Friday, September 23, 2016

Pondering the Imponderables

According to, "Imponderable" is defined as:

Adjective:  "Im - pon - der - u-bul"  That which cannot be precisely determined, measured or evaluated." 

And that's remarkably true in this day and age of "political correctness."  Political correctness, or "PC," prevents us from learning the answers to questions which directly effect our lives these days in so many, many ways.  Questions such as:

Why is it that a person of mixed race, such as one who's half-Black and half-White, is always Black?  Take our President, for instance (please!).  He's half-Black and half-White, yet he's "Black."  He says so.  Everybody else says so.  So he must be.  So why is it that he's called "Black?"  Why isn't he White sometimes?  Say, Black for a week, or a month, or a year, then White for the next week, or month or year?

Remember Halle Berry?  She's the Black actress who won an Academy Award way back when.  And, Oscar in hand, and White mother in the front row, remember how she gushed at how happy she was to be the first "...Black woman to win an Oscar since Hattie McDaniel did for "Gone With The Wind?"  Hmmm.

Or then there's Colon Kramperdick.  He's the washed-up, tatted-up, has-been quarterback who sits on the bench and collects his $110,000 a month from the Peoples' Republic of San Francisco Forty-Niners NFL football team.  His Black mother gave him up for adoption.  Then he was taken in and raised up, pretty well it would seem, by White adoptive parents.  Yet, he terms himself "Black" and is so pissed that "his people" are so mistreated here in good ol' 'Murica that he refuses to stand for the National Anthem or pay his respects to the flag of his Country.  That would seem pretty damn disrespectful to me.  But hey, I'm just a loyal, respectful, patriotic, flag-waving, red-blooded, God-fearing American. Like you are, most likely.

Other imponderables would include why is there a Congressional Black Caucus but no Congressional White Caucus?  And why is there a Black Entertainment Network and no White Entertainment?  And why is there a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, but no National Association for the Advancement of White People? Or, no United White College Fund when there's a United Negro College Fund?  

And better yet, why can we no longer call Black people Colored, or Negroes, when those used to be the preferred terms, and when those names are in the titles of the above named charities?  Who makes the decision to change these things?  Which guy, or guys, or gals, or "its," decided one day to make it no longer proper - or "PC" - to call Black People what they used to call themselves?  Where are they located? When do they meet?  And why don't we all get a voice in such matters?

And here's another one of them there imponderables:  Where is that "Black Community" they keep talking about?  Is it in Watts?  Or Compton?  Or maybe at the corner of Florence and Normandy?  Or Baltimore, maybe?  Why don't we White people have a community?  It would seem to me that there's some White folks out there, like those who live in Missississippppi, or Appalachia, for instance, who are pretty far down the evolutionary tree.  Don't they deserve a community?

And, why are there hyphenated Americans?  There are African-Americans and Native-Americans, but there are no Irish-Americans or Italian-Americans.  Are we not a preferred voting bloc here in 2016 America?  

And speaking of African-Americans, our POTUS, one Mr.  B. Hussein Obama, is not an African-American.  He's more accurately an Arab-American.  There's only 6.25% of African blood coursing through his Community Organizing veins. Since 50% of Barry accrues to his White mother, the other 43.75% of Barry's heritage is definitely Arab. Don't believe me? Where do you think that name "Hussein" came from? 

And speaking of Arab names, did you know that "Barack" was the name of Mohammed's horse?  That's the one he road through the sky from Mecca to Jerusalem and back to Mecca during the so-called "Night Journey" that took place 10 years after he became a self-described prophet way back during the 7th Century. And, my friends, Mohammad was definitely an Arab! 

So, my friends, shouldn't Barry consider himself an Arab-American, at least 40% of the time?

So, these are but a few of the many imponderables banging around in my aging brain like a BB in a boxcar.  Perhaps you have a few as well.  If so, please feel free (or at least inexpensive!) to send them along.  I promise to share them with my tens of loyal readers.  You'll get credit for them, of course. Until then, these are the things political correctness keeps you from being able to say...or even think!

But I, the Chuckmeister, can!

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