Friday, July 18, 2014

THE Solution to the Border Crisis...

Three miles.

Three little miles.

That's how far my new home, Fortress Chuckmeister, is from the Immigration Center in Murrieta, California.  And the Murrieta Immigration Center, and centers just like it across America, is where the Federal Government is attempting to dump hundreds - even thousands - of illegal aliens on a regular basis.

That's right, my friends, as many as 300,000 illegals, many of them children, are expected to wade across the Rio Grande this year.  Or be delivered via jet ski.  Or boat.  Maybe by trebuchet (Google's a cool delivery method).  There's no doubt they've been invited here by our Community Organizer-in-Chief.  The only question is...why?

Many, myself included, believe our Fundraiser-in-Chief is trying his best to flood America with illegals so as to grow new little Undocumented Democrats, and thereby turn those Red areas of America a bright shade of blue.  I think he knows he's going to lose the Senate come November, and most likely his socialist/Marxist Democrat Party will also lose the Presidency in November, 2016.  So, considering he has but 100 some-odd days until election time, he has to work fast if he's to keep his promise. 

Remember that promise?  It was five days before he was to be immaculated.  He was addressing a crowd of swooning sycophantic drones.  He said, and I quote:  "...America is the greatest country on Earth.  Please join with me now as we begin to fundamentally change it."

Change it into what, one might ask?  The drooling commie journos who make up the Dinosaur Media didn't bother to ask. Well, now we know.  He's doing his Manchurian Candidate best to change America into a left-wing, European-style socialist/Marxist Workers' Paradise.  A place where the government owns everything and distributes it to those in need depending upon how they act, and how they vote!

Unlike many of those who reside in the once-Golden State, the Chuckmeister is a red-blooded conservative.  A patriot.  A veteran.  A believer that small government is better. A guy who rebels against onerous taxation.  A fellow who wants the Gummint out of his bedroom, out of his wallet, out of his refrigerator and out of his life.  

However, a majority of my fellow Taxifornia residents disagree.  They love high taxes because they don't pay them. They want Sacramento to take other peoples' money and redistribute it to those "in need."  That would be, ummm, them.  That's why the Chuckmeister and Mrs. Chuckmeister relocated recently to one of the most bright-red, conservative, God-fearing, gun-loving, pro-life enclaves in this Deep Blue State. We moved to Temecula.

Temecula is a little town about 50 miles north of San Diego and 60 miles southeast of Orange County.  It was a stagecoach stop back in the 1850's, and as recently as 1990 boasted only 2,700 residents.  Bright, clean, wide boulevards, affordable housing, plenty of tasty wineries, great restaurants and a love of freedom.  We had moved to Orange County some 40 years ago because it was a bucolic, peaceful, rural area with fresh air, fruit trees, no traffic and a love of liberty. And then, over time, it began to turn into Los Angeles South. That's not a compliment.  Too bad.  

We said, enough is enough.  Because of our family we couldn't load up and move to Utah, or Nevada, or Arizona, or New Mexico, or, my personal choice, the Hill Country of Texas.  So, that necessitated a selection of some other Taxifornia location that featured people who share our values. And that's how Temecula was selected.  And next door is the beautiful community of Murrieta.  And Murrieta has just become the target of the commie media nationwide.

Just today some hard left journo proclaimed Murrieta as the "Hate capitol of America."  Really?  Hate capitol?  Just because its citizens don't cotton to the idea of having hundreds of illegal aliens dropped in its lap unannounced to care for, and feed, and house, and educate, without reimbursement?  I wonder how the drooling journo who made this dumbass assessment would respond to having a bunch of homeless people who didn't even speak his language dropped in his front yard, with the admonition that he had no choice but to adopt them and care for them as his own - and on his own.  I think we all know the answer to that question.

Back to the point:  What's to be done about this insane situation?  Some 62,000 illegals have already invaded our sanctity so far this year, with as many as 100,000 more expected.  Our Vacationer-in-Chief wants the Congress to give him $3.7 Billion Dollars to help pay for their assimilation. Not to firm up the border so the invasion stops, mind you, but to house and feed and clothe and educate them.  Outrageous. Here's my solution.  Ready?

After the little illegals make their way out of Guatemala and El Salvador and Honduras, they still have 1,700 miles to go before they reach the Brass Ring (that would be America). That means they have to make their way all across Meheeeeko via train, or bus, or truck, or car or foot.  I thought Meheeeeko was our friend!  Our best trading partner!   And I thought that Meheeeeko had machine guns trained on its southern border with each of the foregoing countries to keep illegals out.  Yet "somehow" these "little kids" manage to avoid the machine guns.  Really?

Does anyone besides me think that Meheeeeko is more than a little complicit in this major crime?

Once the "refugees" make their way out of the countries that they fear, and into Meheeeeko, it seems to me that they have avoided the immediate threat they are fleeing.  Our Insurance Salesman-in-Chief could simply make a call to the International Red Cross, an organization which we fund to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and ask that they establish camps on the Meheeeeko side of the border with these countries to welcome the refugees.  To feed them. And house them.  And clothe them.  And educate them.  Plus, there would be no chance the refugees would be raped, or murdered, or shot, or whatever while making the trek northward.  The refugees are not our problem, nor should they be.  They are the international community's.  They can and should contribute to ameliorating this situation.  Problem solved.

Oh, and by the way, how about our Prez growing a set of you-know-whats and issuing an ultimatum to Meheeeeko's Prez that if he doesn't get with it and start acting like our friend, we're going to cloud up and rain all over them.  We could simply issue a "Do Not Visit" memo from the State Department and their American tourism dries up!  He could also demand that Meheeeeko free our hero Marine TODAY! Tick, tock.  I'm waiting...

To summarize:  Send those who have invaded our country back home.  Now.  Bitch-slap Meheeeeko around a little bit until it gets on the straight and narrow.  Assist Meheeeeeko and the international community in establishing camps to welcome the refugees.  AND THEN SECURE OUR BORDERS SO THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

You're welcome.

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