Monday, November 5, 2012

Is There a God?

Your question for the day:

Is there a God?

Maybe a better question is, does proof exist one way or the other?

I'm here to offer up a possible answer to this age-old question just in time for your visit to the polls on Election Day.

Imagine there is a God.  Imagine also that God is not at all happy with the systematic dismantling of his favorite Country, America.  Imagine further that He'd really, really like to do something about it without a whole lot of obvious publicity which would remove the mystique of faith He's so assiduously demanded of us over the eons. 

So, He conjures up a humongous hurricane, merges it with a really big Nor'easter, drives the resultant SuperStorm smack into the middle of where about 60% of America's liberals call home.  Into Atlantic City, "Sin City East," no less. 

Big Blow Sandy wrecks havoc, beats the Hell (notice the Biblical reference?) out of 11 deep blue states, makes the water run deep in the streets, displaces more than 100,000, turns the lights out for millions, stacks garbage eye-high in nearly every neighborhood, micro-manages gas lines over one-quarter of the Country, and engineers angst and anger inside the electorate at their elected officials. 

And then He puts together another big storm, which is on its way right now, targeting that same piece of real estate, while pushing the coming temperatures for them below freezing.

So I ask you.  What would your garden-variety, homeless, hungry, thirsty and pissed-off liberal rather do:  Find some sprouts and whey and a little sushi to eat, some double-filtered designer water to drink, some L.L. Bean clothes to wear and some low-sulphur gas for the Prius, or go vote?  Especially if he or she has no way to get to the polls?

I guess we'll see tomorrow whether this whole thing is the result of a Deity-sized, once-in-a-lifetime Grand Plan, on the order of that Red Sea parting thing, or just another natural disaster that happened to befall those nice folks in the very heart of Redistributionville.  

Let's put it this way.  If Romney wins, against all the odds, over all the liberals and the Main Stream Media, which would be a monumental task indeed, I think I'll start attending church again...

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