Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Part of Illegal Don't You Understand?

So Arizona pulled the trigger and passed the strictest anti-illegal immigration law in the Country. Starting in early July, cops who suspect someone is here illegally may stop them, ask for their ID's, and if they can't prove they're here legally, they get tossed in the slammer. If then found guilty they get six months to contemplate their actions, a $2,500 fine and deportation once their sentence is served. And not everyone is happy about it. One of AZ's own state senators called upon the nation to boycott his state. How quaint. But this very day San Francisco's City Attorney Dennis Herrera came up with an even juicier plan. Read on...

Everyone knows that San Fran is a "sanctuary" city. That means if you're there illegally no one gives a damn. Their law enforcement folks are banned from asking your immigration status. And it's costing the city hugely as a result. Now this guy Herrera is advocating that SFO policymakers boycott AZ and AZ-based businesses in every way possible. And some of the lefties in D.C. are calling upon the Prez to order ICE not to accept illegals the AZ folks snag. Well I have a better idea. AZ should simply provide all the illegals they catch with a one-way bus ticket to San Francisco. Problem solved. SFO gets more of the illegals they so love, AZ gets rid of its illegals and POTUS and his cronies can't do a damn thing about it. Simple, cheap and quick. What do you think?

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