Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dennis the Menace

U.S. Representative Dennis Kocinich called a press conference this morning. He explained why, after having signed a commitment to never, ever vote for Obamacare, why he is now doing exactly that. Imagine. A politician breaking his word.

You know Dennis. He's the youngest Mayor in Cleveland's history. He's the guy who bankrupted it during his first term. He's the fellow whose wife is two feet taller than he is. He's the weenie that would make Karl Marx appear absolutely right-wing in comparison.

What did Dennis get for proving to America that he lies like a rug? A ride on Air Force One. Barry rode him to Ohio so he could be displayed like a circus clown to a group of lefties at a faux town hall meeting. This was all it took, apparently, to change his vote from principled opposition to slavish, feverish approval.

If this is true, I have an idea. 747s are really big airplanes. They routinely cross the oceans with 400 or more passengers. We know there's something like 245 Democrat congressmen/women/others. Hey Barry, why not simply load up all the Dems and take them on a nice little junket all around America. Fly them really low over the Grand Canyon. Maybe a tour of the Great Lakes. A nice pass over downtown Manhattan, while scaring the crap out of New Yorkers once again, could work as well. Ply them with expensive liquor during this trip and you'll have them panting like bloodhounds.

Then, once safely ensconced back in Foggy Bottom, they'll vote whatever way they're told by San Fran Nan and Dirty Harry. Health care reform will pass and we, the people, without further ado, can get about the business of throwing these bums out once and for all. I just hope it doesn't result in a revolution. Or maybe I do...

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