Monday, December 1, 2014

"Communities of Color"

I don't know about you, but I'm growing increasingly tired of hearing political leaders, almost always, no, always, from the Democrat Party, speaking about "communities of color."

You know and I know they're talking about Black people.  And maybe occasionally, Brown people.  But mostly Black people.  But we all know for sure they're never, ever talking about White people.

I'd like to know why?  Black people are black.  Brown people are brown.  Yellow people are kind of yellowish in color.  And Red people are sort-of-a-reddish hue. But there are NOOOO White people. 

Well, except for albinos, of course.

But there are Beige People!

And Beige is a color!

We're not white, we're beige!  And I want to start a movement among the tens of people who follow the Chuckmeister's every word, to stop people - even the commie pinko weenie Democrats - from referring to "communities of color."

Where are these "communities of color" exactly?  Are they in Watts?  Or at the corner of Florence and Normandy?  Are they in or around Atlanta?  Or what used to be Detroit before it was trashed beyond recognition by Black people?  Or just outside the Beltway in D.C.?  Maybe on the South Side of Chicago, where Barry "The Community Organizer," in his only "real" job, ever, signed up people to vote Democrat and get Foods Stamps?

Perhaps they're wherever the "Mike Browns" choose to live.  Or where their "parent" chooses to live.

Or, maybe Mr. Obama is referring to our Country's many and varied prisons where most of the "guests" are "of color?"  

No, my dear friends, "communities of color" are wherever the commie pinko weenies declare them to be.  And you can bet that wherever they are, there are votes to be garnered there if the Community Organizer-in-Chief and his race-baiting, poverty pimp hustlers like Jessuh Jackson and the Least Reverend Alfonso Sharpton, can rally them up to feel put upon, disenfranchised, used, abused and mistreated by Whitey.  

And that's why those in these "communities" vote as a bloc, at the rate of about 90%+, for the Democrats.  Despite the best efforts us right-thinking folks, who do our best to educate and elucidate this demographic to reality, they are owned and controlled by the Lefties who need, nay demand, their votes in order to win elections and stay in power.

Unemployment has increased by over one-third in the "communities of color" since Obama was elected. And yet, they vote for him and other Blacks without a second thought.  High school graduation rates among Blacks in the larger cities are struggling to top 50%. And yet, they vote as a bloc for Dems.  Sad.  

And gunfire in these "communities of color" ring out like clockwork every weekend, despite the fact that guns are usually outlawed therein.  Doubt me?  Look at Chicago.  Guns have been virtually unobtainable for decades there, yet Blacks are killing Blacks every weekend, using guns that "don't exist," and Whites have no choice but to duck and cover.  Please try to defend that, if you're in the commie pinko dumbass liberal weenie camp.

As for me, I won't be satisfied until there's a National Association for the Advancement of Beige People. And a Beige Entertainment Network.  And perhaps a Congressional Beige Caucus.  How about you?

So, my friends, and you are my friends, I take issue with this whole "communities of color" meme.  As a voting, tax-paying, law-abiding, Army vet, Eagle Scout, proud citizen, I demand that those whom we elect stop pandering to what they think are the lesser of us.  And until the "lesser" of us stop falling for the pandering crap, I believe they deserve the nastiness that's being shoveled their way. 

And, as Dinesh D'Souza, famous author, educator, film maker and "man of color," just opined, a proud man of color himself, I wonder how long it will take for the citizens of these "communities of color," once they actually realize that they've been systematically hosed by the Lefties, for decades, to start saying they don't deserve all the blame; after all, they may say, Mr. Obama is half white...

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