Monday, March 8, 2010

Lynching KSM

Psst! Are there any Mattel toy designers out there? If so, you're gonna' like this. I have an idea for a sure-fire winner toy that'll knock 'em dead this Christmas. Read on...

Have you seen the picture of Kalid Shiek Mohammed? You know, the one they took just after his capture? The one with him in white robes with a checkered red tablecloth headband, the deer-in-the-headlights look on his face and the bushy beard the size of New Hampshire? It struck me that this picture is just begging to be turned in to a new toy doll and game for the little tykes to play with this Christmas. I can see it all now. The doll will come in a kit complete with everything necessary to try KSM for planning the attack on the World Trade Center. No longer must we argue about whether he should be tried as a civilian and allowed to spew his hateful rhetoric in downtown Manhattan at the cost to our citizens of $200 Million a year, or in a secret military tribunal on Gitmo or some other Army installation somewhere. Nope. The kit will come with everything necessary for your little angels and their friends to conduct their very own trial for this murdering thug. And once they've found him guilty, which, according the President and the Attorney General, they most certainly will, a noose will be supplied so they can string him up without further delay or appeal. Won't it be fun for the little ones to tighten the noose around this guy's chubby fascist neck?

So, Mattel people, give me a call and I'll be pleased to license my "killer" idea. Just a small royalty is all I ask. Later on, once the market's been established for terrorist dolls and games, we can move on to the Badmood Amadinnerjacket edition. I Thought you'd like it...

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