after midnight to the East to become the Baltimore "Ravens."  That's another story, so don't get me started on that.

No one actually knows why a football team, or a basketball, hockey, baseball or curling team actually needs a mascot, but they do.  And nobody gave a damn until just recently when political correctness took over America.  

Now, certifiably loony gasbags like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid make it a point to puke forth rambling, incoherent speeches in the Well of the Senate arguing that the Washington Redskins should be required, forced to change their name.  That's because the name "Redskins" is pejorative, don't you know.  It's... 


When did it become racist?  When five Native Americans decided to sue (or were coerced to do so) because they were offended, they said.  And they were offended, most likely, because empty suits like Reid cajoled them into feeling that way.  And nobody in America these days has to put up with being offended.  If you're offended, you get to sue, and some greedy asshole attorney will take your case.  On contingency, no doubt.  And then some court, under the authority of a lefty commie pinko judge, will rule that you don't have to put up with such nasty, offensive treatment.  And you can demand that a football team with a mascot of more than 75 years duration has to pick a new mascot.  Some have suggested they change their name to the Washington "Foreskins."  Or perhaps the Washington "Liberals."  Or maybe the Washington "Politicians."  Those last two names are even more offensive to me that the one in question.  But that's just me.  

So the pols won't give up the ghost on this one.  They're going to gnaw, and chew, and tease, and growl until the Redskin's owner changes his mind and picks a new name. That's the way Liberals are.  They never give up!  We Conservatives fight the good fight when fighting's called for. And when the fight is over, we go back to the pharmacy, or the hardware store, or the family farm to resume our toils. 

But not Liberals.  They will go over, or under, or around every obstacle in the pursuit of their goal, however nefarious.  But are they undertaking this effort due to some perceived outrage?  Are they marching forth waving the flag of fairness?

Ummm, no.

Then what, Mr. Chuckmeister, is their rationale for this Quixotic journey?  Glad you asked, my friends.  

They're simply trying to change the subject because of Barry Hussein Obama's failed Presidency.  His foreign policy has failed.  His domestic policy has failed.  12,000,000 of his citizens are permanently out of work and have stopped looking, thanks to him.  47 million Americans, and no doubt quite a few illegal aliens, are now on food stamps, a 40% increase since GWB left office, thanks to him.  The world is laughing at him and his fecklessness.  ISIS is beheading our citizens and giving "O" the finger.  Obamacare would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.  

So, Reid uses the principles of misdirection seen in the play, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."  "Don't look here, look over there," he says.  And by using this little "two-step" tactic he hopes you'll decide not to pay attention to the facts: Obama is a loser.  Reid is a loser.  The Democrat Party is full of losers.  And it will surely be a loser in 30-some days when time comes to visit the polls.  You'll likely wake up on November  5th with the Republicans in control of not only the House of Representatives, but the Senate as well.

And now, today, we hear that the Federal Communications Commission, no doubt at the behest of Obama and Reid, is considering legislation preventing any Federal licensee station, TV or radio, from mentioning the name "Redskins." Sweet.  What are they going to say?  The "Washington Football Team?"  Wait.  There's another football team in Washington.  It's called the "Seahawks."  How about "D.C. Football?"  Former quarterback and former smart guy Phil Simms has already bought into this nonsense by refusing to say the word "Redskins."  Who's next?  It boggles the mind...

Wake up America!  Look at what's really happening.  The name the owner picks for his football team is none of our damn business.  And if Reid, and Pelosi, and Obama are so offended by the "Redskins" name, then let them pony up a $Billion or two and start their own team.  They can name it anything they want.  And if the customers don't turn the turnstyle, then they'll learn that micromanagement of affairs we have no business involving ourselves in will bite us in the ass...

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