Monday, January 9, 2017

An Essay on The Five Stages of Grief.

As I, The Chuckmeister, your loyal scribe, write this, it's a few days past the Holidays. And in the spirit of the Season, it's usually preferable at this time to be happy, and gleeful, and full of joy for life and your fellow carbon-based life forms.

But for some these days, like the 49.2% of the population who voted for the loser in the interminable, and thankfully just-concluded General Election, it seems this season has been a complete disaster. And that's because their favored candidate for POTUS has crashed and burned.  And they're in a deep, deep funk as a result.  This little essay on this unassuming little blog will focus on helping them to regain their Ferragamo- and Jimmie Choo-clad footing. Here goes... 

I spent nearly 40 years in the medical field.  And because I chose an area of medicine in which to specialize that dealt with an illness from which very few survived, that meant the prospects of an untimely death for many, if not most of its sufferers, and the grief for those left behind, was very real.

This was so true that a Swiss psychologist named Elisabeth Kubler-Ross published a book in 1969 called "On Death and Dying."  In this book she posited that there were five distinct stages of grief.  They are:  "Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Depression and then finally, Acceptance."  And we've all had a front-row seat to observe this scenario play out in real-time over the past two months.  

Trump wins the General Election, an election that he had no chance to win.  We were told this by the so-called Mainstream Media, over and over, thousands of times, for months and months.  His opponent spent more than $1.2 Billion trying to become America's 45th President, while he spent a paltry $66 Million.  Of his own money.

The talking heads on the Alphabet Networks posited that Hillary Clinton had a better than 90% chance of winning. Even Nate Silver, the (in)famous prognosticator from the "538 Blog," gave her a 70% chance, and he was widely excoriated by his fellow Liberals for being so pessimistic toward Clinton and her chances. 

Why? Lots of reasons.  Because it was her turn. She is a woman.  She had the right number of chromosomes. Her husband used to be President, and times were good, they said, when he was running things. She wears (ill-fitting) pantsuits.  She had loads of experience flying around all over the world and accomplishing little or nothing.  She is a Liberal and a Democrat.  Perhaps the very most Progressive Liberal in all Progressive- Democrat-ville. She promised to eliminate guns and pick the pockets of the rich and redistribute their wealth and increase taxes on those evil job-creators profit-seekers and further decimate our already-sequestered military and welcome illegal immigrants with open arms. Lefties and the Lap Dog Media wanted another four years of Democrat leadership. Or, what they laughingly call leadership.  She couldn't have been more perfectly positioned to break through that "glass ceiling."  Unless she'd have been Black, of course.  

And her opponent was a wild-eyed, boorish, unqualified, dangerous, loudmouth orange billionaire buffoon.  

Or so they thought...

In short, they cruised toward election day, so sure of their victory that they didn't even bother to campaign in three of the battleground states they needed to win: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  And those were the states that put Trump over the top.

And now those who were so absolutely convinced that Clinton would win, resoundingly, they thought, are deeply mired in one of those five stages of grief.  And I think it's hilarious!

First came anger.  They were major-league pissed!  They just couldn't come to terms with Trump's victory.  They fumed. They fussed.  Their mouths were agape.  They threw things. It was even reported that Clinton destroyed a custom-made ultra-Hi-Def 150" 3-D $500,000 TV, a present from the government of Saudi Arabia.  Hmmm. Why would Saudi Arabia be giving her such an expensive present unless they expected to get something in return?

Why, indeed?  Since it's been reported that Saudi Arabia and other Middle East kingdoms funded as much as 20% of Clinton's campaign, perhaps one of our ought-to-be journalists ought to look in to that.  

She is reported to have thrown a $950,000 bottle of champagne through the that TV's screen, which was to be used to toast her victory.  That's some expensivvvve bottle of booze, my friends!  She pushed over tables of high-end food and drink and threw the White House-themed cake emblazoned with the Presidential Seal against the wall. She had to be restrained, it was reported, after getting stool-grabbing, crawling-in-the-gutter drunk.  She fired several of her staffers. She physically pummeled some of them.  She was dragged off and made to go to bed. Not a good night for the Hildebeest.

News anchors wept openly.  Some were aghast, digging down deep for words as the reality of the situation crept over them.  Martha Raddach, ABC's lead reporter, famous for having fed questions to Clinton ahead of a debate she moderated, cried her little eyes out on live TV.  Rachel Maddow, famous gender-questionable anchor from MSNBC started screaming at the monitor. When the race was finally called in the early morning hours, Maddow said about Trump's victory: "Terrible, terrible dream."  And followed with, "You have not died and gone to Hell, people!"  Nice.

There were many other examples, but let's not get mired in the obvious.  If anyone, anywhere had doubted whether or not the Lap Dog Media was anything other than the Communications Department for the Democrat National Committee, this unfolding drama should have removed all doubt.   

