Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Best Laid Plans...

Remember when Obamacare was first proposed?  It was, according to our Insurance-Salesman-in-Chief, supposed to provide health insurance to the 15% of our population...the 30 million or so...who didn't have it.  And it was supposed to cost only (only?) $850 Billion over 10 years. 

Further, it was supposed to lower our Federal debt, reduce family healthcare premiums by $2,500 a year and lower the unemployment rate.  It was also supposed to let you keep your doctor and your insurance policy, if you so desired.  And who wouldn't?  It was yours!  I think it was also supposed to eliminate zits and hemorrhoids, but I don't remember for sure.

Now, we learn that 10 years from now, Obamacare will have cost $3 Trillion dollars, increase family premiums by $2,500 per year, hike our deductibles several fold and leave us with 31 million uninsured.  That's, ummm, a million more than before we started this little Liberal dance. 

Oh, and did I mention that Obamacare does nothing to add even a single doctor?  Upwards of ten, twenty, even thirty million newly-covered patients and not a single new doc to see them?  How, exactly, did these loony bozos expect the same number of doctors to adequately serve 30 million new patients?  How do you think that will affect waiting times at the doctor's office?

Oh, and according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, it will increase unemployment by at least 2.3 million people!  And it will bankrupt up to half of all American hospitals, cause up to three-quarters of all physicians to seek early retirement and reduce competition among insurors. Think not?  Under O-care, there's only one approved insurance company in all of Louisiana, Mississippi and New Hampshire.  One! 

Oh yeah, and it creates the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which Sarah Palin so famously called "The Death Panel."  That's because it, staffed with 15 appointed non-physicians, will tell us what Obamacare will pay for, and when, and for whom, and how much.  Kind of like healthcare in the United Kingdom and Canada, don't you now. 

 And lest we forget, the Feds, under the leadership of our Droner-in-Chief, we had "Fast and Furious," "Cash for Clunkers," the shovel-ready "Stimulus Plan," the illegal NLRB Board appointments, the taxpayer-financed bailout of GM's and Chrysler's UAW pensions and the "weaponizing" of the IRS.   Oh, and if you are nuns, you have to offer your employees condoms.  You have to be pretty crass, insensitive, stupid, mean and nasty in order to believe it necessary to punish the Little Sisters of the Poor by forcing them to hand out rubbers to their volunteer workers.  Crass, indeed.

It seems that the nifty little socialist plans cooked up in the basement of the White House by a bunch of Liberal nerds don't seem to work out too well when rolled out for their day in the sun.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the people conjuring them up don't have the faintest idea what they're doing.  And, it seems that, since the GOP is likely to take the Senate come Fall, Barry and the Sycophants (neat name for a rock band, don't you think?) are working overtime to heap new and ever more onerous regulations upon us daily (Obamacare regulations governing how this dumbass law is to be implemented are up to 33,000 pages so far, with up to 100,000 more to come).  Then, once the Republicans have both houses of Congress, all the damage will be done and there will be very little they can do about it, because Barry will simply veto any legislation they may pass in an effort to undo it. 

You've got to give these commie pinko lefty weenies credit.  They never give up trying to take control of our lives. 

And that's the very real problem we face.  Republicans see an issue, fight it for all they're worth, win it, or lose it, and then go back to work in the family hardware store. 

Democrats, not having a family hardware store, just keep on shoveling crap our way, never, ever giving up, no matter how long it takes to get their way.  That's how Obamacare evolved; from individual little commie Liberal wet dream plans in the lower right hand desk drawers in D.C. offices, languishing for decades, all brought out, stapled together into 2,700 pages of horses**t! 

You gotta' give 'em credit.  They fight better than we do.  Of course, they have no morals, ethics, religion or reason to be honest and forthright.  They'd be kicked out of the party if they were ever found to be afflicted with any of those negatives...

So, my friends, and you are my friends, if you're still unaware that you've been hosed big time by this shiny new law, lied into existence by our TelePrompTer-in-Chief, the odds are you've either (a) been working two jobs and going without new shoes so you can try to support your family in our rapidly vanishing economy and haven't had time to stay up on things, or (b) spending your quality time smoking dubies, eating Doritos and watching Jerry Springer reruns.  There's hope for the former. There's no hope for the latter.  

And I have but one request for that demographic:  Please stay home on Election Day...

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