Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Latest, but Surely not the Last, Assault on Your Freedom...

Dr. Vivek Murthy was just anointed as our Country's newest Surgeon General.

Never heard of Vivek Murthy?  

Well, my friends, and you are my friends, let me acquaint you with one of the most, if not the very most, political appointments in U.S. history. Allow me please to outline for you what makes good ol' Vivek, an American Indian (he's American because he was born in America, and Indian, as in the "red dot" kind), unique:

First, Dr. Murthy was not confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  He was, rather, anointed.  That's because Dr. Murthy's nomination was not required to surpass the Senate's long-standing 60 vote threshold for so-called "cloture." Since the founding of our Country, achieving that vote total has been necessary to shut off debate (and filibusters) and permit nominations to be immediately voted upon.  

But in Murthy's case, due to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's decision a few years back to blow up the rules of that venerable old House of Congress, using what was then called the "nuclear option," which had theretofore only been threatened, only a simple majority of 51 votes needed to be cast in order to pass a motion.  Or, in this case, a nomination.  
By the way, that simple majority is what enabled "Obamacare" to pass on Christmas Eve of 2009.  Yes, my friends, with newly-elected Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown on a plane winging his way to D.C. to take over Teddy "The Driver" Kennedy's seat, given that ol' Ted had just had his ticket punched, Brown would then have been the deciding vote against Obamacare.  Reid, being the dour anti-Constitutionalist that he is, chose to invoke the nuclear option using a little-known rule called "Reconciliation" and wipe his ass on 229 years of Senate history. 

Reconciliation, by the way, can by law only be used for budgetary and financial measures that originate in the House of Representatives.  So, yes, it was unconstitutional. 


And, by the way, Dr. Murthy garnered only 51 votes, with three Democrats voting against him.  51 votes. The bare minimum, even with the "nuclear option" having been enacted.  We're talking a dearth of support here, folks. Maybe that's why the Obama Administration chose not to put Murthy up for a vote when the new Republican-led Congress convenes in January.

Second, Dr. Murthy, 36 years of age, only, is indeed a physician.  Yet, to begin with, he's one of the few American physicians who's never practiced medicine. Ever.  No, he's an academician.  A Harvard professor. He teaches. 

Remember the old saying, "Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach?"

In Dr. Murthy's case, one has to wonder just how much he really knows about the practice of medicine because he's never chosen to practice it. But what he has chosen to do is to openly display his political beliefs; just two years out of his residency he founded "Doctors for Obama."  

He was such a huge fan of our now semi-retired, Vacationer-in-Chief that he managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from fellow left-wing physicians to help re-elect Barry Obama in 2012.  Barry was happy he did, and obviously decided not to forget the favor.  And so, now he now he returns it.  

Third, Dr. Murthy is not a big fan of guns.  In fact, he believes that guns are, as he says, a "public health issue."  He believes that the 2nd Amendment needs to be erased from the Bill of Rights and that guns need to be taken from Americans, by force if necessary.  He further believes that there should be a limit on the amount of ammunition Americans are permitted to buy.  And, he favors the implementation of "Universal Background Checks," that heinous new first step in what the National Rifle Association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, gun activists everywhere - and I - believe is part of a nefarious plan by left-wingers to eventually outlaw guns altogether.  

Don't believe it?  Look back on history and learn that such a government effort to determine who has what gun led to them being outlawed in China, in Cuba, in North Korea, in Canada, in England, in Burma, in Vietnam, and in 1936 Fascist Nazi Germany, to name just a few.

And for those out there in Internet Land who aren't hunters or gun aficionados, you need to know that virtually every gun purchased from every gun store or at gun shows must first undergo a Federal background check before the transfer may be completed.  But those purchase records are destroyed after a few days, by law, making them unavailable to those wishing to establish a database. And that, for gun-grabbers, is the problem.  In short, we don't need no stinkin' Universal Background Checks.

Murthy intends to use his new post as Surgeon General to shine a bright light on the issue of gun control, and, in concert with the likes of the Brady Campaign and ex-New York Mayor Little Mikey Bloomberg, the 17th richest dude in America, to finally realize his dream of ripping guns from our "cold, dead hands."  

Oh yeah, he's promised he won't use his new post to try and ban guns. Sure.  I seem to recall that Barry's two Supreme Court nominees, Sonja Sotamayor and Elana Kagen, also stated that the 2nd Amendment was, as they both said, "settled law," and that neither would use their brand-new SCOTUS positions to try and change it.  


The very first time each of them had the chance to act upon that promise they voted against gun rights (Heller v. D.C. and McDonald v. City of Chicago). They lied.  But, so did one Mr. Barry Obama, who famously stated in his interview with John Lott, author of "More guns, less crime," when he was still a lecturer at the University of Chicago, "I don't think people should be able to own guns."  Nice.  If you need proof, go to YouTube and check it out for yourself.  

Oh, by the way, our outgoing Surgeon General sent a letter to every Senator begging them not to confirm Murthy because, as she said, "He's not qualified for the job."

So, my fellow Americans, and about 11 Million illegal aliens who, if Obama gets his wish, soon will be, we now have a Surgeon General who knows little or nothing about the practice of medicine, who just loves Barry Obama, who demonstrates disdain for the Bill of Rights, who attained his new post on a strict party-line vote, who was confirmed only because of an unconstitutional and outrageous change in Senate rules, who is deemed unqualified by nearly everyone, including his predecessor, and who wants to take your guns away. 

Any reader of this little posting who happened to vote for Mr. Obama should, after being slapped in the face with astonishing bits of information such as this, want to reconsider that decision...

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