Thursday, February 2, 2012

African Americans for Obama


You'll be very pleased to learn that today, February 2, 2012, President Barack Hussein Obama just announced the launch of his new website, African-Americans for Obama. Yes, you read that right.

Since Obama garnered more than 95% of Black votes during his 2008 campaign, and since his popularity among this previously monolithic group has been languishing rather markedly since then, he's put together a little revenue-generating scheme to help finance his reelection campaign. Yep, they're not happy with their leader. Seems that Black unemployment has nearly doubled since he assumed the mantle of Redistributor-in-Chief. And those receiving food stamps among the Black community have also increased by nearly 50% in the same period. So, he's asking members of his race to send along some cash so he can beat the white guy come November. It's African American History Month, don't you know, so when would be a better time to try and fire up the very foundation of his base? After all, any white candidate would do the same, right? Right?

Be sure to visit for more information about this rather stunning, and to me, breathtaking, move. (*NOTE: I was informed by several of my loyal readers that this website is incorrectly listed. It should be Funny. The link I provided earlier was taken directly from our TelePrompTer-in-Chief's own press release. It seems he can't get that right either...). You can learn more about how to get involved…from learning how to organize your fellow Blacks (after all, he WAS a Community Organizer) to becoming a Congregation Captain. According to the press release, Obama wants to thank you in advance for all your efforts on his behalf.

I wonder how long it will take for the so-called Mainstream Media to actually report this? If they ever do…

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