Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I have a question...

I have a question.  It's a serious, big-time, monumental, stop-the-presses question.  And it's a question that deserves an answer.  Okay, the tens of you who follow every word I write, here it is:

Why are libby weenies so in love with and so dedicated to the idea of aborting little babies when the odds are all those discarded fetuses will grow up to be Democrat voters?

Now I know that the libbies like to call it "Pro Choice."  I guess that means you should be able to choose whether to keep or cast off your baby.  But somehow they almost universally want you to choose the latter option.

And the other side calls it "Pro Life," believing that if you spread your legs you should bear (get it?) the consequences. 

That "other side" thinks that when a baby is conceived, and develops a heart beat, and begins to suck its thumb, and grow finger nails, and yawn, it becomes, you know, like human.  And killing humans isn't really a good idea.  Unless, of course, you're a dumbass.  And a jerk.  And kind of thumbing your nose at The Creator;  Or so thinks I.

It was just reported that the Hollywierd Elite is planning on throwing a really big bash to raise big money for pink tennis shoe-wearing Texas Senator Wendy Davis, the chick who filibustered the Texas Senate on behalf of post-twenty week abortions.  Even though she chose not to abort hers, she wants you to abort yours.  And even though she's played fast and loose with the facts in her resume, you aren't supposed to notice, because doing so is proof of the "War on Women."

She talked for 12 hours and ignited a libby firestorm of support among those who believe that you should be able to abort your baby up to and including the day before it begins pre-school.  And now, Ms. "Texas Barbie" Wendy, is running for Governor of that Great State.  And Hollywierd is raising money to help her.  Apparently Hollywierd isn't concerned about killing off their future theater goers.

Believe it or not, their fund-raiser will be hosted by one Ms. Sarah Silverman, a rather outrageous libby comedienne, and called "A Night Of A Thousand Vaginas."  You read that right.  So the very strange people in that L.A. suburb is raising some bucks to try and kill little Texas babies.  Strange.  And I would say, reprehensible.  I'm guessing they're guessing that none of those little Texans will be future theater goers.  

So here's the deal.  The vast majority of abortions occur to poor, undereducated, inner-city minorities (29.4% of abortions are performed on Black women;  Black women make up 15.6% of the population).  And the vast majority of inner-city residents vote Democrat.  We know that to be true.  And, as an example, the most Republican county in America, Kings County Texas, boasts that 3.2% of its residents voted for one Mr. B. H. Obama in 2012.  3.2%.  Yet, surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, 59 precincts Philadelphia recorded not one single vote for Mr. Romney in the same election.  Not one.  That, of course, is statistically impossible.  But it happened.  Or it was managed to happen.

So non-aborted fetuses wind up voting for dumbass libby weenies.  Why then, I ask, would this bunch of libbies, including our President, our Vice President, the Majority Leader of the Senate, the ex-Speaker of the House and literally dozens of big-time Democrats wish to have their future voters aborted?  Yes, children, why?

And so you're now deeply enmeshed in my existential question.  And now maybe you can help me answer it...


  1. You should take this circus act on the road.

  2. Mr./Mrs./Ms./Other Anonymous, you supply the road, I'll supply the circus act...


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