Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why Meheeeeeeko Won't Honor the Border

Have you ever wondered why Meheeeeko won't seem to honor the border between our two sovereign nations?  

Me too.

So I did a little digging, which is what any good quasi-journalist-without-portfolio or formal training of any kind would do when faced with an existential question like this. And I came up with the answer. And here it is...

Meheeeeeeeeeeko (I mean, that's how you pronounce it, right?) is still pissed over the outcome and resolution of the Mexican-American War.  As you may recall, unless you went to a public school and thus did not learn anything, ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, circa 1848.  That's the piece of paper that gave us (we took it from them) all of what was then called "Alta California."  Or "Aztlan," as some of them prefer to call it.  That means everything north of the current border, all the way up to just past San Francisco, over eastward past Utah and Nevada and Colorado, down southeast-ward through Kansas and a bit of Oklahoma, and all the way through to Brownsville, Texas.  

In other words, a major, major chunk of real estate which they wanted to keep and we wanted to get in order to sort of fill out what is currently thought of as "America."

They really liked that choice bunch of land.  Remember, they actually sent Spanish padres up the coast to build missions and plant vineyards and herd cows and goats and sheep and convert the Indians.  They colonized it, and carved out vast swaths of it to farm and produce veggies and grain and send it back home to where the land is quite a bit less arable.

They were upset to lose it.  Too bad, we said.  To the victor goes the spoils, we said. And we were the victors.  They shouldn't have picked the fight in the first place, we said, what with raiding parties of killers and rapists and robbers and burglars marauding all willy nilly into what was then a territory known as "Texas." Remember the Alamo?  Couldn't resist.  

To be sure, they actually disagree; they said we provoked the conflagration. Who knows?  Anyway, many of us said they were damned lucky we didn't take the entire toilet of a country and simply annex it as an official state.  Or at least a protectorate. That "many of us," by the way, would include me, The Chuckmeister.  

Just imagine how much trouble we could have saved ourselves if we have simply made Mexico a part of the good ol' U.S. of A.  Think Puerto Rico, if you doubt me.  P.R. is a "protectorate" of America, which means they get to offload their poor here anytime they want to, and take advantage of our laws and benefits and welfare state.  And we get to send them boatloads of money, anytime they need it, which is waaaay too often, BTW. 

Meheeeeeeko, on the other hand, gets to export its poor northward with abandon, who then take advantage of our laws and our benefits and our welfare state, but without an "official" stamp of approval.  And that's what we're all talking about these days, and what will consume a major portion of our legislative and diplomatic activities during the first couple of years of the Trump Administration.

But why, one might ask, is Meheeeeeeko so unwilling to assist us in stopping the flood of illegals who make their way to "El Norte" night and day, and have for generations? Because, my silly friends, they didn't like the outcome of the War, and because they're going to punish us any way they can for as long as they can, just because they can.

Look at a map.  That "line" between our two countries isn't called a "border" on their maps.  It's called "La Frontera," the Frontier.  So, they don't feel bad about casually forcing themselves upon us by violating our border, because they don't consider it a "border."  It's just a minor inconvenience on their way to a better life.  Think of a muddy stream through which they must wade.  They're leaving a giant, draconian, medieval fiefdom, controlled by 500 super-rich, uber-powerful and -connected families who dole out plumb jobs and positions and titles like Christmas presents to their friends and political associates, and where those without that "ooomph" toil night and day just to keep a few tortillas on the dinner table.  Everything there is controlled to the benefit of the "haves," and to the detriment of the "have nots."  That includes jobs and educational opportunities, and almost everything else.  That's why their people are so damned anxious to get out of there and come here.  And why they're so unwilling to help us avoid their rejects, their nobodies, their otherwise welfare recipients.

I don't blame them, by the way.  If I was so unfortunate as to have been born there, I would do anything in my power to get out of there ASAP.  However, I feel the same way about North Korea.  In either case, it's illegal.  And, as Sonny Bono once said, when asked what he thought about illegal immigration, he said:  "It's illegal, isn't it?"  Hard to argue with that sort of simple logic, even coming from a guy never accused of having a ton of what's called tremendous brain power.

