Monday, March 9, 2015

Why to Lefties, "Fair and Balanced" Means "Fear and Loathing."

Time was, back in the almost-Dark Ages, there were only a few simple TV networks.

They were called the "Alphabets" because there were only CBS, NBC and ABC.

Are you old enough to remember?  About Midnight they would "sign off" and you'd see a picture of an Indian "screen saver" called a test pattern until morning. That would be a "woo woo" Indian, not a "red dot" Indian.

And we, the American people, believed everything they told us.  We had no reason not to.  Besides your local paper, there was no other source of news. And who would believe they had a not-so-hidden agenda? Not me.  Not anybody I knew.  In fact, I remember in 1982 when Walter Cronkite, anchor of the CBS Evening News, told us that we were facing a new ice age.  No question.  The Big Freeze was coming. Imagine that.

And then, little by little, I became aware that the so-called Mainstream Media was massaging the news to the benefit of the Democrats, the Lefties, the Progressives among us.  They would shade the news to make bad news for their lords and masters a little big better. Or, simply fail to report what was actually happening at all.  Shocker, no?

And then one day the clouds parted.  A guy named Roger Ailles, ex-Bush confidant and political king-maker, convinced Rupert Murdoch, global news and entertainment media powerhouse billionaire, to fund the start up of the Fox News Channel.  And then things for the Left began to get very, very bad, very, very fast.

Why?  Because Fox's business plan called for their on-air personalities to accurately, and fairly, report the news.  They call the plan "Fair and Balanced." Both sides.  All sides.  And although they saw a niche market for a right-leaning network, which Fox clearly is, they decided to hire a stable of Lefties to reflect the other side in every single debate.  Juan Williams, Alan Combs, Bob Beckel, Julie Roginsky, Kirstin Powell and a couple of dozen others.  

My personal theory is that they have closets on the 9th Floor where they park these useful idiots until needed. Then they trot them out to spew their gibberish for all to see.  Then they lead them by the hand back to their enclosures and store them there until next needed to add the "balanced" piece to debates.

Even so, the Left, having grown used to every single broadcast and cable media outlet reporting only the news that benefited them, howled in outrage!  "Not fair!," they screamed!  "Biased!," they clamored.  

But it did no good.  Fox caught on.  Folks, like me, who had given up on media news due to its obvious leftward bias, started tuning in. And more and more of us did so, to the extent that it, Fox News, started growing in popularity.  And now, after an unprecedented 18 year run as "Number One in News," it easily outdraws, and outclasses, all the others. Check it out:

Here are the most recent average weekly prime time viewership numbers for the most important demographic (25 - 54) of the most popular cable news channels (rounded up):

Fox News:               2,363,000
CNN:                           612,000
MSNBC:                      703,000
CNBC:                         436,000
Fox Business:              44,000
Headline News:         315,000

The numbers don't lie.  Fox outdraws all the other cable news channels, combined!  And importantly, 40% of Fox' viewers are self-described Democrats.  I guess even some Democrats actually want to know what's actually going on.  In short, Fox has produced the top 14 news programs for each of the last 14 years.  But that's just news.  Fox reports the news from 6:00 a.m. daily until 5:00 p.m. nightly. Thereafter, entertainment takes over.  

Entertainment?  And by that I mean, opinion.  The Left often bitches that Fox isn't "fair and balanced," because they broadcast opinion programming. Yes, they do, but under the banner "opinion."  Fox features Bill O'Reilly. And Megan Kelly.  And Sean Hannity.  And Greta van Susterin.  And The Five. And Red Eye.  Etc., Etc. Let's take a look at the ratings for FNC's entertainment offerings:

O'Reilly:                   2,667,000
Kelly:                        2,204,000
The Five:                  2,057,000
Greta:                       1,749,000

Well now, it seems that even in opinion entertainment, which is all that MSNBC broadcasts, Fox generates astounding viewership numbers, causing extreme anguish to the Chris Matthews-zes and the Alphonso Sharptons-uns and the Rachel Maddow-zes and the Ed Schultz-ez-ez.  What a shame!

If some of you don't watch Fox, and need an example of just how far they'll go to report the news, fairly and balanced-ly, check this out.  This past weekend John Roberts, one of their talented on-air personalities, hosted a special. It was entitled "Enemy of the State."  It told the story of four different individuals who have been royally screwed by the Obama Administration. One, the Gibson Guitar company, had tons of Madagascar Rosewood confiscated by the Justice Department because, it claimed, the wood was purchased illegally. Turns out it wasn't, but it cost the company millions in fines and years of grief.  Why?  It's CEO is not only a Republican, he actually had the temerity to donate to conservative causes.  Whaaaaat?  Did anyone notice that Fender, who does exactly the same things, was ignored?  Their Chairman is a Lefty.  

And then there's the guy whose company is a pioneer in hydraulic fracturing (fracking).  He actually lobbied our Vacationer-in-Chief on the many benefits of this new technology at a White House reception.  The very next week his company was indicted on criminal charges for...wait for it...having killed one bird! Yep, they found a dead bird near one of the company's overflow reservoirs.  Millions in legal fees later, the charges were thrown out by a judge who stated, "This indictment shocks the conscience of the court."

Most believe the Feds "gave this guy the bird."

One last example.  A lady who tried to start a tax-exempt corporation to publicize her Tea Party beliefs was subjected to IRS audits, EPA fines, ATF charges and other "special interest" by the Obama Boys. When the IRS was forced to investigate their actions, they actually appointed a blind inspector to review the records!   

You have to watch this special.  Those of you with FIOS can do an "on-demand" search.  Find it and view it if you can.  It is emblematic of why folks like me watch Fox, and why commie weenies hate it so vehemently.  I actually have an old high school classmate who calls it "Faux Noooz." Somehow she was lured into the "dark side" somewhere along the line. Maybe she was scared by a conservative when she was little.  But a Lefty she is.  And, unfortunately, a proud one.  Barry and his whole Gang of Sycophants hate Fox and will continue to try anything to minimize its influence.  They will not be successful.

So, to those of you who haven't yet caught the Fox bug, and to my old classmate whom I hope someday can be returned to The Light, I say "thanks" to Roger Ailles and Rupert Murdoch.  You're almost singularly responsible for keeping America properly informed... 

Update:  For those with any remaining doubt that there's MSM bias, just take a look at the front page of Sunday's New York Times.  It featured a picture of marchers commemorating "Bloody Sunday" 50 years ago when 600 blacks attempting to march across the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama, were badly beaten.  The Bridge, you may recall, was named for a Democrat war hero/KKK Grand Dragon.  Leading the marchers on Saturday were many celebrities, led by Mr. and Mrs. Obama and George W. Bush and wife Laura.  The Times felt it necessary to crop the Bushes out of the picture.  I presume they felt they didn't "belong."  That little stunt has gone a long way to convince disbelievers that the Lap Dog Media is nothing but the Public Relations arm of the Democrat National Committee...

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