Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Operation Fast and Furious," Revisited...

Remember a few years back when B. Hussein Obama and his Mini-Me Attorney General Eric Holder got caught slow-walking thousands of so-called "assault rifles" across the border into Meheeeeeko?  

In what was called "Operation Fast and Furious," the Justice Department authorized tens of $Millions out of the nearly $1,000,000,000,000 (that's One Trillion, with a "T"!) Stimulus Program to be used to buy AK-47's and AR-15's. That Plan was designed to get us out of a recession with some of those "shovel-ready jobs."  Except, as the Community Organizer-in-Chief was forced to later say, "Those "shovel-ready jobs" weren't so "shovel-ready" after all, were they?"

The "Fast and Furious" plan was to give the dough to numerous unemployed twenty-something losers who would then go into three gun stores along the border between Meheeeeko and Arizona and Texas. These slackers would go to the gun shops and buy a dozen or more of these deadly weapons at one time. The gun store owners, ever suspicious of such activities, all called the FBI.  Just like they were supposed to.  Just like they were required to.  They were told by the FBI to go ahead and sell the guns to these straw purchasers! They were told that the FBI was going to follow these guns after they were sold and nab the Bad Guys somewhere down the line.  

Except, they didn't.

And thus, more than 2,700 AR-15s and AK-47s were lost by those who were supposed to be watching them.  That means, more than 2,700 of these weapons, that you and I bought and paid for, went directly into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. I'm sure they were appreciative. 

Obviously, the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) arm of the Justice Department, the FBI's boss, doesn't think that a bunch of bozos buying a few thousand AK's and AR's with cash money poses much of a problem...

So why did this happen?  A few of you might remember that shortly after his immaculation, Barry Obama addressed the Mexican Congress.  During that speech he made the comment that fully 90% of all the guns that were rattling around Meheeeeeko and being used by their murderous drug cartels to kill thousands of their innocent citizens came from the United States. Now you should know that the comment he made was a gigantic bag of unadulterated horsh**t. Apparently Obama either doesn't know that AK's and AR's are manufactured in more than 100 countries these days, and that most all the guns winding up in Mexico are coming from one of those other places, or he was lying through his artificially-whitened teeth.  

But lying is apparently no longer held in contempt in Foggy Bottom.  If it ever was, that is.  Hil(liar)y and her disgraced hubby, Billy Jeff "Blue Dress" Clinton, has raised lying to an art form.  Remember when Billy Jeff was disbarred for lying about his little "encounter" with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office? The same one that resulted in him being impeached and disbarred and his law license revoked?  The same one that resulted in him being fined $85,000 for lying under oath and rendered more than $900,000 in debt to his lawyers for keeping him out of jail?  No? Maybe because a whole lot less of today's electorate was of voting age back then.  Very few of the so-called "Millenials" will remember this stain on the Presidency (Stain.  Get it?  I thought you would.)  But, given we're in the throws of electing our next President, and it just might be Hil(liar)y, a reminder would prove timely about now.
So I'll let you decide which it is.  Was Obama completely ignorant of the facts, which is bad enough, or just guilty of premeditated, unadulterated, flat-out lying to the American people? 

I'll go with lying.

Anyway, one of the guns thus provided to Meheeeeeko's drug cartels was used to kill Border Agent Brian Terry in December, 2010.  And the Administration found itself with mucho huevos on its lying face.  The gun-walking stopped with a screech!  Obama and Holder did their very best to change the subject and avoid the blame they obviously so richly deserved.  And the Lap Dog Media did its best to assist them.  As happens these days with the 24-hour news cycle, new problems replaced the old ones. The gun-walking scandal was forgotten.  

Until the massacre in Paris, that is...  

News Flash!  One of the fully-automatic AK-47 "assault rifles" used by an Islamic jihadist terrorist to murder more than 150 innocent civilians and wound 350 more in Paris last November 13th, appears to have been sold, illegally, without repercussion of any kind, as part of the "Fast and Furious" gun-walking scheme.

Let me repeat that:  One of the guns used in the largest terrorist attack in generations was bought and paid for by you and me, America's taxpayers, and then "slow-walked" into Meheeeeeeeeko by those under the orders of your President and then-Attorney General.  And then somehow made its way across "The Pond" and into the hands of an Islamic jihadist terrorist murdering thug.  

"A "Report of Investigation," or ROI, filed by a Case Agent in the ATF, a part of the Department of Justice, tracked the gun used in the Paris attacks to a Phoenix gun owner who sold it illegally, "off the books," Judicial Watch's law enforcement sources confirm."

According to Judicial Watch, a watchdog group, a paper trail left, in part, by a 4473 Form - which tracks a firearm's ownership history through serial numbers and other means - traced the weapon to a Phoenix seller who had previously been caught dealing in illegal weapons.  Judicial Watch would dearly love to make public the name of the seller, who had twice previously been caught for federal firearms violations, but the ATF, who hand-picked him to do some of that slow-walking, would not divulge his identity.  They apparently fear that doing so might anger the seller and cause him to "go public" with the facts relating to the Government's complicity in illegally running guns to foreign drug cartels!  

In short, your Government was indirectly involved in killing scores of people in a Paris concert venue.  This is the same Government that, under the orders of Gun Grabber-in-Chief Barry Obama, is doing its very best to rewrite the 2nd Amendment in an effort to make it tougher for you to defend yourself and your family. To make it tougher to buy and keep and bear the weapons you and I need to keep our families safe.  To make it tougher for you to exercise your Right under the Bill of Rights. 

Astounding!  Shameful!

Those doubting the facts presented here are invited to visit Judicial Watch's website (  But please do so before eating a meal.  It might cause you to lose your lunch...

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