Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Some Observations About Last Night's General Election Results...

-  The Republican Party did not win last night.  The American people did.  The guy who won just called himself a Republican, which was convenient, considering he'd been a Democrat for most of his adult life.  It really didn't matter what he called himself; what he promised was to bring back the America of old.  And over half of America has hired him to do so.

-  The Republican Party will now have to rebuild itself.  The elite within the GOP never embraced Trump.  But he won anyway.  No support from the Lap Dog Media, no support from the GOP Old Guard.  So now the Old Guard have frozen themselves out, which is too bad for them.  And the people of America don't really care.  They just want the coal mines reopened, the oil and gas fracking to resume, the military to be rebuilt, the jobs to return, the border to become secure and the taxes to be lowered.  Let's see if that happens.  I sure as Hell hope so...

-  The National Rifle Association's 5,000,000 members won the election for Trump.  Each of them paid their annual dues, and each of them clings to their Right to "keep and bear arms."  They each have wives, or husbands, and sons and daughters, and aunts and uncles, and cousins.  And members of their bowling team.  And they vote! And I believe that the spillover effect of 5 Million avid, dedicated members, plus all their family and friends, could be as many as 10 or 15 million loyal Americans who voted to send the Democrat candidate and her oft-stated intent to gut the 2nd Amendment, packing.  Tsk, tsk...

-  It will be refreshing to see Melania Trump as First Lady. I've grown weary of seeing what's-her-name in that role.  

-  The poll-taking (pole-dancing?) industry in America shot itself in the pedicure.  All but one of them predicted a Clinton blowout.  They were wrong.  Really wrong!  And now they will never, ever be trusted again.  By anyone.  Ever.

-  The media in America has very special rights under the Constitution of our Great Country.  They are called the Fourth Estate for a reason; they are required, REQUIRED to bring us the news, and the facts, unvarnished and unbiased.  They get special dispensation from the law for doing so. They have finally, FINALLY admitted the truth. They are nothing but the Communications Department of the Democrat National Committee.

-  John Fitzgerald Kennedy was known as JFK.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is known as HRC.  I predict that Donald John Trump will hereafter be known as DJT.  Except by the Lap Dog Media, which will call him every name in the book and do everything within their power to destroy him and everything he stands for.  Umm, except for the afternoon he's inaugurated, during which they'll treat him with a modicum of respect. But just for that afternoon...

-  Hil(liar)y called one-fourth of America "deplorables" and "irredeemables."  I hope she lives a long life and gets to reconsider that intemperate comment each and every day for the rest of her life.  It went a long way toward helping her to lose this election.

-  With no more access or favoritism or special treatment to sell, the Clinton Dynasty will melt away into a steaming pile of horsesh*t.  Donations to its so-called "charitable" foundation will dry up and she and Billy Jeff "Blue Dress" will be forced to live their fanciful lives without any further "special" treatment.  Too bad.

Eight years ago this morning I posted perhaps my shortest blog entry yet.  It read:

"Last night I went to bed in Northern Mexico, and got up this morning in France."

Today I issue a rather different entry.  It reads:

"Out long national nightmare is almost over." 

Thank you America, and good night.  

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