Monday, October 6, 2014

Taxifornia's Newest 2nd Amendment Outrage!

It is not true that every law passed by the ignorant commie pols in Sacrascrewyou every year are awful, nasty and completely corrupt pieces of festering, Liberal, tree-hugging crap.

Most, but not all.

And this year brings that steaming pile of horsepucky to a new and towering level of complete inane ludicrousness. 

Among the pieces of unbelievably horrid legislation which were not only passed by both the incompetents in the Assembly and the Senate, and signed by our perennial Civil Servant-for-Life Governor Jerry Brown (one of the very few Californians who has never had a real, paying, private-sector job, and likely never will), was Senate Bill 1609 (Gun Violence Restraining Order). Please allow me to ruin your night's sleep by describing this completely obtuse, unconstitutional, wasteful, unnecessary, unworkable, inexplicable and expensive new law that I'm guessing almost nobody will honor. Ready?  Here goes...

Let's say you maintain a residence in another state.  Nevada, let's say.  Or Utah. Or Tennessee.  Or Texas.  States where they don't rape, pillage and plunder your paycheck with outlandish taxes  don't you know?   You have a choice of about 13, but that number is sure to grow.

And let's say you own some guns.  You know, for hunting. Or for target shooting.  Or for self-defense.  Or just because you like collecting guns.  And God knows, you have every right to do so because of a little thing called The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights.  It's not a privilege, people; it's a right! Get over it, Lefties!

And so while you're living six months and one day in Las Vegas so as to avoid California's onerous state taxes, the absolute highest in the Nation, you decide to come back to the Coast and spend a little quality time with the fam you left behind every now and then.  And you decide to bring your guns with you.  You know, the ones you've bought, and paid for, and passed background checks and paid your DEROS registration fees upon, and enjoyed, and have owned for like YEARS. 

Now, after January 1, 2015, due to this new law, you'll have to stop at the very first FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) you come upon after arriving in California and turn in your guns. All of them.  And pay a $25.00 per gun fee for new background checks.  And then hand over the guns to the dealer for not less than ten days. Only after this ten day period can you reclaim your guns and continue on with your life.

Got that?  So you have to cough up your paid-for guns, pay for them again, and then do without them for an extended period of time, reason whatsoever!  

Let's say that first stop is in Needles.  And your other home is, say, Huntington Beach.  So, after the ten day waiting period expires, you have to hop in your car and drive the 250 miles back to Needles and recover your weapons.  And then drive back.  500 miles of needless travel, needless expense, and, for those so inclined to believe it, but not me, 500 miles of unnecessary CO2 pollutants puked forth into the atmosphere.  

Or, you might opt to have the guns shipped to a FFL near your home.  But it will cost you somewhere between $75.00 and $125.00, per gun, for shipping and handling.  And that's on top of the $25.00 background check fee.  Outrageous.

Will this make us safer?  Is it likely that a pleasure shooter or hunter will start spraying bullets all around Monrovia, or El Centro, or National City?  Ummm, no.  Is it likely that someone who went through the hassle of undergoing the economic and bureaucratic equivalent of a full TSA pat-down, would then go off the rails and start shooting people? Almost zero, I offer.

So why would the commies in Sacramento want to just mess with your life like this?  My answer is either to a) generate new fees; or b) punish you for being so stupid as to want to own guns.  Or, most likely, c) both.
Oh, and when it's time to go back to your other home in Texas?  Or Salt Lake City?  Or Oklahoma?  And you decide to take your guns with you?  You have to repeat this entire process in reverse!  Visit your local gun shop, drop off your guns and pay the $25-per-gun background check fee.  Then wait ten days, travel back to wherever, and retrieve them once again.Or have them once again shipped at an exorbitant cost.  How many times should we be expected to buy the guns we've already bought?  How many times should we have to pass another background check on our own guns?  How long will it be before their brain-dead drones in the Capitol Building decide we've been punished enough?

Now I don't know for sure, but I'm assuming the National Rifle Association will sue the State over this dumbass law. And they'll likely win, as they almost always do.  And the State will  be forced to overturn the law and pay the NRA a $Million or $Two for their legal fees.  And all the money illegally collected from gun owners will have to be returned back to the people who've been scammed out of them.  But will that stop the ignorant politicians who keep dreaming up these stupid laws?  I don't think so.  

Remember, it was State Senator Kevin DeLeon, Eagle Rock (Dumbocrat) who was recorded stating that his 10-cartridge maximum-per-magazine law was in reality nothing more than making sure you couldn't have "...a .30 caliber "clip" to kill people with."  Of course, you and I know there are no "calibers" associated with magazines, and that there are no "clips."  Just "magazines, Kevin.  Look it up on YouTube. Most politicians are justifiably hesitant to look like a complete idiot on video.  Not Kevin.  No, not Kevin.  He appears to enjoy it.  

And that, my friends, is the real problem we face; these dimbulbs don't know what they don't know.  They will go over, or under, or around the 2nd Amendment any way they can, any time they can, always and forever.  They never, ever give up!  They won't quit until you have no more guns and no way of protecting yourself from the Bad Guys.  But, more importantly, no way of protecting yourself from, as Thomas Jefferson warned, them!

Think of it, my friends.  Imagine just how compliant as a Nation we'll be when we have no way of rebelling.  No way of protesting.  No way of letting our elected representatives know we don't cotton to their leadership.  And that we want a CHANGE!  No guns, just acquiescence.  That's their goal. Bet on it...

Oh, and I don't want to fail to mention the other gun-grabber outrage that kicked in on October 1st.  Your ex-wife, or mother-in-law, or neighbor, or simply just a busybody down the street can now call John Law and proclaim that you're about to go postal.  And the Fuzz can come to your house and confiscate your guns until a judge has conducted a hearing.  It must occur within 21 days, but there's no reason to believe that the outcome will  be positive.  Gun confiscation without any indication whatsoever that you're a danger to yourself or somebody else except the word of another.  And that "another" can have it in for you and simply want to screw with your life.  

I'm guessing it won't be long before that ex-patriot "other-state" homeowner will simply give up on Taxifornia for good. He'll stop returning to the once-Golden State out of sheer exhaustion.  He'll decide that we're too far gone to warrant any more of his valuable time. Or effort.  Or energy.  Or money.  As I've opined before, I can see a time in the not too distant future when there's nobody left here but sign twirlers and Starbucks baristas.  And that time is just around the corner.

And so I end the way I started.  What's the chances that any gun-owning Californian will accede to this utterly foolish and stupid law?  I'd say somewhere between "slim" and "none." And Slim is out of town.  

"Creating new felons everyday" should be California's new motto...

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