Saturday, January 28, 2017

Is the California "Tail" Trying to Wag the American "Dog?"

Unless you've been living in a dumpster behind the Wal-Mart, you know by now the General Election is over, Trump won and Hillary lost.

Yet, our friends of a Liberal persuasion are suffering a major-league meltdown!  They believe the election was stolen because, among dozens of other reasons, Hillary received more votes than did The Donald. And it is true, she did.  

She received some 2,864,974 million more votes than did Trump (the final, accurate numbers, straight from the Federal Elections Commission). And in a democracy, she would have won.  

But, as you likely know, America is not a democracy.  We are a Constitutional Representative Republic.  That means we elect people to represent us, just like all the other democratic republics around the Globe.  England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and Meheeeeeeko all elect those who will then trundle off to their respective capitols to cast votes to make the necessary decisions for their Great Unwashed.  And that's the way it ought to be.

For if we were a democracy, as famous Founding Father Benjamin Franklin so aptly put it, it would be "Like two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for lunch."

And because we're a Republic, we also have what's called the Electoral College (E.C.). It's in the Constitution.  You know, that "piece of paper," as Obama so (in)famously called it on way, way too many occasions.  

Now as you've no doubt heard, there was a big-time movement of late by those on the Left to abolish this 240 year-old institution.  And that's because Trump received 304 E.C. votes, when only 270 was needed to claim victory.  This fairly simple process accords E.C. votes proportionate to the population of a given state. This arrangement was masterfully conjured up by our Founders to insure that all states, not just the big ones, would be represented in the selection of our leaders.  

Just think of it this way:  If we elected our leaders by popular vote, then there would be no reason for a candidate to ever visit Montana.  Or North Dakota.  Or Utah, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, Nevada, Missisissisisisississippi, Nebraska, or Illinois. Or another 36 states, by the way.  A candidate would spend all of his or her (or, these days, thanks to Obama, "its") time in just four states:  California, New York, Florida and Texas. For that's where the very most people are, and where the very most votes are. Do you think that might anger those who would be left out were such a method to be adopted? Do you now see the wisdom in having the E.C. look out for our less well-populated areas?

I thought you would.

In just four instances has the loser in a General Election received more votes than the winner.  And in two of those, Gore in 2000 and Clinton in 2016, the losing Party called out loudly for the elimination of the E.C.  That Party?  The Democrats.  

By the way, had Gore won his home state of Tennessee back in 2000, he would have won the Presidency.  One just has to ask, if the people back home don't want you in the White House, why should anyone else?  Turns out they didn't...

But let's dig a little deeper into this whole mess.  Yes, Hillarity won the popular vote by 2.8 million.  But she won California by 4.2 million votes, and New York by just over 1.6 million, for a combined total of 5.8 million votes.  Yet, Trump won the rest of America by more than 3,000,000 votes! So if we could simply dial out CA and NY, two of the most progressive - and most populated - states in the Union, Trump would have won the majority vote and could have laid an undisputed claim to the mandate that he's now loudly proclaiming to possess.

If you're having trouble wrapping your fertile mind around those statistics, just look at it this way.  If you excise three counties in California (Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco), and another two counties in New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn), The Trumpster wins the election going away!  Soooo, do we think it's a good idea for the Taxifornia "tail" to wag the American "dog?"  I don't.  Perhaps you don't either...

So what the Hell is wrong with CA and NY?  Because of their enormous populations, it turns out that fully one-third of all the remaining Democrats in the House of Representatives come from California and New York.  It's also true that the map of America proves that the Democrats populate the Left and Right coasts, and the "Deplorables and Unredeemables" populate the great Red "Flyover Country."  That's about 85% of our land area.  That's the states Democrats believe are populated by redneck, toothless, ignorant, backward, rodeo-going, pickup truck-driving, cousin-marrying, whiskey-swilling rubes. And they are wrong...

The vast majority of America is "Red" and the edges are "Blue."  But those "edges" are getting ready to rebel.  The loonier of Taxifornia's loons (and that's really looney!) are now circulating a petition to place on the ballot a constitutional provision to secede from the Union!    

It's true!  Those behind this effort want California to become its own country!  They say that CA's economy ranks 6th in the world, and is even bigger than that of France.  They say that the dummies in "Flyover" country are standing in the way of CA implementing a rainbow- and unicorn-rich Utopian society;  they say they really want is to continue welcoming illegal immigrants from wherever, unimpeded; they say they want to continue issuing these illegals legal drivers' licenses (more than 800,000 during 2016 alone!); they say that they want to make referring to illegals as "illegals" should be made illegal (!); they say that continuing to tax the piss out of those evil profit-mongering job-creators is the thing to do; they say that taxing the successful more than any other state is quite alright if they redistribute the wealth to those who need it more; they say that implementing hundreds of new laws and regulations every year that make starting and running a business here almost impossible is why they were elected; they say they don't care that corporations are leaving the State in droves (9,000 in just the past ten years!); and they say they should all get together every few days at Starbucks for a double mocha latte and congratulate each other on how evolved they are. 

I just made that last one up.  But hey, it's probably true!

But wait, there's more!  Just after Election Day the otherwise-unemployable elites that run our once-Golden State decided to gird their loins for the upcoming battle with the Cheeto Jesus (their name for Trump). Facing an impending backlash over the dozens of California towns which have declared themselves "sanctuary cities," Governor "Moonbeam" Brown and his sycophants have hired Eric Holder, ex-Attorney General of these United States to advise them on how to fend off Trump in his efforts to force them to comply with Federal immigration laws.  These sanctuary cities simply refuse to turn over to ICE illegal alien criminals they've captured, even though the Constitution requires it, and they've all taken an oath to do it.  It takes a lot of balls, in my opinion, to presume to decide which of America's laws to obey and which to simply ignore.  But, then again, California's "leaders" may be found to have more balls than brains.

Eric Holder, you'll recall, is the only Cabinet-level U.S. official to have ever been impeached by the Congress of the United States for having lied under oath, and for refusing to turn over documents it had subpoenaed from the Obama Administration. Oh, and California is paying Holder $25,000 per month of taxpayer money for advising the State on how to prevent Trump from enforcing Federal laws.  I wish I was kidding on this.  But I'm not. 

How sad.  And how ridiculous.

From where I sit, which is deep in the "belly of the beast," but safely ensconced in one of the very few of California's more conservative areas, I'm happy for a couple of basic reasons: First, I'm bordering on ancient, so I won't be around to see what ultimately becomes of California as it devolves into France-west; and second, because of the comeuppance these Libbies will surely be hit with when they realize there's nobody left here when that day comes except sign twirlers and Starbucks baristas. 

For by then, everyone else will have left for greener pastures. And for by then, all other pastures will be greener. 

Hey America!  Get on board!  Help California secede! It will do you - and these hippppppmotized bozos - good!

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