Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Secession: The Fun is About to Begin!

Unless you've been making your home in a dumpster behind the local Wal-Mart, you no doubt know that California is preparing to secede from the Union.

Yes, my friends, and you are my friends, the left-wingers that wield power in that jerkwater town known as Sacramento (how did it get to be California's capitol, anyway?), and the clueless weenies who put them there, are not so happy about the outcome of the recent General Election.  Nope, not so happy at all...

They really, really wanted Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency.  Two-out-of-three voters, in fact, voted that way. That's quite a margin.  I mean, she had all the requisite qualifications:  B. Hussein Obama stated that she was the very most qualified person to ever run for POTUS (!); she had visited 121 countries while wasting four years of her life as Secretary of State (!) (!); her serial predator husband had been POTUS (!) (!) (!); and she had the right chromosomes (!) (!) (!) (!).

Of course, all of those two-out-of- three, totaling some 4 million more votes than The Donald received, are located in San Diego, Lost Angeles, San Jose's Sillycone Valley and San Francisco Counties.  Must be something in the salt air, me thinks.  

And then there's the 1.3 million positive vote margin Hil(liar)y received in New York State.  And once again, those votes came from only two counties: Manhattan and Brooklyn. Does anyone think that five counties in America, two in NY and three in CA, should be able to dictate to the rest of us exactly who should become Prez?  I don't think so either.

Of course, if you subtract those excess votes from CA and NY, The Trumpster wins the majority by more than 3 million votes. Just sayin'...

Anyway, California has been trending more and more "left" for the past thirty years.  When I moved here back in the late 70's this lovely place was considered a reliably center-right State.  Remember, Republican Ronnie Reagan won two terms as Governor.  So did Pete Wilson.  Even that paragon of left-wing Republicanism Arnie Schawartzenwhoozits, somehow managed to win.  But then he governed as a reliable Democrat, as would befit someone who was married to an uber-Democrat Kennedy, but he won nonetheless. 

No longer.  Since then it has become a magnet for illegal aliens, deadbeats, panhandlers, eco-weenies, the homeless, sign twirlers, aging "Summer-of-Love" hippies, Starbucks baristas, 120,000 actors and actresses, most of whom work at Olive Garden, and mega-millionaire Silicon Valley techies. And with them they've brought all the problems socialism visits upon its victims, while erasing generations of amazing growth and achievement the wonders of capitalism once provided.

Now we have a morass of left-wing lunacy.  Our Legislature is owned and controlled by the Democrat Party.  Those boys and girls (and these days, others?) have what's now called a "supermajority."  That means with their two-thirds plus-one stranglehold they now can offer up any law, of any kind, for any reason, at any time, that does any thing, whether necessary or not, and whether affordable or not, and then vote it into law.  And they do.  Often.

Last year the Dems sent 878 brand-spanking new laws to our Civil Servant-for-Life Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown's desk for signature, and he signed all but 87 of them.  Among them were laws making it illegal for you to burn wood in your wood burning fireplace (!), and illegal for dairy cattle to fart after 2020 (!) (!), and illegal to buy a $5 box of .22 bullets without first ponying up $50.00 for a Federal background check (!) (!) (!). Hmmm. 

Oh, and then they decriminalized prostitution for 12 year-old, pre-pubescent little girls, and their pimps (!) (!) (!) (!) (!) (!) (!) (!) (!) (!). Hmmmm, again.

And now Guv Brown, our failed Jesuit priest, and failed Governor, twice, has proposed a new punishment for those Californians who had the temerity to become successful. Yes, my friends, he has proposed to hit the "rich" with a new 1% surtax on all their income over $250,000 per year, or about what you need to live in a cardboard box in San Francisco. 

So, on top of our top 13.3% State tax on income, they'll tack on another 1 point.  Why?  So that Brown and his sycophants can send all our yuuuts to college absolutely freeeeeeee!  This new tax, if passed, is expected to raise $4.3 Billion a year.  And with that money all our kids, both legal and not, can get a freeee education!  Nice.  Of course, I'm fairly confident that there won't be any "rich" left here to pay it once they've beet feet for greener pastures.  Agree?