And yet, there are those of us here in 'Murica who warmly embrace illegal immigration as good, good, good.  An example would be California State Senator Kevin DeLeon, Majority Leader Pro Tempore.  He stated quite proudly the other day, in session, by the way, on camera, that "half of his family are here illegally."  And that "...they had phony green cards and Social Security numbers and driver's licenses" which enabled them to blend right in to our soon-to-be-declared "sanctuary state."  Nice.  When the third most powerful politician in California is bragging about violating America's immigration laws, you can understand how more than 5 million illegals got here, and why they're not planning on going back anytime soon.

If you Google "population of Mexico," your 'puter will tell you "122.3 million."  Of course, that doesn't draw a distinction between the number there, and the number of those who should be there, who are nonetheless here.  And further Googling will tell you "11.7 million" Meheeeeeekanos are here.  So, that means roughly 9% of Meheeeeeeko's population are living in El Norte.  And these are the folks that Meheeeeeeko would have to be supporting if they hadn't made the trip north, violated our border, broke our laws, and stolen our jobs.  Annnnnnnd, my friends, these are the folks who are regularly sending home, back to momma and the kids in Cuernavaca and Guadalajara what's called "remittances."  That's a fancy term for "money." That's money that Meheeeeeeeko counts as a part of its gross national product.  That's the second largest piece of Meheeeeeeeko's income, just behind oil production.  And if we build a wall, and make it tougher for their exported poor to come here illegally, and work illegally, and send home money illegally, then Meheeeeeeeeko would have to find some other source of income to replace this yuuuuuuuuge loss.  

How much?  $25,000,000,000 a year!  That's Twenty Five Billion Dollars a Year! That's some serious pesos, my friends! 

So, perhaps you now know why Meheeeeeeeko is so dead-set on not honoring our immigration laws.  Think of it.  They have trenches dug all across their southern borders, connecting to El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras.  In those trenches are soldiers with machine guns.  And they will shoot anyone with extreme prejudice who tries to invade Meheeeeeeeko without official permission.  And if you manage to somehow get in without them killing you, and they find you later, they'll throw your ass in prison for two years. And then they'll deport you after you get out, IF you're still kicking, that is.  

And what happens if you come back after then being deported?  Ten years in their very worst, nastiest and most dangerous prison.  Good luck living through that.  And these people bitch and moan about how badly we treat their cast off peons who stream north trying to find a job and something to eat.

Oh, and don't forget if you're a foreigner, even one with permission to be there, you can't pilot a plane or engineer a train or helm a ship or serve in the military or be elected to a political office or own property on or near a body of water or buy a gun or picket or protest or vote.  And a whole bunch of other stuff.  Yeah, they treat their "visitors" with respect.  


So here's the deal:  They are giving us the finger, each and every day.  They don't give a damn what we think about them screwing us deeply.  They are encroaching upon our sovereignty, and couldn't care less.  They're using us and our sense of humanity to feed, clothe and educate their poor. A Heritage Foundation study from 2015 showed graphically that illegal immigration costs us, the American taxpayers, more than $54.5 Billion Dollars a Year!  That would pay for picking a whole lot of tomatoes, my friends.

And then they have the absolute gall to get all up in our faces, so to speak, when we ask them to help pay for their failures as a country while expecting us to do for their poor what they either cannot, or will not.  Either way, with apologies to Yoda, up with this we shall no longer put.

My idea?  And it's certainly not new.  Build the wall.  Beef up our border patrol and ICE agent rolls to the point where we can actually handle the flood of illegals.  Take over old department stores and Federal buildings and turn them into interment camps for illegals for processing and deportation preparations.  And then summarily deport those who are here illegally and are proven felons and criminals.  And those who return, build enough prisons to make them wish they had not. Cease sending Federal monies to cities who refuse to reverse their "sanctuary" policies.  Begin to push the idea that a country without a border is not a country.  Pay our own veterans and homeless and poor and those who can't find gainful employment and welfare recipients whatever it takes to pick our fruit and wash our cars and clean our homes. Just think how much we could save by not having to pay for the flotsam and jetsam of our neighbor to the south's failed feudal society.  

Yeah, just think...

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