Friday, May 30, 2014

No More Mexico

I recall an event a few years back when my wife and I were returning back to Alta California from a quick vacay in Puerto Nuevo.  We were stopped mere yards from crossing back into the relative safety of the U.S. by a motorcycle cop.  He looked for all the world like Ponch of "Chips" fame.  Creases on his uniform you could cut your hands on.  Mirrored sunglasses.  Neatly trimmed 'stache.  Harley gleaming.  He asked in Spanish if we spoke Spanish.  We told him no. "That's alright," he said, "I speak English."  He surely did. Better than 90% of Americans I know.  

He told us we were driving one mile an hour over the speed limit!  Really?  One mile an hour?  Yes, he said, and that we'd have to follow him to the Police Station where we'd be arrested, arraigned and charged.  Several hours it would take, he said.  And then a fine.  A hefty one.  Of course.

Or, he said, we could just pay him $35.00 - in cash - and the whole problem would simply go away.  We were astonished. But we ponied up the cash.  I asked for a receipt.  My wife dug her fingernails into my leg so fiercely that I was sure blood would gush.  I relented in my request for a receipt.  Grumbling loudly, we paid up the "mordida" and made our way out of the toilet known as Tijuana.  And for the last time.

Now, some years later, Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, two-tour Afghanistan vet, made the mistake I've made on at least two prior occasions.  He missed a turn at this extremely confusing checkpoint and found himself in Mexico.  Since he'd just moved to Taxifornia he had all his worldly possessions in his truck.  That included three legally-acquired and -registered guns.  Our neighbors to the south responded to this mistake by throwing our Marine vet into prison.  And chaining him to a bed.  And beating him.  And torturing him. 

This occurred two months ago.  And our Marine is still being held against his will in a Tijuana prison.  It seems our President is too busy to pick up his famous phone and call Mexico's Prez to try and get our guy back home.  I'm guessing he's probably trying to fix his VA scandal.  Or his IRS scandal. Or his Fast and Furious scandal.  Or his NSA scandal.  Or maybe he's playing golf, or packing for his next vacation.  

And it seems our Secretary of State can't find the time to fix this problem either.  John "Lurch" Kerry was in Mexico last week but couldn't bring himself to explain to our cousins south of the border what could happen to their country if America chose to retaliate against them for this shocking event.  

Which we should.

Whatever.  He's still there.  Should a Mexican find himself on this side of the border...on purpose...we'd give him a driver's license, food stamps, subsistence, free education for his kids and a pathway to citizenship.  In Mexico an American hero is beaten and chained to his bed.  

This is an outrage.  I suggest that anyone reading this screed pass it along to any and all.  I suggest that we Americans respond to Mexico's affront by choosing never to go there again.  I suggest that we choose to withhold our discretionary travel and vacay money from Mexico.  Until they can find it in their hearts to treat our citizens like we treat theirs, I suggest that we freeze them out of the money mill.  Let's see how they get along without our dollars.  My call to action is...

No More Mexico.

Pass it along...

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