What's that sound we hear?  I think it might be the fuselage door closing on Gulfstream jets as they prepare to whisk their owners out of this once-Golden State and off to Costa Rica, or Panama, or Belize, or some other tax-free locale.

I sincerely wish I were kidding about any one of those laws. I'm not. And, do you think we really needed nearly 800 new laws?  Me neither...

But the law that Senate President Pro-Tempore Kevin de Leon (D-LA) just put forth, "trumps" all the others (pun intended).  It's Senate Bill 54, which will cause California to secede from the Union if voted in by our electorate in 2018. Why?  de Leon, and Guv Brown, and San Fran Nan Pelosi, and a whole bunch of other otherwise unemployables, are totally pissed that Trump and the new gang in charge in Foggy Bottom not only won, but now want to actually force States like the one now holding me hostage to obey the law. You read that right; Trump, and his new Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and about 70% of our Nation's population by a recent poll, want cities, and counties, and states to obey our immigration enforcement laws.  What a concept.

Now I know that's a bit shocking, but there it is.  California, and the other 300 or so locales across our Fruited Plain that just luuuuuv their illegal alien criminal felons, WILL NOT notify the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officials when they have an illegal alien criminal felon in their lock-up.  

Let me restate that:  A city like Santa Monica finds some illegal alien felon drug-addled, rapist, burglar, who's been deported 12 times and has four DUI's, for instance, and gives him a nice clean cell. Then, after they have either been immediately released with an apology, or tried, convicted and incarcerated, presumably for a rather short duration, they simply turn them loose to wreck havoc once again.  That's how Kate Steinle got murdered in San Francisco, you'll recall. They WILL NOT call ICE to come and get these "uninvited visitors," even if ICE has requested they detain them. They seem to think that doing so will violate the "human" rights of these people who shouldn't be here in the first place. Assuming they "think" at all.  And that's a big assumption...

So we should soon begin to hear from both those who want us to vote for this ridiculous nonsense, and those who know that doing so is simply beyond any rationality whatsoever. Like that ever stopped them. 

But, knowing that people in Taxifornia will seemingly vote for anything, so long as it doesn't take a thin dime from their own pockets, they'll probably vote to make it happen.  And then we'll go from 50 states to 49. And I'm guessing the rest of 'Murica will say, "Good riddance."

Sooooo, presupposing that this proposal will pass, I suggest that the Federal Gummint prepare for its passage by taking a little bit of advance action.  I suggest that, from this point on, each and every illegal alien snagged coming across the California border with Meheeeeeko be given a one-way bus ticket to their choice of either, a) Beverly Hills, b) Santa Monica, c) San Francisco, d) Berkeley, or e) Sacramento (my personal favorite!).  Plus, I suggest they be given a "Map to the Stars" to help them find their way to a nice place on which to pitch their tents.  I mean, those lavish spreads around Brentwood have plenty of property on which to camp, right? And maybe a $10 gift certificate to Starbucks so they can get a nice double mocha latte to sustain them until their food stamps begin to arrive.  Oh, and the school bus schedule so they can prepare to send their kids off for a free, taxpayer-funded education.

Oh, and that Starbucks dig?  A guy named Howard Schultz, the CEO of this coffee giant, decided to give Trump the finger by promising to hire 10,000 Syrian refugees instead of 10,000 U.S. military veterans.  The result?  Their stock took a dump and Schultz was forced to cut and run. Awwwww!

These people tell us WE'RE the racist, misogynist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic haters who are unwilling to "share the wealth" by permitting anyone, from anywhere, to come here and suck up scarce Government taxpayer resources with no limitations whatsoever. They're willing to talk the talk. Let's find out if they're now willing to walk the walk.

Do you think our celebritards will be happy to find a bunch of Guatemalans showing up without an invitation?  I can't wait to find out...

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