Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wine Trivia

There's a good chance you may be sitting in a bar somewhere and get into a trivia contest for cocktails. And perhaps the subject will be little known factoids about wine. If so, and in the earnest and undying belief I was placed here on this ever-warming Earth to help enlighten my burgeoning flock, here's some tidbits to cram into your cerebral hard drive for just such an occasion:

Wine By Numbers:

400 vines per acre
4 - 5 tons per acre (2 - 3 tons for Pinot Noir)
160 gallons per ton
60 cases per ton
7.5 pounds per vine
2.5 bottles per vine
240 cases per acre
2.4 gallons per case
1 grape cluster + 1 glass
24 cases per barrel
288 bottles per barrel
416 cases per 1,000 gallons
10,000 grape varietals
20 of 400 oak vareitals used for barrels
50 - 60 degrees for wine storage
White wine served at 39 - 40, red at 59 - 60
Note: All numbers are approximations and vary by year and by varietal

In summation, dear friends, life's too short to drink cheap wine!


  1. How about this one Chuck..."I'd rather have a bottle in front of me....then a frontal Labotomy"!..................Lana

  2. One can never go wrong with a tasty little bottle of Two Buck "Chuck". You should also try a great, and quite cheap, bottle of Golden Gate. This wine is sold at any Albertsons and comes in varietals of Merlot, Cab, Chardonnay, and Shiraz. A usual price of two for five, and sometimes on sale for $1.76!


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