Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What are we Going to do About it?

Not everyone has the time or the inclination to pore over a mind-numbing bunch of D.C.-based blogs looking for the occasional nugget of information worth not only inculcating, but retelling to you, my faithful readers.   

But I do.

And so, the tens of you who care, I found one.  And here it is...

We all know where the President of the United States stands on the subject of energy:  oil, coal, gasoline, Diesel and natural gas are bad; wind, solar, algae, biodiesel, bicycles, Nikes and every single other form of so-called "green" energy is good!

The Redistributor-in-Chief has made it clear that he wants to shut down coal mines, keep new ones from opening, stop oil drilling everywhere, but especially on public lands, and minimize or eliminate altogether "fracking" of rock-incarcerated gasses.  He tried to pass "cap and trade" through Congress while he had complete control over both houses.  He was unsuccessful in doing so because this ridiculous way to buy and sell carbon credits is so ludicrous.  A similar little plan has more than doubled Spain's unemployment rate.  And California's AB 32, cap and trade for the once-golden state, kicks in next year and will force such a job-killing program here.  He is against drilling in ANWAR.  He is against drilling in the Gulf, having tried to end it there.  He is against drilling off either coast.  He is against drilling in the Arctic.  And he is against the XL Pipeline, which would bring almost 400,000 barrels of new oil daily from Canada all the way to Texas refineries.  This pipeline would employ more than 20,000 UNION workers almost immediately and mean more than $8 Billion a year in new revenue, all without a single dollar of taxpayer money being "invested" (Democrat-speak for stealing from the productive and spending it on favored projects).  He has shown us all his antipathy towards this plan by refusing to sign off on it, even though the unions love it and it had already gone through more than three years of exhaustive review and approval by the State Department.  Why?  Because donor-rich groups of eco-terrorists simply hate anything to do with fossil fuels.  And they give the Democrats even more than the unions do.  Shocking!

Through all this, the Campaigner-in-Chief has looked us straight in the face and told us repeatedly he's for an "all of the above" strategy regarding the search for, and the production of, energy.  Apparently he's a proponent of the "a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth" school of political leadership.  In fact, one of his most bold-faced and easily proven lies has to do with his claim that America possesses only 2% of the world's oil, yet we use 20% of all energy.  Plus, he says oil production under his administration is at a 9 year high.  The truth?  We have much more than 2% of reserves and under the TelePrompTer-in-Chief, drilling on public lands is down more than 17%!

I hear you saying, "We want some proof, Mr. Chuckmeister."  Okay, fair reader, here's some proof.

An editor from the Government Accounting Office testified on the subject of energy before the House Science Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment last week.  But instead of learning how horrible things are, she delivered something of a bombshell.  She said:  "The Green River Formation - an assemblage of over 1,000 feet of sedimentary rocks that lie beneath parts of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming - contains the world's largest deposits of oil shale."  This written testimony to the House committee came from Anu K. Mittal, the GAO's Director of Natural Resources and Environment.  

"USGS estimates that the Green River Formation contains about 3 trillion barrels of oil, and about half of this may be recoverable, depending on available technology and economic conditions," Mittal testified.  "The Rand Corporation, a non-profit research organization, estimates that 30 to 60 percent of the oil shale in the Green River Formation can be recovered," Mittal told the Subcommittee.  'At that midpoint of this estimate, almost half of the 3 trillion barrels of oil would be recoverable.  This is an amount about equal to the entire world's proven oil reserves (emphasis mine)!"

Read that last sentence again.  Two or three more times.  The largest remaining reserves of oil on the planet are not in Saudi Arabia or Iran or Dubai or the Emirates, places where they hate us and openly call for our demise.  It's here, in America.  Combine that with massive proven reserves in Canada and Mexico means that North America has more than twice as much oil as the rest of the world combined.  The question then is, what are we going to do about it?

Well, Mr. and Mrs. America, what indeed?  I guess we'll all find out on November 7th...

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