Monday, November 10, 2014

From Cuba, With Love...

The tens of you who follow this little blog of mine will remember my posting of November 6th, 2008.  I wrote:

"Last night I went to bed in Northern Mexico and woke up this morning in France."

That was a bad morning for me.  And for about half of America.  The election was over.  And for me and that half, we all lost.  I recall thinking that the only ones happy about it at the time were those who didn't have America's best interests at heart.  And who wanted something from America, not for America. And for those who wanted to cut America down to size.  To embarrass her.  And to minimize her importance.  And influence.  And to sully her history.  Like Obama when he went on his World Apology Tour.  I was depressed for quite some time.  Still am, to a degree.

But the morning after this election I awakened with a new sense of hope.  I was exhilarated.   Freedom was returning to our beloved country.  Call it "hope and change" for real.  As in, I "hope" this socialistic crap is finally close to over and the "change" we need is on the way.  The Republican Party had just won a decisive battle and sent the Democrat candidates packing. Thumped 'em, we did, this past Tuesday.  Buried them.  In the aftermath, Barry Obama said, derisively, that "...the Republicans had a good night."  Hmmm.  Ya' think?

That, my friends, is called damning something with faint praise.  However, it was, as Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia so eloquently put it, a real "ass whoopin."  Yes, it was.  And it was glorious.    

By the way, I predict that Mr. Manchin disavows his commie lefty weenie tendencies and begs the conservative majority to allow him to join its little ruling party.  Just guessing.  But watch and see.  I think I'll be proven right.

I had also predicted in these pages a year or so ago that I expected the Republicans to win 8 Senate seats and 9 House seats in this just-completed election.  As of Wednesday morning, the Republicans had taken down 7 Senate seats with two others very likely to follow suit in the next few weeks (Alaska and Louisiana).  And the House picked up 13 new members, making it the most "Red" it has been since Harry Truman was in office.  Not since 1946 has there been so many Republican House members.  And it's likely that they will have the majority for generations to come. 


Maybe I had some small part in helping this to happen by asking those who had no idea which direction is up, who believed all that "hoppanchange" crap, to "Just Stay Home on Election Day."  Maybe, just maybe.

So one could reasonably say that I'm prescient.  You know, like, I am able to foretell the future.  And I did.  Yes indeedy, I did.  

So, now the reason for this posting.  I would be remiss in my duties to my several avid followers if I didn't do a follow-up to my six-years-ago downer of a statement.  So, here goes:

"Last night I went to bed in Cuba and woke up this morning in France."  

France.  Not great, but not Cuba, either.  We had devolved to "Cuba" since Barry had been ensconced at the helm.  A long, painful, downward spiral that had pretty much hit bottom somewhere just south of Havana.  The Government had taken control of our lives to a degree never before experienced.  It was telling us what to wear, what to drive, what to eat (thanks, Mooooochelle), how much we should earn, and what health insurance that we were required by law to purchase (!).  Every little aspect of our puny lives had been subsumed by the Government.  And it was due to get worse.  Much worse.

And then the election happened.  And the Great Plan of the Progressive Elite was derailed.  We Won!  Yeah!

In the aftermath just-fired Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid looked like he needed an overdose of Pepcid.  Heavily Botoxed San Fran Nan Pelosi looked poleaxed.  Even more than normal. Like she didn't really understand what had just happened (did anyone get the license plate number of that truck?)  Glorious, as I said.

So, back to France.  Not America, yet, but far better than a miserable hovel in Havana.  But those who reside in "redder" climes than Taxifornia may be in far better shape than me and my fellow "Blue Island" prisoners.  The Red Wave seems to always stop at the Sierra Nevada, never managing to make its way over the mountain top to our prettiest and most compelling state.  Oh, and the dumbest, most Progressive, poorest managed, least rational, most overtaxed state in the union.  

But with any luck at all, with any sort of forward progress made by the New Majority in Congress, we'll get a chance to return from socialist Pa-ree and get back to America as it was. And could be once again.    

God, I hope so...


  1. Well said Chuck, love your blogs! from your dedicated Hygienist :) Alicia

  2. You keep reading, I'll keep writing...


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