Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Immigration Update

I commented yesterday that the nice folks in Arizona ought to provide the illegals they capture with one-way bus tickets to San Francisco. That's because the commie pinko weenies in San Fran are going postal over AZ's new get-tough immigration law. They think it's just so very unfair to all those nice border jumpers. We should be more compassionate, they believe. To think. These AZ troglodytes actually passed a law that mirrors exactly our Federal laws regarding the approved and constitutional methods of detecting violators of our immigration regulations. The Feds have declared what they've done to be a crime. The state of AZ just did the same. And the room temperature IQ-types in San Fran don't like it at all.

But not just them. Our President-in-Training doesn't like it either. Neither does the Attorney General. I'm guessing that means it's a pretty good law. But lo and behold, today Mr. Rush Limbaugh offered up the very same suggestion I did. Send 'em to SFO, Rush said, with one-way bus tickets. This is absolute proof, I contend, that Rush reads my blog.

And if he doesn't, he should...

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