In a day or two the initial anger turned into denial. They refused to believe the facts. They blamed James Comey, FBI Director for his "meddling."  They blamed the Russians for hacking the election, even though the voting machines were not connected to the Internet, and many of them were owned by George Soros, infamous socialist billionaire, convicted felon and Democrat-backer.  They blamed "fake news," whatever the hell that is.  They blamed racism, which they said was rampant among the "alt-right," whatever the hell that is. They blamed everybody and everything except the person to whom blame should have been fixed: Hillary Clinton.  

But after a few days their anger and denial turned into a bargaining session.  How, they wondered, could this whole fiasco be reversed?  How could they manage to overturn this nightmare?  What prayer could they utter to just make this whole nightmare go away?  Assuming they pray, that is. Finally, a plan emerged; since the Electoral College put Trump over the top, they would go straight to the Electoral College in an effort to overturn the election.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

The Lefties who were so confident of Clinton's victory put a plan into place.  They published the names, addresses and phone numbers of the nation's chosen Electors. They were the folks who had been selected by the various states to vote for the POTUS according to the popular votes cast within their borders. They whipped their followers into harassing the Electors in every way possible in and effort to get them to become "faithless." Or, better put, to change their vote to anyone but Trump, even though they are most generally required to vote the same way their state voted. 

Now, it's important to note that they did so knowing that, should 37 of the Electors become "faithless" and vote for other than Trump, the election would then be thrown to the House of Reps, which is controlled by the Republicans, which would then vote to make Trump Prez.  Kind of an empty effort, don't you think?

They then tried to bribe the Electors, even though doing so is a Federal crime.  Of course, Obama's Justice Department was eerily silent in its response to this outrage. Imagine if the situation was reversed and Clinton Electors were being harassed, or even bribed?  Do you think Attorney General Loretta Lynch would be so silent? Me thinks not.

It was reported that the average Elector received more than 100,000 letters, emails and phone calls.  Many Electors were scared for their lives.  Several sought and gained Federal protection.  Just imagine:  the Witness Protection Program for Electors!  It was a very bad scene, and one that cast a terrible light on Democrats and their adherents. But they seemed not to care one whit; they were in grief.  They were lashing out.  And "bargaining" was a way to fix that grief.

Once the Electors voted, and voted exactly as they were supposed to vote, Trump was duly elected.  And that put the grief-stricken into a fit of depression from which not all have emerged.  They are not-so-quietly licking their wounds.  Most are just stumbling through life, head down, miserable, still gobsmacked by the defeat they've suffered. One they felt they didn't deserve and to which they shouldn't be subjected. 

Think of it this way:  If you're a Millennial, you may well have never known political defeat.  You've been treated to liberal policies and practices for the past eight years. You've been brainwashed for 12 or 16 years or even longer in schools owned and operated by deciples of liberal orthodoxy.  You may be one of those who actually received a trophy for participation in any sport you played, whether you won or not. You now need a quiet space in which to whimper and suck your thumb and hug your little blankie in order to get over this existential event in your wimpy little snowflake life.  You really, really wanted Hil(liar)y to win, and you've never known failure in terms of those wishes. 

Until now, that is.

Or you are a union member, or a Hollywierd celebritard, or a journalist, or a Left- or Right-Coast Liberal, and you just can't abide what's happened to your tony little existence.  Trump won and you just can't handle it.  Sweeeet!

But soon you'll gravitate to the last of those five stages: Acceptance.  Most of you will come to accept the reality of the situation.  Trump is Prez and your favored candidate is back in Chappaqua, lying through her false teeth, forced into retirement by her own inadequacies.  Oh, you'll bitch and moan and blog and email and Instagram and Tweet to each other about how poorly Trump is governing, regardless of how well he is governing.  Because that's just what you'll do...if you're a Liberal.    

But I don't expect you to simply give up.  Liberals never, ever give up!  That's one thing upon which we can all count.  And it appears that they also will fail to inculcate the lessons this election delivered; socialism doesn't work, and the American people don't want it. 

But Liberals are poor learners. Fortunately.  If they weren't, they wouldn't have permitted B. Hussein Obama to oversee the destruction of the Democrat Party.  And, it seems, the United Nations.  Think of it in these terms:  Dems during Barry's reign have lost 10 Senate seats, 63 House seats, 14 governorships and almost 1,000 state legislature seats. Wouldn't you think somebody of the Liberal persuasion would have noticed that the sky was falling?  

And considering that 10 Senate seats held by Democrats in states that Trump won will come up for an election vote in 2018, the result of which could give the Republicans a stranglehold on both houses of Congress for a generation, at least, one would think that the Lefties would be trying to figure out what happened and try to keep it from happening again.  

But they appear to be incapable of modifying their "Progressive" agenda, even if doing so would mean stemming the flow of life-blood their Party needs to continue to exist. And that's the one thing that will make the next four years extremely entertaining for professional observers like me.  

Bring it on!


This essay is longer than my normal posting.  That's why it's called an essay instead of a posting.  And essays are always longer than postings, but shorter than short stories. I haven't written a short story yet.  But I just might.  Stay tuned...

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