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Today, my friends, we're going to talk about a new measure of time.  One I've just conjured up.  You know, the way we determine how much time has passed, or is going to pass. Like eon.  Or year.  Like month, or week, or day.  Like hour, or minute, or second. Even a piece of a second, like a "nanosecond," which is, well, pretty damn small.  

To these, children, we will now add another.  One that should be used frequently in our present day society, which is managed all too often by those who are just dead-set, tremblingly, feverishly dead-set, on removing our guns from our hands, cold and dead, or not...

Gunaway:  (Gun-a-way).  Noun.  The smallest measure of time between some crazed terrorist asshole engaging in a mass shooting somewhere, and a commie drone doofus gun-hating lefty calling for unconstitutional enhanced gun control measures.

Yes, "gunaway."  That's the amount of time it takes for the Dinosaur Media, or a member of our Fearless Leader's Administration, or the Democrat National Committee, or Media Matters for America, or, or Jessuh Jackson, or Politico, or the Huffington Post, or Joe "Plugs" Biden, or Little Mikey Bloomberg, or Porky Mikey Moore, or George ("the Nazi") Soros, or MSNBC, or anyone else who cares to opine, to call for new, expanded, improved, or enlarged gun control measures designed to disarm Americans after somebody somewhere starts shooting in a crowded place.

Not "knifing" in a crowded place.  That's happened quite a bit lately.  Or as happened recently on a New York City street, "hatcheting" in a crowded placed.  Just shooting.

While the acrid smell from burnt gunpowder was still wafting through the hallowed halls of Ottawa's famed Capitol building, MSNBC's empty suit talking heads were heard calling for enhanced gun control laws.  That was their "gunaway." 

Rosie "The Mouth" O'Donnell called for increased gun control in less than an hour.  Her "gunaway."  Did I mention that Rosie has a bevy of armed guards protecting her bloated ugly body?

And recently, a disaffected teenager wishing to go out in a blaze of glory shot up the cafeteria in a Marysville, Washington, high school, killing three, and critically wounding one other kid.  The "gunaway" on the Internet for this evil act was a little as 20 minutes.  Not to pile on to MSNBC again, but hey, I can, because they are so "pile-on-able."  Their no-talent airhead host Joy Reid began calling for increased gun control 35 minutes into the attack (their coverage of the shooting started at 11:25 a.m. PDT, and her screeching for more gun-grabbing started at 11:50 a.m.).  As Rahm Emmanuel so famously stated a couple of years back, "Never let a crises go to waste."  She didn't, and they aren't.

What glue holds all of these nefarious events together.  They were all Gun Free Zones!

How about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's "gunaway" following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School? Less than 24 hours.  That's how long it took him to round up the lefty loons in the New York legislature in Albany and pass the "Safe Act."  That little piece of Lefty Logic, which made only the criminals "safe," turned the 2nd Amendment on its ear in New York State.  Got a so-called "assault rifle?"  Turn it in.  Got a pistol or rifle magazine that holds more than 7 rounds?  Turn it in.  It's now illegal.  Want to buy a gun in New York?  Good luck.  

So, out of about 500,000 "assault rifle" owners in New York, less than 3,000 showed up to register their already registered guns.  The others are now felons.  And they just gave the finger to Governor Cuomo by refusing to knuckle under to his B.S. law.  Oh, and his little 7-round magazine limit?  It made all the magazines in all his Highway Patrol, Sheriffs' Department and Police Department officers' handguns felons, as all of their pistol magazines hold at least 10 rounds.  

No gun manufacturer on Earth makes a gun magazine that holds only 7 rounds!

This guy is some special sort of dumbass, isn't he?

Oh, I should also mention that while New York State is advertising every few minutes on every cable channel that companies should seriously consider moving there, and by doing so pay no taxes for ten years as a result, every single gun manufacturer is moving out!  

Every hear of Remington?  Of Ithaca?  Those two famous gun makers are way over 100 years old.  They have begun the process of pulling up stakes and moving to more favorable climes.  Down south, they're going, where the people in charge can actually read, and therefore understand, the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  

When you elect a dumbass liberal weenie governor, you get dumbass liberal weenie laws.  And so far, Cuomo has presided over the loss of more than 3,000 jobs in New York State.  Did you hear about that on MSNBC?  Or NBC, CBS, ABC or PBS  No?  I wonder why (cough, cough)?

Oh, and let's not fail to mention Buffalo.  Buffalo's gunaway is about two days.  That's the amount of time it now takes the "authorities" in Buffalo to visit the home of a newly-deceased gun owner and demand that the surviving spouse hand over the weapons.  No reimbursement necessary.  No warrant required.  Let me in.  Hand them over.  I'm not kidding.  I wish I were.

Back to "gun free zones."  Those calling for enhanced gun control measures don't seem to understand that people with a proclivity to shoot up the neighborhood don't ordinarily follow the rules of society.  Think about it, folks.  Killing a bunch of strangers is, well, illegal!  They think that criminals will see a sign outlawing their impending activity and say to themselves, "Uh oh, no guns here!"  I guess I'll go home and get my trusty Louisville Slugger."  They seem to think that more and better laws will keep those who don't follow the 20,000 anti-gun laws already on the books, will somehow have the light bulb go "on" and suddenly become law-abiding.  As in, "Who me?"  Shoot up a school?  Oh no, not me!  I'll go to the library and check out a book instead."  Who knows?  Maybe they're right.  And just maybe unicorns will begin dancing to a Cole Porter tune on the White House Rose Garden lawn...

Or, maybe the billionaires with armed bodyguards, who are donating millions of dollars to run ads advocating increased gun control laws, who have decided that the 100,000,000 Americans who own more than 300,000,000 guns will decide to follow the lead of commie pinko dumbass liberal weenies and cough up their firearms to comply with the Politically Correct Crowd.

Or, maybe not.

In the meantime, observe the happenings for yourself.  Keep track of the "gunaways" when next a lefty terrorist kills some nice folks.  And ask yourself, "How much better would it have been if a good guy with a concealed weapon was nearby and ready, willing and able to drop the bad guy like a bad habit and bring the massacre to a quick and successful close?"

Just for the record, according to the FBI's 2012 statistics, the average number of deaths by gun in mass shootings where there's no "good guy with a gun" nearby to thwart it, is 12.7. The average when the "good guy" is around, is 2.1.  Which number do you like the best?

Still not convinced?  A terrorist shot up the Ottawa capitol a few weeks back.  The Sergeant-at-Arms pulled his Glock and dropped him forthwith.  He shot dead an unarmed soldier at point blank range.  The "Bad Guy With a Gun" then began looking for more victims before being shot dead by a "Good Guy With a Gun."  Now let me hear from some of you gun-haters out there just how much better off our friends up north would be if there were no guns in this "gun-free zone."

Ever wonder why bad guys pick "gun free zone" schools for their evil deeds?  I wonder why you never hear of a gun show or a police station getting shot up.  If guns kill people, how is it that people get out of gun shows alive?  Have you got it yet?

Oh, and then go out and buy a gun, learn how to use it safely and effectively, and then take responsibility for your defense and the defense of those good people around you.  

Because remember, my friends, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away...

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