Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Get Ready for Hillary Clinton's THIRD Trip to the White House...

What's that you say?  Third trip?  Hil(liar)y was Billy Jeff "Blue Dress" Clinton's wife when he won the Presidency back in 1992.  So that's one.  

And if she wins a couple of weeks from now, that'll be two. So what's this about her third trip?

Because, my friends, and you are my friends, when she and Billy Boy were preparing to leave the White House back in 2000, they had no place to go.  No home, nowhere. They hadn't owned a home in more than sixteen years. Supping at the public trough, were they.  So, they looked to their old friend and chief fundraiser Terry McCauliffe to help solve the problem.

McCauliffe (TM), as you might recall, is the rich dude and long-time Friend of Bill, and current Governor of Virginia, who helped raise the money he needed to win his first POTUS race.  So Billy Jeff turned to him for help at his time of need. TM agreed to buy a house for the Clinton's, with the understanding that they could pay him back with the money they were sure to raise from their books and speeches (I'm sure he couldn't even imagine the hundreds of millions of dollars they would ultimately raise!). How nice!  We could all use friends like that, couldn't we? Especially after we'd been caught in flagrante dilecto (look it up...it's not a good thing), while supposedly conducting our affairs of State, with his pants on.

So TM looked around and found a nice little pad in upstate New York.  Tony Westchester Country, doncha' know.  Now, New York was high on their list because Hil(liar)y had in mind to run for a soon-to-be vacant Senate seat.  So, carpetbaggers that they are, they wanted to pick out a house and move ASAP so that they wouldn't be accused of being exactly who they are; carpetbaggers.  So they arranged to move directly from the White House to a sprawling Chapaqua, NY, mansion.

Oh, and their new enormous mansion was White.

This would be White House trip Number Two.

And also of note, they were broke when they moved out of our Peoples' House.  That's because, you might recall, Billy Jeff had gotten his knob polished in the Oval Office by a young intern.  Not a good idea.  And then he lied about it. Another not-so-good idea. And he was impeached because of it.  A really, really bad idea, considering the only previous POTUS example was one President Andrew Johnson, some 150 years prior. A drunken, womanizing lout of a man with no redeeming virtues of any kind.  

Oh wait.  I repeat myself... 

Now as you may know, an impeachment of a President is a trial.  And those of you who weren't around back then, including Millennials who will be voting soon, should know that it was a really big deal.  Witnesses appeared both for the prosecution and for the defense.  And it was obvious to all concerned that Billy Jeff had been a very, very bad boy! And when the jury, i.e., the Senators, voted, it turned out he skated and retained his POTUS-hood by a single vote. But he was forever shamed by his indelicate activity.  

Well, actually he should have been ashamed, if he had any shame, that is...

And because of the notoriety surrounding the Lewinsky incident, several other women came forward to make allegations against Clinton with lewd stories of rape, harassment and abuse.  One such woman, a Paula Jones, sued Billy Jeff for unpantsing his overused genitalia and wagging it at her.  

There was a civil trial. He lied during that trial. Under oath. He lost.  She was awarded a judgment of $850,000. Billy Boy was fined $85,000 for having committed perjury.  He lost his license and the right to practice law for five years. Plus, he owed his lawyers more than $5,000,000 for defending him.

Hil(liar)y likes to tell us she was broke and in debt when she and Billy left the White House.  This is the debt about which she was speaking. 

You should also be aware that they could not afford this ostentatious $1.7 Million Dollar (Big Bucks at the time!) White House.  So TM loaned them $1.53 Million with the understanding he'd get his money back in five years, or whenever the property was refinanced. And then Billy Boy and Hillar(ity) did something that is soooooo Clintonian! And soooooooo predictable. And sooooooooooooo similar to what they are being accused of even today.

The Secret Service is sworn to protect ex-Presidents for life. So they of course needed a place to stay at the Clinton compound.  So the Clinton's built a tiny little one-room shack on the far corner of their 10-acre spread.  Which they then subsequently leased to the Secret Service for $10,000 a month!

And the mortgage payment on their new White House?  Wait for it...$10,000 per month!   A coincidence maybe.  I don't think so.  You decide.

So whether or not Hillar(ity) wins a third trip to the White House, she's been there, and on our dime, twice already. Gives me an upset stomach.  How about you?

Epilogue 1:  When the Clinton's left the White House they took more than $200,000 in furniture, artwork, china and other expensive little souvenirs.  When they were called on it by the White House Preservation Fund, they were forced to return the furniture and pay back more than $85,000 for the items they couldn't return because they had already sold them.  Fact.  Look it up.

Epilogue 2:  And not to be outdone...by themselves, they also bought a new mansion in Washington, D.C. upon her leaving the State Department as Secretary of State.  And that mansion needed a whole bunch of furniture.  And it was just reported by the State Department that they stole a whole bunch of furniture from the State Department.  A whole bunch of furniture which they were just forced to return. Fact. Look it up.

Epilogue 3:  And recall the reference to Governor Terry McCauliffe above?  It was just reported his SuperPAC gave almost $500,000 to Virginia State Senate candidate Dr. Jill McCabe.  His plan was for her to win and give him a majority advantage over over Republicans so he could ram his agenda roughshod over them.  She lost, but that isn't the real story.  Her husband, Andrew McCabe, was #3 at the FBI when he made the donation.  McCabe was soon promoted to #2, second only in leadership and authority to James Comey, the Director.  And he was leading the investigation into Hil(liar)y's illegal email scandal at the time the donation was made!  Fact.  Look it up.

Could you deduce from this tawdry little tale that the Clinton's are inveterate lying scheming cheating thieving and conniving criminals?  I've made up my mind.  You?  Go ahead, decide.  I'm waiting...

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