Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Paying Their Fair Share..."

We keep hearing from the Liberal elites in our once-great country that the rich are not paying their fair share.

Yes, my friends, and you are my friends, we're hearing from Hil(liar)y Clinton and Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren, and Joe "Plugs" Biden, etc., that everything would be just fine if the so-called "1%" could be forced (they call it "asked") to cough up just a little bit more of their enormous earnings so that we, "the little people," could live a better life.  You know, redistribute the rich guys' wealth so the poor can get some of that "free" college and stuff.  

I mean, they can afford it after all, can't they?  Why are they so awfully stingy?  If we just explain to them why they should be more giving, I'm sure they would, right?

In fact, as Hillar(ity) stated just the other day, she's going after those 1% bastards because, as she says, "That's where the money is."  Seems reminiscent of (in)famous 1930's bank robber John Dillinger who, when asked why he robbed banks, stated: "Because that's where the money is."  Seems that Clinton and Dillinger have a lot in common, don't they? 

Except that Dillinger could be prosecuted for his crimes, and the Hildebeest for some unknown reason, cannot.

So, every now and again I, The Chuckmeister, must stoop to remind those of my loyal readers who just cannot inculcate the fact that the "1%" not only pay their "fair share," they pay waaaaaaaay more!  Don't believe me?  Read on...

Follows is a schedule direct from the Internal Revenue Service showing just how much those of us pay in Federal Income Taxes, and how much some of us don't.  Remember Mitt Romney's infamous comment that "47% don't pay taxes?"  Well, he was RIGHT! And this little schedule lays it out better than anything I can say.  

Perhaps if Romney had been less ashamed of his wealth and been a bit more proud of his success, there would be a different resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The top line indicates the income earners in our once-great nation.  The line immediately below indicates the percentage of Federal income tax they pay (as of 2014, the most recent stats available from our slow-as-molasses Gummint):

        1%          5%          10%          25%          50%       

      37.8%     58.5%      69.8%      86.2%        97.2%

How's that work out in terms of income, you might ask?  In order to be considered among the "1%," one must earn more than $428,700 per year.  And if you are fortunate enough to be bringing home that much green, you would be among those earning 19.04% of all the American paychecks.  Think of it. You're earning 19% of all income, and paying 38% of all taxes!  Seems to me that they're paying quite a bit more than their "fair share."  How about you?

Yet, every election cycle some Progressive or other will stand in front of a microphone and incite class warfare by lying through their artificially-whitened teeth to their sycophants about how unfair it is for some to earn so very much and some others to earn so little.  Of course, those loudmouths never seem to preface their comments with basic facts about how the high-earners educated themselves and gained the necessary training and experience to command their exalted level of income.  

They don't connect those dots because they really want you to vote for them, hoping that they'll employ Alinskyite-tactics and steal from the rich and redistribute some of that purloined wealth to the ill-prepared poor.  Remind you of anyone?  Bernie maybe? Hil(liar)y?

Poor dumb fools.

I can tell you that the so-called "1%" among us are growing weary of being plucked like a Christmas goose.  They are no longer considering it humorous to have the Sanders-zes and the Warrens-zes and the Obamas-zes and the Bidens-zes and the Clintons-zes play this class warfare game at their expense.  Last year our country lost nearly 1,000 multi-millionaires.  They turned in their passports and beat feet to parts unknown. Except we know where some of those parts are:  Panama, Belize and Costa Rica are just three countries which do not tax, or overtax their citizenry. 

So, if you're a high earner you can take a few saddlebags full of cash, head on down to the airport, step aboard your shiny Gulfstream 550 and take to the skies, knowing that you'll no longer be beaten like a rented mule by the neo-socialists among us.  

Want to know what America will look like if we keep up this insanity?  Just take a gander at California.  We've lost more than 9,000 corporations during the past 10 years, due primarily to the highest income tax rates in the country and the most perplexing, nauseating, miserable and unfathomable set of rules and regulations imaginable.  

As I have been known to say, keep this up, once-Golden State, and there will be no one left around here but sign twirlers and Starbucks baristas.  And America?  Same deal.

Epilogue:  And just so we understand one another, if you took everything, everything from the high-earning 1%, every single dollar of earnings, EVERY ONE, the total thus confiscated would not make a dent in our Federal debt. Barely a blip.  Doubt me? Google it.  And then give the figurative bird to the next commie pinko leftist dweeb who tries to convince you that making the rich poorer will somehow make the poor richer.  

Or, as now long-gone U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said, "Trying to make the poor rich by making the rich poor is like standing in a bucket and trying to pull yourself up by the handles."

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